Mzizi Coffee Roaster

2995 Johnson Ferry Rd #220, Marietta
(470) 709-4113

Recent Reviews

Ahmad Aamer

This place is awesome. One of the best coffee shops. It's a nice cozy atmosphere with a very kind owner. He makes every customer feel like a close friend.If your ever nearby, please stop and get a coffee. You won't regret it.

la bella ragazza

I absolutely love this coffee shop. The vibes are amazing, the coffee is incredible, and the owner is absolutely cool. No joke, the best coffee I have ever had. Give it a try - and thank me later?

The Costen Team

The coffee is so good!! We had a client appreciation event this morning and Hassan, the owner, made fresh croissants and coffee for all our friends and clients! Great customer service and awesome coffee!

Anastasia Onyango

Coffee tasted great! I appreciate this space because of all the different types of seating — there’s a large couch I can use for reading as well as bar stools and traditional smaller tables for a chat. The owner is very personable. I’ll be a regular customer!

Michael Jaffee

There is truly nothing like a mom n pop coffee spot. Doesn’t appear to be too many in Marietta so Mzizi is definitely filling a huge gap. Super incredible owner. Extremely friendly, passionate, and knowledgeable. Incredible coffee and their extensive list of alternative milk options is unlike any place I’ve ever been.Also, every customer that came in seemed to know and love the owner. Great sign! If you haven’t tried, it’s a must try!

Samantha K.

Interesting little spot. Wanted a coffee after an appointment in the area and thought I'd stop in here instead of a chain store. It was around 1pm on Saturday. Two other couples were in the shop, it was quite dark, door was open/no ac on, music was at a decent volume. The decoration was generic but cute. There was only one guy behind the counter, he was pleasant, very chatty, but was not able to multitask well. He took my order while he was making another drink and by the time he'd finished making it he'd already forgotten what I ordered (cold brew with cream). I'm not sure what took so long honestly, when he finished the first drink he didn't call a name or place it on the handoff plane so I don't even know who it was for? My cold brew also took a weirdly long time to make. It was VERY strong and very dark even with the milk added in. It wasn't bad, but it was a more than I'd bargained for. Came out to $5.30 with tax. Overall it was okay. I might come back and try another beverage, but it'll have to be when I'm not on a time limit, so I'm not sure.


For a Peaceful ☮ Vibe ? and Great coffee ☕ (even without the latte and syrups?)... This is The Place. Of course, they have the extras. But, coffee drinkers who like it black, with a swig of natural sweetener ?or spices, you will appreciate Mzizi's blends of coffee. A real treat for my Saturday? morning. Thanks Mzizi Coffee!

Katie R.

Absolutely amazing coffee shop and lovely people working there. We came in from out of town and the barista gave us great recommendations for local places to visit. The owner was incredibly kind as well! It was great talking with them both. The coffee was incredible and the atmosphere was great too. Truly a fantastic start to our day! I would absolutely recommend visiting whether you're local or just passing through, the staff will make you feel like an old friend. :)

Faith A.

Tried this place for the first time! It was an amazing experience, coffee was great and the employees made my day with their positivity!! Definitely coming back

Luan Joubert

The atmosphere is very nice and relaxed. I come here just about whenever I get a chance. The owner is very kind and friendly and it just wouldn’t be the same without him. And to top it off, this is some of the best coffee I’ve had. He also roasts his own beans, which I’ve bought for my own espresso machine, though nothing tops the way he makes his espresso. I highly recommend it!

Precious Andiiy Xabhashe

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Chris Tyler

My wife and I stopped in this morning after going to the grocery store. She got the French Press coffee and I asked for a tea. I wasn’t sure what to select, so I let the owner choose for me. The tea was amazing and my wife thoroughly enjoyed her coffee. The owner was very gracious and thanked us for coming in. I also noticed when he was serving a couple of regular customers he had their order ready before they even placed it verbally. Now that’s service! We will be sure to add Mzizi to our weekend routine.

Chris T.

My wife and I stopped by this morning after grocery shopping. She got the French press coffee and I asked for a tea of the owner's choosing. We both had our drinks without any cream, milk or sugar and we both thoroughly enjoyed our drinks. The owner was super friendly and thanked us for coming in. We also noticed some regulars come in and he made their order before they actually ordered. That's great service! We will be making this a regular stop as part of our weekend activities!

Brandon Peterson

Nice to have a local coffee shop for the East Cobb community. The owner of really friendly and I like how he sends shoes to Africa. I'll definitely be donating a bunch of shoes. The coffee is great. I particularly like the dirty chai latte. I think it could use some plants and flowers in the front for better curb appeal.

Mo Guin

Wonderful coffee shop with a comfortable atmosphere. Assan greeted me as I came in and made me feel welcomed. I have not tried the coffee yet, but the matcha he made was delicious. I definitely will be back again.

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