Chengdu Taste

808 Sheridan St Ste 209, Honolulu
(808) 589-1818

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Felma Ines

Awesome experience. My first time

Yuchen L

Got takeout from here. We love the original restaurant in LA and had high hopes for this location.The food was delicious but needed more salt.Get the green peppercorn fish fillet. I'd avoid the sauteed cabbage (really under salted). The Chengdu fried rice was nice and light

Ariel W.

I've been to this restaurant like ten times now. The food and the service has been consistently excellent every time i visit. Extremely authentic sichuan taste, definitely the best if not one of the best on the island. The spice level and flavor are on point for each of the dishes yet not salty at all. The portions are good and they're very generous with the meat. If you like spicy Chinese food, you'll love this place.

Mill MC

The food is not too spicy but it's flavorful, authentic food from central China. Excellent service. If you like spicy food, this is the place to go.

Adamo Stivala

Pretty awesome experience, very authentic and some dishes were unlike anything I’ve tasted in this world. Using Szechuan peppercorns really elevates a number of dishes. Eggplant and dumplings are delicious, the chicken pictured was really something else. Order several dishes family style for the optimal experience!

Conner Jolly

This is probably the best food we had in Hawaii from the two weeks we were here. We ended up getting enough to feed ten and don’t regret it in the slightest. The flavors to every dish we had were incredible and paired really well together. Most dishes were flowing with sauce so at least one side of rice is recommended. For those who have not had Szechuan sauces before, it is an amazing ingredient that numbs thw mouth a bit (diluting spice while adding a fruity, nutty, and it’s own flavorful spice to the mix). It is easy to use too much of the spice and make the numbing overwhelming or too little and miss out on the nature of the spice. They use a perfect amount that comes together well in their sauce. Our friends got some of the spiced tea which seemed like an odd choice but actually paired better than the water. The service was great as well. Our orders were filled very quickly, waters were never empty, and anything we needed was taken care of right away. Overall I could not recommend this place more and we will be On a hunt for their other locations.

Kaoru Song

Awesome food and service. Very authentic taste. Waitress/waiters go above and beyond to help with ordering/service. Highly recommend if looking for something different in Hawaii.

Tommy Nguyen

It was really good will come back again.

S. Kinilau

First time dining there, food was great and will dine there again.

Henry P.

So we were in town twice this week and guess what.... We came here one with just my family and the second time with our good family friends. Food is amazing and highly recommend dining in. Ordering is contactless but recommend making reservations since they can become very busy. We we're very fortunate to be seated twice without reservations because of timing. On both occasions we were very fortunate to have the same serve who provided excellent customer service. Ms. Yue thank you for taking care of our dining in experience for both of our families. We will most definitely be back

Stephen Laudig

Pre covid level of excellence flavor not yet regained. Non-spicy fare there is non -interesting. Chengdu must have lost their former cooks and the new ones are still learning. For spicy try Dagon. Pre 2020 they were both quite good. Chengdu has lost a step. I'd wait till September and give it another try.

Sheryl R.

We have eaten at many Szechuan restaurants, from Singapore to San Francisco to Chicago. This was the BEST ever. The food was all perfectly spiced and superb with great ingredients. We ordered the Toothpick Lamb, Sautéed Eggplant and MaPoTofu. All were great. Service was quick. It is a very casual restaurant but clean and the staff was really great. We will visit again, for sure!

Chris Amendola

First off parking can be sparse so you may have to look around or use the valet, the restaurant is located on the second level and is very busy so definitely make a reservation. They have a sign up sheet as well but you may be waiting a while if you go that route. All safety precautions are being maintained and all tables are separated by plastic. There is t any real interaction with any wait staff you use a QR code to order and they just keep bringing plates until your order is filled. The food had good flavor and was very authentic. The wontons were very good and the chili sauce was great. The lamb toothpicks were very flavorful as well. The chicken dishes were ok and could have been a bit more flavorful. The problem is ordering on an app doesn't allow you to make any adjustments and add heat so you get what you get. Would definitely go back but not in a huge hurry.

The Honest Traveler Ed

Customer serviceN/AValue for money9/10Quality of experience6/10In short the taste is too flat. Just numbing no layers. This is not properly made Chengdu style dishes.

Lentina V.

Heard good things about this place, so we came here for dinner last night. (Also because we wanted to eat dumplings after watching Wish Dragon!) The food was delicious, everything we ordered was tasty (not like some places where maybe one dish stood out because the rest were meh)! We accidentally did not order any spicy dishes and which we found out after our order was submitted. So I asked for a chili oil haha. The food: 1. Fried rice $11.99 - very simple with egg, green onion, and possibly salted vegetables which I mistook for salted fish. Or maybe both? Idk. It's so good! The rice was consistently cooked and coated. We got this because one bowl of white rice is $1.50, so this seemed more economical (but maybe not haha) We had seconds and had one-two portions left to take home. 2. Sautéed beef with onions $17.99 - tender slices of beef and a lot of sliced onions in a sweet-ish dry soy sauce. Ratio of beef to onions is maybe 1:1.25. Onions were sweet/mild. This was the first dish we licked clean! So good! 3. Sautéed water spinach (ong choi) with fermented bean curd $13.99- I wanted something different from garlic or chili. The sauce was smooth and creamy but the hubs and kid weren't used to the taste. The only vegetable options were water spinach and cabbage. The hubs and I had seconds and maybe thirds but we still had one portion to take home. 4. Wonton in chicken broth $10.99 - no dumpling so wonton it is, which is basically the same concept! The broth was bland (probably the water in which chicken was boiled) but there were eight good-sized wontons that were tasty and packed tightly with seasoned meat. The skin didn't fall apart nor was it more skin than filling like at some places. The hubs and I had one each and the kid ate the rest! 5. Sautéed tofu with salted egg yolk $14.99 - HUGE serving of diced silken/soft tofu in a thick salted egg yolk sauce with peas and diced carrots. I love salted egg yolk and this has that taste. The tofu cubes were all intact too, none broken. This was the last to be served so we took most of it home. We didn't get any desserts or drinks. Service was efficient. Each table was given its own jug of iced water; ours was refilled once without us flagging anyone down. We placed our order online, via a QR code that's linked to the table. It's real-time so be careful what you click! I was reviewing the order when the kid took the hubs' phone and submitted the order (accidentally, he said... *roll eyes*) We waited maybe ten minutes for the first dish to be served. The only con was the wait! We waited an hour! Put our name down at 6:51pm and didn't get a table til 7:50! They were so busy there was no hostess on duty. Then I noticed the people that came after us (group of 9!) was called before us, and we discovered another party of two that came later were seated before us as well! I was about to raise a stink when they told us our table is ready. Tables were separated by DIY partitions (look like PVC pipes that have been wrapped in cling wrap) and spaced apart so there aren't very many available seats I guess. I highly, highly recommend making a reservation. Or come as close to opening time as possible during weekends. Or maybe coz it's Father's Day? There were a couple of big groups last night! And a lot of them are Chinese folks, so the food must be authentic enough. Prices are reasonable I think, for the portion size and the quality. Last call is at 8:45. But they were still seating people as we were leaving... Parking on-site is valet only. First hour is free, $2 per hour thereafter. We got done I think at around 9pm, so it's slightly after two hours. The machine charged us $4 but the attendant took off $1.

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