Gourmet Cafe & Subs

1166 Franklin Road # 10, Marietta
(770) 953-4523

Recent Reviews

pearlye bell

So darn good. Great staff as well. Simple restaurant. Amazing food and customer service.

Jason Wedehase

Good food. Incredibly inexpensive. I think I got 10 boneless wings, fries, and a drink for less than $6. I don't know how they stay in business like that! But they were busy, too.Food: 4/5

Kenyata Smith

I love the food the fish is ok but just not seasoned well and wish they can do a little better on there fry's but overall good spot just can not dine in that's the bad part but very friendly placeFood: 4/5

Neil S

Food was good for the price. Not amazing. Portions are great.Food: 3/5

Wanda Potts

I stopped in after reading about their food and my container of food was so full that it wouldn't close and I got the cheese steak with fries and wings and I will be going back againCAN YOU SAY YUM

Bob Moon

I've been eating at this restaurant since 1999 and I have not had a bad experience once..Food is the best and service absolutely exceptional

Johnny B.

I never leave reviews, but for this place I had to. Best prices you will ever find around here. People are very polite and food is great for the price. Great Philly cheesesteaks too!

Jaleya Channel

Omg everything was bussing bussing as the kids would say. I got the Philly wings and fries and I’m definitely satisfied including the price!

Valeree Jordan

Fast food and budget friendly. Won't be disappointed


It’s location tucked away in a half used strip mall so you might miss it, but it’s so affordable & very fresh and tasty EVERYTIME!! I order whenever I don’t feel like cooking for my family or just a day out! The sweet older lady at the register is very nice as well! Also late treat convenient hours!

Kimberly Hunter

This is absolutely one of my favorite Wing spots. Not only are the wings good, but the price is very reasonable and the staff is super friendly. This is my go-to spot and my all-time favorite

Kai D.

First time checking out this place because of the high reviews! I wanted some good wings to eat so I trusted the reviews and came here. If you doing walk in-, there will be no where to sit and eat. You will have to place your order to go ONLY. I ordered 10 hot honey wings and a bottled of water for under 7$. I opt out of the fries since I had some earlier that day. Anyway, I'm guessing the owner, was really friendly and inviting. He was on point w. Taking orders through take in and over the phone. He made sure my order was how liked before I left. The wings were a 5 out of 5. Especially since it was also my first time eating hot honey. The menu have more than just wings. So Come try out yourself!

Nisha B.

The owners are very friendly. We went here a couple of weeks ago and got fried rice and wings. Prices are so reasonable and food is well worth it

Samir L.

There's no reason to go anywhere else for wings and fish. It's cheap and tasty with good service. Awesome.

Gail Brown

I have been going to here for years. I always get the hot wings with fries or with shrimp fried rice. The wings are small but the flavor is great. I like the crinkly fries and the shrimp fried rice is good too. The staff has always been very friendly.

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