Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

536 Fair Rd, Statesboro
(912) 681-1078

Recent Reviews

Ronald Douberly Jr.

Staff was very friendly, fast and professional. Food was delicious.

Cyrus Mckinley

My experience there was very pleasant and I met really nice people that was very caring and helpful. But most of all I got the dog always wanted! Lil bit _Max

Killswitch The Gamer

So I went and got a 4c meal and the church was on point A Timothy is that man when coming to chicken

Tyler Gibson

Waited in line for 30 minutes only to find out they weren’t making mild tenders, only spicy. This has happened on several occasions. Even if you have to make them right when I order them, they should still be available.

Anthony Kuharik

Popeyes chicken is the shiznit ???.. always get the spicy chicken and the red beans and rice. Perfect place to go when the colonel just won't hit the spot..

Danielle Wooden

I typically get the same thing every time when I go here which is a 2 piece spicy dinner. It's always fresh and never let's me down.


Ive been eating their chicken, as well as the old man in the white suits, for decades. My choice is always popeyes, because unlike the other guy, ive never found my box filled with mystery meat which i have been unable to identify as an actual chicken part. Getting past that problem, popeyes is always well-seasoned, and i dont mean hot enough to burn my taste buds, and is never so greasy that the bottom of the box or bucket is grease-logged by the time i get home. For me, there never really IS a choice after all!

Charla Williams

Our mail is always full with coupons or the television advertised special that is not honored at this restaurant they have placed tape over the prices with new higher prices this is not right if they are here for our communityThe next Popeyes is an hour drive away. They should not be permitted to stray away from the franchise this wayIt is taking advantage of the customers.

Walter Caddell

Chicken was ok, mashed potatoes were cold, waitress was nice.

Marilyn Herrington

food is fine but they are not customer friendly, and its only this location!

Ted Williams

This place is a train wreck. It is the most poorly designed Popeyes I have ever seen.No room to park and to get in and out of the restaurant.Cars line up in the highway trying to get into the drive thru. I don't blame the staff because I'm sure they are doing what they can. But with the amount of business they are doing they need to move to a new location that can handle it.

Will Roybal

Chicken was good, but like all other fast food it’s getting a bit pricey!

Country Boy Eats

I visit this Popeyes very often and rarely have a bad experience. After my recent disaster of a spicy chicken sandwich at McDonald's, I got one from Popeyes for lunch. No comparison.. the Popeyes sandwich is in another league vs. the McDonald's version! The Blackened Ranch is a must try! Definitely one of my go to spots in Statesboro!!

Toshia Ashford

Popeyes got some good food and drinks please believe me everyone needs to eat there

Crystal and Kevin Harris

There chicken is amazing staff was so friendly

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