1227 Rockbridge Rd SW, Stone Mountain
(770) 225-1877

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liz h

if it’s anyone besides the guy with the gages in his ears, it’s terrible service. they either make my drink completely wrong and take literally 30 minutes until i say something or don’t make it at all even though i paid for it. then continue to expect me to buy it again. i do not recommend unless you want to be scammed!

Lynett Smith

Great service. Mint majesty with lemonade was constructed beautifully! Happy NewYear!Food: 5/5

Terry Bailey

They made my Venti Iced Americano perfectly!Food: 5/5

Lauren J.

I come here probably twice a week solely for the convenience of being able to place a mobile order at a Starbucks located along my daily route. However, I regret that decision almost every time I step into my local Kroger. This location is frequently understaffed and under stocked and I always give myself 15 min of buffer time to receive my order once in store even if I placed the order online. I know that Starbucks has just revamped its system to allow mobile ordering inside of Kroger locations so I am hoping that this is just a brief learning curve and that the experience will improve soon! I will give three stars in the meantime though based on the location and customer service of the baristas! I'm always greeted with a smile and warm welcome which makes the wait a bit bearable. Tip: don't order the PSL here. I've ordered it on three separate occasions and it always tastes like chemicals (and I don't have this problem at other Starbucks).

Alanisa Sa'adah Salahadhin

Kroger NEVER have enough batistas on shift. 2 people, one doin trash and one making drinks/ ringing. He was great and doing his best however the line was forever-kind-of Long! My daughter loved her drink.KROGER!!!! STOP!!! OVER!!! WORKING!!! YOUR!!! CREW!!!

Georgia Elisabeth

Wait is constantly too long, they have attitude and they don't make the cold brew. I'll just skip it and buy it from the cooler in the back now.

Megan McRae

Seriously this location needs to do better knowing they are located inside of a Kroger. Nothing wrong with the employee here. Hell I understand why she’s moved at a steady yet slower pace. 1 person to makes everyone’s drinks correctly without rushing. Hell I would do the same thing! If you are going to be located inside of a popular grocery store, then you might want to be staffed correctly instead of putting it all on 1 person. ? only here because I have to wait anyways

Tenagne T.

This is the worst place I have been in my life! We were waiting more than 40 minutes to order just black coffee! The Young lady who working at the time was by herself, but she doesn't have no help whatsoever nor she's not even trying to push herself a little faster to do her job! I know she is by herself bet she could work a little faster than she is! We were very disappointed!!!!

Steve Phillips

New favorite feature is that you can FINALLY order ahead on the app. I have always found good coffee here! With order ahead you don't have to worry about the potential long lines. I wish a stand alone store was nearby but this works especially with the order ahead availability now.

Tonie Tobias

Wanted my afternoon refresher Mango Dragon fruit...i love the litte pieces of dragon fruit....first the person doesny use my points and has to get someone to fix it...that took a while then she didnt tell me they didnt have all the ingredients to make it especially the best part gave me a glass of what looked like water and taste worse then tries to tell me the pieces only give it color...if so something else is missing in your mixture. So I ask for my money back now I have to go to kroger customer service...which is closed i go back to the starbucks counter they they stand there like they dont know what to do um find a store manager any manage something...and no i dont want anything else

Stephanie Johnson

This starbucks sucks when a certain batista there is working she instantly claims theyre out of fraps and everything she doesn't feel like making. Its only good when the guy who always wears a beanie works there

Wanda McMullen

I've been to this location previously and received quick service. However, this Saturday, I waited about five mins, only two in line ahead of me, when one of the three employees working said it would be a while because they had 16 orders to fill (there were quite a few people standing around waiting for their orders). I had wanted to place my order and then do some shopping. However, I didn't have time to wait for all those to be filled before getting to place my order.

Krislainy DeLaRosa

This was so watery ?! I feel like leaving a 0 but that’s not possible so l left a 1!!! I ordered an iced Chai Tea latte, originally the medium comes with 3 pumps so I asked for 8 and still it was watery. How?????? Starbucks is not cheap at all so I expect to get close to what I asked for. I even had family taste it and even they were disappointed. I’ve been here quite a few times because of the convenience it has being in a Kroger and each time is the same thing. SMH!!!

Anakaren Martinez

Came to get one drink and waiting in line for about 30 minutes while Laura the lady at the front was being very slow about all the orders when I arrived there was three people in line before me and when I left the line only one person had received their drink and the other only had one out of two. Terrible service and almost never has stock

Alroy Crowder

I tried the dragon fruit drink and it was so good that I now have it at home loved it thanks and it's very good for you too GOOGLE it okDrink

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