Forty Carrots

1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu
(808) 800-3638

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Michael D.

Best place to have lunch after a wedding photo shoot or buying a 40 karat diamond ring with gold plates for your special star!


I can't afford to shop at Bloomingdale's yet, there is an item worth purchasing at this high-end department store. I read an article when this store first opened in Honolulu at the Ala Moana Shopping Center, mentioning that the world-famous plain frozen yogurt has finally arrived to Hawai'i. It seems that over forty years ago, Bloomingdale's introduced this yogurt at their flagship store in New York City. Through the years, diners at their Forty Carrots restaurant at various city locations have raved about their plain yogurt, making it a highly recognized item with Bloomingdale's. I wanted an afternoon snack, something small to satisfy my craving but not heavy enough to fill me up before dinner. I headed to third floor of Bloomingdale's to Fort Carrots, yes, for a cup of their plain frozen yogurt I've been waiting to taste. There were different types of toppings I could choose from or, enjoy the yogurt plain. I read the most popular topping is the melba sauce, made from raspberries. I was welcomed by a friendly team member who promptly took my order and immediately started to create my sweet treat. Drizzling melba sauce into the cup first, she then filled the cup with their famous plain frozen yogurt and finished her creation with another drizzle of the sauce. Handed to me with a green spoon, I took my first bite....yum. Not too tart plain yogurt, creamy in texture yet melting quite fast, the melba sauce was a tasty compliment without being too sweet with a just-right consistency. I enjoyed each spoon as I slowly exited the department store, after browsing through the men's department which was also on the third floor. If you shop at their sister store, Macy's, which I find much more affordable, than pass on the shopping at this luxury department store and head straight to Forty Carrots for a treat. Their plain frozen yogurt with melba sauce is something I would recommend if you're searching for a light breakfast item, snack or dessert while at Ala Moana Center.

Amy M.

Forty carrots is located inside Bloomingdales on the 3rd floor. I had a sweet craving while browsing the huge department store. I glanced at the menu and saw they offered, sandwiches, smoothies, and frozen yogurt. The eatery side is small and I observed about ten tables with chairs. The flavors are seasonal, and I saw that mango was an option. I then ordered it with walnuts. There were a couple of other customers waiting for their orders, so I stepped aside once I paid. One of the employees that was managing the yogurt machine called out my order. I walked up to the counter, and was pleased with the presentation. The walnuts was placed in the middle and on top strategically, so that each spoonful would have some. This is not for the health conscious. The frozen yogurt is dense, and you will feel full and heavy. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode with Elaine eating frozen yogurt that was supposedly "non-fat." But later found out the frozen yogurt was full of fat. Lol yes the mango was very subtle, but full of fat. I wouldn't even know I was eating this flavor unless I was told. I would recommend sharing with a friend so that both do not have to succumb to dessert coma. I heard they offer happy hour. I wouldn't mind coming back :)

Jessica A.

The food is of high quality and is very tasty! It is a bit pricey but good deals during Happy Hours. The beet and feta salad is excellent. So is the Koreana Bowl!

Kimberly C.

Forty Carrots is a great place to enjoy a bite to eat while taking a break from shopping! The food is always good and consistent. The yogurt is delicious and the perfect ending to lunch. Be prepared to wait though...the service is a bit slow the times that I've been there. It wasn't crowded in the restaurant as I've eaten there after 2:00pm on multiple occasions (with only us in the restaurant or another couple), but the food is slow to come out and water not refilled. It is good if you want a leisurely lunch, not in a rush, or not starving! Happy Eating!

Trey T.

Nicely tucked away in Bloomingdales and away from the rest of the mall. Pros: - Very friendly staff when they're there. Kilo-Lani was our waitress and she was awesome because it was just her running the takeout and dine-in sides. - The food was SO tasty!! That crab toast was sooo good and the balsamic vinaigrette with the salad was delicious! Cons: - It took a while to get seated because there was no one in the front to seat us. I also saw some customers walk away from the takeout side because no one was there. So they definitely have an opportunity there, considering it was a Saturday evening.

Tami H.

Forty Carrots might be a new go to place for me and my husband to go to. We moved here about four years ago from Newport Beach, Ca. and miss Bloomingdale's 59th & Lex restaurant for lunch. One of our favorite menu items was the Almond Chicken Salad. Well, we found out they offer it here but it's a different version. A lighter style and missing the figs. They really should copy the recipe from location to location because when you have a winner why change. It's not that this wasn't good but it was lacking. The figs! Also, Bloomie's Passion fruit tea is the best. The service at Forty Carrots was better than we ever had at 59th & Lex as multiple servers were attentive to us. I would recommend giving this restaurant a try when shopping at Ala Moana.


It's good

Rachel I.

I know that Forty Carrots is known for their soft serve but I was too stuffed to order my own. I got the Tuscan Wrap w/ a "side" salad but the salad was more of an entree then a side! (See photos) My friend ordered the Fettuccine San Remo w/ chicken and strawberry soft serve so I sampled! Very refreshing and not too sweet. No reservation for lunch on a weekday was needed as we were seated immediately. Service was friendly and food was delivered promptly. I wish they'd keep their website menu updated as I had plans to order another dish but their menus switch out. The Tuscan Wrap was a good back up though.

Soni K.

I got here around 1pm on Monday to meet a friend for lunch and it was quite empty. I was there for a while and no one came around so I had to ask for a drink. Other than that, the food was excellent and it came out quite quickly. It was my first time there and my friend recommend the Koreana bowl, which is their version of a bibimbop. I was surprised that it was ad good as it was, being that this was a bloomingdale's cafe. The gochujang, hot paste, was on the sweet side but overall it was tasty with the rib meat being juicy and perfectly merinaded. My friend had one of the wraps and she said it was very good. I was impressed with the salad that came with the wrap, which was a very good size. I'd definitely return here to try the rest of the menu and save my appetite for the soft serve that my friends told me that I must try.

Larene U.

This place can do much better. You would think that being located in Bloomingdales would make it "higher quality," but it's actually not worth it at all. I feel like it's more of a tourist trap for people who want to take a break from shopping. Overall, spend your money somewhere else.

guy domett

Very fresh salads which have some very cool ingredients. A very good range of smoothies and juices.

guy d

A good range of fresh salads with a good combination of flavours. Very simple ingredients but a nice change from greasy food. A great range of specialty juices and frozen yogurts. We also enjoyed the free wifi here.

guy d

A good range of fresh salads with a good combination of flavours. Very simple ingredients but a nice change from greasy food. A great range of specialty juices and frozen yogurts. We also enjoyed the free wifi here.

Jenn T.

There were only 4 tables filled at lunchtime and we still waited 45 min for a salad. The server never once came over until we complained to the host. The service was really lacking, especially since the salad cost $28.

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