Holy Cow Hot Dog - Ala Moana Center

Makai Market, 1450 Ala Moana Blvd Kiosk 5547, Honolulu
(808) 785-1775

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Quick place to grab a bite. The Korean corndogs here are made to order, so the cheese pull was fun.

Justine LaLa Story

I really liked this Korean style corn dog.Chewy inside, crispy outside with beef dog inside.I went for the most plain version in the menu because I’m not into too much cheese and sweets etcIm glad I tried! It’s a good snack when you have a hunger to deal with between the meals.

Farrah M.

Great korean dogs. I get half mozzarella half cheddar every time. Last time I ordered the pizza dog with the marinera on the side, it was busy and they forgot my marinera. Then it was too busy to get the marinera, so i basically had to eat it plain.

glenn mendoza

When traversing through the mall, this spot is a good option.We get the classic with a dog or mozzarella, NO sugar; but to each their own. Also, try them with the sweet chili sauce. I recommend getting two sauce per item. Before you leave the register, ask the cashier about the "rules" behind sauxe distribution for the day. It seems that they change with each person =)Grab your snack, don't sit down, and continue your shopping!

Tricia S

Holy Cow is a must try. It's similar to Hotdog on a stick, but way better.

Lina T.

Holy Cow - Ala Moana is located inside the Ala Moana Mall food court.... I had a friend recommend I try this spot out when visiting Honolulu if I wanted a quick, tasty snack. The line was long, but moved relatively quickly. When ordering, there are two steps: one is type of corn dog and second is the filling (all mozarella or sausage or half and half). I ordered the Flamin Cheetah with #3 which is mozarella and sausage filling (half and half). Once your order is ready, you have a choice of dipping sauce: Ranch or Honey Mustard, I picked Ranch. I think it tasted better without the sauce, but that is just my preference... it was still good with the sauce :) I would definitely recommend this, my friend was spot on with her recommendation! It is the perfect snack and reasonably priced :)

Mark Nev

This is really good for snack....highly recommend the flaming cheetah and the step 2 half mozzarella and half sausage...

Clayton Toebben

This was a very unique food experience. Everything was so delicious. It is going to be impossible to eat a regular corn dog or hotdog ever again. I recommend getting the sugar added to everything you get.

Sheri M.

Last time I had Korean Hot Dog from here was in 2019 before Covid 19 started. Seems the same to me, they added the spicy hotdog but eliminated the squid hotdog which was my favorite. My family loves this place so we'll definitely be back.

Jeremy Swartwood

This is a pretty neat idea.Think fancy or unique corn dogs.You can get different centers or mixed (hot dog, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese).You also pick different outsides, this one is half cheddar, half mozzarella, with potato outside deep fried.You get dipping sauces too.Bought one to try it and share with wife.

Sabrina Toebben

Love love love it! This fun take on corn dogs has ruined the regular version for me. I tried the sweet potato with sausage and sugar on the outside. Delicious!!

Chelsea Pugh

I'm in love!This was the best new thing I've tried all year.I wish we had these in Tennessee!

David J.

My girls are obsessed with hot Cheetos so as soon as they saw those corn dogs they had to have one! The concept of customizing your corn dog is pretty cool! It tasted pretty good too!

Jace T.

Someone say Korean Street Food? In Ala Moana Center?? Located in the Makai Food Court on the 1st floor of the center, Myung Rang Hotdog, or Holy Cow now, is one of the vender stands close to Jamba Juice. During the pandemic, seating is very limited but not impossible to find. Though you don't really have to sit to eat their food. Holy Cow's version of a classic corn dog is different, but in a good way. They pretty much do the same process to cook the dog, but the completion is totally different! I've had these in California and Japan too, and they way they finish is what I call the Korean Style Hot Dogs. Once the dog is cooked, they first roll the dog in a bed of sugar, kinda like a malasada. Next, they drizzle ketchup and mustard, and or your choice their different types of liquid cheeses they offer... sweet cheese, mustard cheese, cheddar cheese... they also have honey mustard and cheese mustard! Then sprinkle on more powdered cheese or parm. or even powdered honey butter! Once that's done, they place in a paper boat and hand you your Korean Style Hot Dog. Taste is very ono, but anything deep fried shouldn't be consumed on the daily. Besides hot dogs, this joint also does a Mozzarella or Cheddar Cheese version instead of the hot dog, or a Rice Cake version, Potato version and a Squid-Ink & Mozzarella version. I've only tasted the Mozzarella and Hot Dog versions and both are ono! Tteok-Bokki (Spicy Rice Cake) is also an option hea, and after watching decades of Korean Soaps & Variety shows, this is a must to all that love Korea Street Food. Haven't tried this YET hea, but did try Duck Butt's version and this can be addicting like potato chips! When my body feels up for more Korean Street food, I'm gonna try some Tteok-Bokki and the Squid-Ink next. Till then, Annyeong... Grind On! Pau!

Gillian D.

Holy cow! Finally got to try the new version of this Korean hot dog spot previously known as MyungRang. Off the bat, it seems they've re-branded entirely with a new menu. It's more customizable and includes options like fruity pebbles and hot cheetos as a coating. I opted for the classic mochi coating with half mozzarella, half hot dog. It comes out fast and is hot and crispy-- delicious. A dusting of sugar is a must. The chewy mochi batter is so much better than a normal corn dog. The biggest disappointment for me is that they changed the sauces! In my opinion, the best part of Korean style hot dogs is the variety of sauces that can be drizzled on top. MyungRang nailed it with their sauces before: honey mustard, cheese sauce, basically all shades of red/orange that had the signature Korean sweetness. It was pretty authentic to the ones I've had in Korea. Now, they offer packets of ketchup, mustard, ranch, and sweet chili on the side. I get that it's necessary especially for takeout, but they don't taste Korean :( it ends up tasting like a half Korean, half American hot dog. Still good though.

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