Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar

230 Chambers St, Woodstock
(678) 401-3330

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Alicia R.

Love the place. Very nice vibe. Great teas. If you haven’t had boba before, check them out. We didn’t know about the tea bar and look forward to trying some different flavors next time. They have a very descriptive online menu. It makes it very hard to pick a drink. The flavors are so amazing! The best part about it all is the popping boba! They are AWESOME! We pre-ordered our teas and they were waiting for us before we got there. Tiny Bubbles is the PERFECT place! In fact, we are already pre-planning our next drinks before we’ve finished our first! We can’t wait to come back again.Kid-friendliness: There are a few “kid-friendly” caffeine free teas which is perfect for those parents who don’t let their kids have caffeine but still want them to experience the whole fun boba tea scene.Parking: We went to the Woodstock location, which depending the day of the week, and what’s going on, can have a lot to do with the parking. Today, we were able to pull up to the storefront, grab our drinks and leave with no problems. There are days and times where the streets are packed and you can barely find a place to park. You might have to walk a while to get there as downtown Woodstock has street parking all over and not a parking lot. Handicapped parking spaces are limited as well and are VERY hard to to find as I am handicapped. This has nothing to do with the store but it’s an issue they have always had downtown.Wheelchair accessibility: I’m handicapped and there’s not that many parking spaces located in downtown Woodstock (not Tiny Bubble’s fault). The parking is located on the streets, which does make it more difficult as well. Depending on the day, time, and if there are any events, this could be a problem for some people. Thankfully for us, this time it was a very easy trip!Dietary restrictions: They do offer “Vegan Friendly” options. On the website and app, there is also a chart at the beginning that tells which teas have more or less caffeine in them(ie:none, a little, moderate, a lot) and lists each tea under each category. It would be nice if there was a suggested sugar 100% that they would recommend with each or their drinks as I would be curious as to what they would suggest for their specific specialty drinks.

Drew B.

The ordering process is easy and they get the drinks out very fast. Everything tasted great. The strawberries with cream with yogurt popping balls was awesome. Will definitely go back and they have a loyalty program about six dollars per cup for medium.

G Bach

Delicious and refreshing bubble teas. Very cool atmosphere. Friendly staff. Love the self ordering kiosk with all the options clearly listed and the available loyalty rewards app is a good bonus.Food: 5/5

George Jackson

our family has come to the conclusion the Passion Fruit drink is our family favorite.

Elizabeth Hopson

I’ve ordered many teas from Tiny Bubbles, and I have never been disappointed!Their flavors are fun and creative…not to mention they taste heavenly!My personal favorite is Strawberries and Cream, a great flavor for those wanting to join the bubble tea trend.The environment is very chill, and their service is on point! Their little shop is very cute as well!Their Tiny Bubbles app is great if you are pressed for time, but still want some bubble tea. It also gives you a look at the menu, so you are prepared before you need to order.Thanks for being such a wonderful tea joint, Tiny Bubbles!!

Jordan Blanchard

The girl with glasses working the front counter today (around 1:30-3:30) was super rude. I asked what sizes they had for the tea and she said, without even looking up at me, “The cups are right there”. Needs her attitude checked. A bit of kindness and customer service goes a long way.

Julia Cianflone

I absolutely LOVE Tiny Bubbles! The fact that I can get stevia if I’m trying to cut down my sugar, or get their jumbo size that I can’t find anywhere else is the cherry on top. Earl gray lavender by far is my fav, I just don’t get it anymore since it’s not a dairy free option. Now, I get either coconut brown sugar or vanilla chai, with almond milk. Their cookie dough and macaron options are always on point! (Hopefully they’ll get some vegan macarons ?) Definitely the best Marietta Square staple.

Chloe M.

Our cashier, Joey, did an amazing job!! We had excellent service and the staff was so friendly!

KAT Love

This is my favorite place to hang out in downtown Woodstock! The workers are so friendly. The first time I went my life was forever changed with my first sip of bobba.

Topanga F.

If you want to have a nice refreshing drink come here!!! their smoothies are to die for!

Melissa Venable

Nice refreshing drinks. They have creamy and clear teas and can choose tapioca boba or the bursting bobas. Large selection and can customize your drink to your liking. Highly recommend! We drive from Rome just to get Tiny Bubbles teas and it is definitely worth the drive!

Lindsey Caldwell

Various toppings are in open containers that are prone to cross contamination. I had a Thai tea with coffee jelly because they were out of tapioca pearls, and I had several fruit flavored popping pearls and at least two tapioca pearls that made it into my drink with it. The whole flavor profile in my drink got messed up over something that could be solved with a lid.

Rosemary Velasquez

Best Tiny Bubbles Tes Bar

Mehmet Gul

Love this place.We habituated to be there weekly once.

Nikolai F.

Very good!! The vibe is amazing and the boba tea was amazing!!!!!! Also the cookie dough was delicious

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