Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats

2330 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu
(808) 489-9355

Recent Reviews

Maria Fe Alonzo Tanzer

Tasty treats that brought back childhood memories.

Plas Matta

Great tasting ice cream and Halo Halo desserts!!

James Dowden

Nice selection, great flavors, convenient seating, friendly staff, Quick service. A star for each

Jack Ferguson

The shaved ice experience was awful. The pineapple flavor added tasted nor looked anything like peen apple juice. Dumped the thing after 1st bite. May want to ask what’s in their flavoring... definitely not natural.

Sokhorn Uon

I took the uba soo delicious.

Steve Morgan

Rich, creamy ice cream in some unusual flavours.

lambert leong

A bit pricey but still good

Debbie Jimenez

Had the Halo Halo with Ube ice cream!! Soooo yummy, it really hit the spot!!!

Tiffany-Nicole C.

Magnolia is located on the 2nd floor on the Kuhio (mauka) side of International Marketplace right next to the parking garage elevators. They validate parking for a minimum purchase of $10. I love this Filipino ice cream shop. They have a variety of flavors that makes it hard to choose from. The shop is always clean and even has board games to play as you enjoy your treat. Staff is always nice and you're allowed to sample any kine flavors you like try. My favorites: ++ Mais Queso (this is my ABSOLUTE favorite! it's corn and cheese ice cream, but don't knock it until you try it) ++ Buko Pandan ++ Ube (classic) But literally, anything you order is delicious! They even have local flavors like Kona Coffee and Haupia. You can buy a few of these flavors at your local Don Quijote or Asian market on the mainland, but these taste so much fresher when scooped from a tub. Their menu features other treats like Halo Halo (a must try!). Bonus! They have offer a Kama'aina discount with proof of local ID. Yelp 2020 Challenge: 08/40


The service was great but ice cream was so so, not recommended.

Brooke N.

I've been here three times and it's just not for me. The texture gets boring and the flavor bland. My husband likes it a lot although I must caveat that he ONLY likes the Ube. Another thing I don't appreciate: the rap music. It just doesn't give you an ice cream parlor ambiance. Disappointed. On a positive note - the boys working there provided good customer service and the place is very clean.

Nadine C.

Dessert time in Waikiki, Honolulu... On Christmas Day, 2019, we weren't ready to go home yet. After an All You Can Eat buffet, we were looking for something sweet. I saw Magnolia Ice Cream at the International Marketplace, on the 2nd floor, across from Mitsuwa Marketplace. I know that Magnolia is a chain because I've been to the Kapolei, Waipahu, and Kalihi locations. I usually get the Halo-Halo, and this time was no different. The gal at the cash register was friendly and helpful. I asked her if my loyalty points could be used here - and they were! She even gave me a kama'aina discount since I showed her my Driver's License. Yay! I chose macapuno ube flavor for the scoop of ice cream that tops the Halo-Halo. It's an ice cream that's purple in color and has small bits of young coconut in it. It was just right with the condensed milk, crushed ice, jackfruit, coconut gel, beans, and other goodies that get mixed in the cup. Yummy! If four of us ordered a Halo-Halo, we'd be able to get the free cooler bag. Shucks... maybe next time, a bunch of us can get Halo-Halo together! P.S. Thanks to International Marketplace for the 4 hours of parking with minimum purchase of $10 on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Yuski X.

UBE and avocado are very special and taste so good!!! Highly recommended!!!!!!!! I am a big ice cream fan but these two flavors taste so unique and addictive

Michael C.

Wow, this was really good! First time trying Halo Halo and it did not. disappoint. At first, for $9, we thought it wouldn't be worth it, but we were proven wrong! It was bigger than we thought and one was more than enough to share. It was delicious and the ube ice cream was amazing. We came back another time just to get the ice cream. Loved all the toppings! The shop is located on the second floor in the open air shopping center. Staff were all pretty chill too.

Albert Dean S.

Good Service. I got the Ube Slider and my dad for the Kona Coffee. The Ube slider is good.

Vogue Montero

Good place to reminisce about homemade halu-halo! Quite pricey but with good company who enjoys the flavor of Pinas, good enough. I know we can do this at home too but to go through all the trouble of getting ingredients, this one is worth it!

Tina Ayala-Vance

Halo Halo! I wish that we had a Magnolia Ice Cream and Treats in Texas! My son got a Halo Halo, I got a Mini HA Ha and my younger son got Rainbow shaved ice. Lots of cool delicious, yummy flavors here in ice cream - Ube, queso queso, mais queso, coconut, mango, jackfruit.

Chris Y.

On my continuing halohalo hunt, we headed to the 4th and newest location of Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats in the International Marketplace in Waikiki. Take the escalator on the Kuhio Street entrance up to the second level and look to the right (Mitsuwa Market on the left). The store is cheerfully decorated in many colors. Love comes in all flavors, as their motto goes. I already love the Mahalo-halo, a delectable combination of goodness, which is usually topped with Ube ice cream (you can sub other flavor). Especially love the various tropical ice cream flavors that are available here. We were fortunate enough to take part in the launch of the new Matcha Halohalo, which coincided with the celebration of Filipino Family Appreciation month.

Mayukh Chatterjee

Best Ube ice cream

Joyce A.

In a small corner on the second floor of the International Marketplace across Mitsuwa and next to a GNC store. Magnolia is the iconic Filipino ice cream purveyor and am so excited to find it here. Filipino style halo halo has the sweetened beans, jelly, jackfruit and kaong ( palm seeds) packed full with fine shaved ice and a scoop of its award winning ube ice cream. Got the mini lychee with mochi and azuki ( sweetened red beans) , surprise little popping tapioca filled with lychee flavor. Mini Love is strawberry ice cream topping shaved ice, jelly and mochi. A definite treat to try.

Jenny L.

Fun ice cream flavors and really tasty. I got the mini halo halo just because it was before dinner; but I wanted to try it. It looked so good and the person helping us said that's what they were popular for. You can't go to a place and not try one of their specialty, right? It was really good. I wish I could have gotten the bigger one. The ice cream flavors had a lot of variety. I've tried a few flavors since our hotel actually served ice cream daily from there. We really liked the ube flavor. The service was really friendly and helpful. They were really patient which I appreciated since we were so indecisive. :) when we went there wasn't much of a line, but even if there was a crowd; I would imagine it goes by quick. I can't wait to get a chance to visit Hawaii again and stop by here again.


A bit pricey, but I love ube ice cream.

Jjoovveellyy E.

Came across this and had to get some! We got the halo halo and it was so good! I was hesitant to get because I figured it would be so sweet but it wasn't! All the flavors was just right! Felt like I was in the Philippines again

Cody Powell

Hawaiian ice is so good you'll have to double spoon it!

Mel G.

3 stars only because the treats are amazing. But if I could, I would not even give them any stars because of the customer service. I saw the lady who was supposedly working there and she was in the back room just talking with her co worker, she clearly saw me but looked back to continue the conversation. When she finally came out and talked to me, her demeanor and voice was rude. Almost like a paying customer was interrupting her conversation. She didn't smile, she wasn't welcoming, and I guess I was bothering her. My dad used to work security guard at IMP and he met the manager or owner of this establishment and enjoyed his company and the workers back then. But whoever hired this lady needs to have her go back to training or something because her attitude needs to change. I'm a manager of a store and I would never let me workers have this kind of attitude towards a customer. Paying customer or not, that's just not okay!

Lien H.

Perfect ice cream spot located at the international market, we've known about magnolias only because they make the best ube ice cream containers that you can get at the Asian market, so we were super excited to finally get to check out their store. We had the halo halo and hands down was the best we've ever had. It was creamy and delicious. Service was fast and friendly.

MoniqueHollander Facon

Ice cream was great,along with welcoming service

Chaulzy S.

Not really worth it. You may as well go buy the stuff to make your own halo halo! Seemed like we were interrupting the two people working there talk to each other when we came in to order.

Feb W.

Stopped in today to check this ice cream parlor after our appointment with our nutritionist. Unfortunately, this "we'll just look/check what flavored they got" turned to be "can I try jackfruit, avocado and kona coffee flavor?" then "okay I'll get rocky road (for me) & kona coffee flavor (for my husband) in a cone please". That's how we start our so guilty feeling at this moment. ~ I mean, why not? They're too good to resist. Plus, it's warm around Waikiki. And need something to cool off inside our body. Ice cream are full of flavor & they're so soft & creamy too! And they got Filipino flavored like langka which surprise me. It's not that good though that's why I ended up the rocky road. A bit pricey but it's fine. I can have it once in a while. ~ Located at 2nd floor inside International Market across Mitsuwa Marketplace. Try their ice cream if you're nearby in here. The guy who served us is patient & polite. Green placard so it is safe to lick those ice creams and other dessert they got. Love their wall too. It represent so much of a paradise, so festive to look at. Tables & chairs are also available inside and outside in this ice cream parlor. Will surely come back next time after our appointment with our nutritionist next month. Haha. ~ Mahalo. Have a great weekend and enjoy JUANDERING fellow yelpers!

Lynda S.

Stopped in today for some ice cream and shaved ice. Two really nice gentlemen working today. We ordered 2 shaved ice and 3 scoops of ice cream. They have some exotic and tropical flavors to try here. Located on 2nd floor across from Mitsuwa. Come by and sample and try not to get suckered into ordering like us! Hahaha! Helps cool you off in the weather.

David L.

Magnolia makes a realy good high quality ice cream! Wanted to try their shaved ice this time and it did not disappoint. Service was good and friendly. Got a large sized shaved ice with their signature ube ice cream, mochi balls, condensed milk and 3 flavored syrups. The mochi balls tasted meh so I would not add them again but everything else about the shaved ice was really good. The syrups were not too sweet. Maybe next time I will try their signature halo-halo!


They have mini halo halo!!! Just right to hit the spot!!! Not too big that you can't finish it all... not too small that you don't feel satisfied... Just the right size. I got mine with haupia ice cream instead of purple ube... they have all kinds of exotic fruit ice cream flavors!

Noelani C.

I absolutely love it here! My kids just love it too! They love the different unique flavors that they have in their selection. Great flavors and I swear they are coconut based or something. My stomach always feels great and happy when I leave! No sore tummy like other ice cream places I have tried. Smooth tasting and great quality! This place is our go to after school on hot sunny days! We will definitely be back here again soon! Oh and the staff is amazing! Very friendly and super helpful and attentive!

Julie V.

My first time at Magnolia's and I wish there was a store in Georgia! I've had the ones that come in the containers you can buy at the asian markets but this right here is so delicious & creamy! I sampled about 5 flavors but ended up getting pandan & ube. Pandan is my favorite! Store is located right next to GNC which is upstairs on International Market. If you're in Waikiki, don't miss out on some really good ice cream!

Rosey L

Ube purple yam is phenomenal.

Yan W.

I had only had their ice cream from Asian groceries stores, but after having my first real Mahalo Halo, I am completely sold!!i never knew ice cream could taste this good! I never knew the monstrosity of cultures called the halo halo could be so spectacular!!! I only wish I could do "to go" to the mainland.

Cesar L. Chaingan

The ice cream flavors are all great tasting!

Joshua Walton

We were craving some Halo-Halo and Shave Ice and our go-to store was closed so we came to Magnolia's instead. This was our first time here and the staff were very patient and helpful while we made our decisions. I ended up getting a Buko Pandan Milkshake and was pleasantly surprised with how good it was! It was the perfect blend of flavor and thickness and I can't wait to come back here.

Kim Tran

The malo halo is really delicious, one of my favourite desserts yum!

Melissa smith

Very friendly staff. Sampled the mango cashew, totally loved it. Lots of different options for sweets.