Whitcher Street Caf

55 Whitcher St NE, Marietta
(678) 581-3888

Recent Reviews

Ashley Teffer

Everything in this family-owned/run cafe is homemade or made to order and affordable. The sandwiches are big for your buck and have so many bread options, oh and they come with chips of your choice. My favorite sandwich right now is the roast beef/pesto/provolone panini, I get it on a garlic wrap. Their BLTs are the best I have ever had in my life. I also enjoy their fresh fruit selection and banana bread. So nice to have a place to eat at the hospital that has real fresh food.

Bonnie Madsen

best sandwich ever!

Miranda Shirks-Semko

Love the food especially the parfeits, Holly and Chris are pretty great too.😁

Paul Fox

I always eat here whenever I am in or visiting in the hospital. Friendly service. Many choices to choose from at reasonable prices. They have the best parfaits too.

Carrie H.

While I have not physically been to this place I ordered lunch from here with door dash. There were many options on the menu that I could eat as a pescatarian which is one of the reasons I decided to try it out. I decided to order the black bean burger and I am very satisfied with my choice. You had options for bread, I picked sour dough bread. Then I was given the option for cheese and I picked American cheese and added avocado. Oh my it was delicious! A nice surprise was that the bread was even toasted. Then I got a pickle and a bag of chips too.

Tamika Anthony Obi

Yesterday I had the pleasure of stopping by. This cafe is located in the lower level of one my doctors offices. The staff was nice the restaurant was clean and welcoming it definitely didn’t have that hospital cafe feeling. Wait...did I mention the food was good. Im on a strict cardiac diet. The young man offered me options and was very friendly attitude and helpful. I’d do it again. Thanks a bunch Tamika

El G.

Order breakfast here often and it's always great! John and Holly are very polite too.

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