The Japanese Garden a East-West Center, HI

1777 East-West Rd, Honolulu
(808) 944-7111

Recent Reviews

Norm Tabije

Beautiful and tranquil. Great place for meditation and reflection. We were there at around sunset doing taichi.

Kui Kantavee W.

Thai style building or “sala” is built by Thai King Rama 9 the beloved father of Thais. You can sit back, read books, or even just keep calm and indulge the great moment here.

Ann Christine

Beautiful trees and plants! The Ficus Religiosa tree is located here (the grandbaby of the tree that Buddha sat under as he gained enlightenment).

Saraswathi Kotcherlakota

Not much to see or do. Many gardens like this all over the island.

Joshua Atwood

Nice place to visit on the campus.

Oscar Manjarrez

Great and the scenery was amazing.


Beautiful place! Very peaceful.

Silvia Barzola

Wonderful place not just for the students but for the whole family. place super clean, and peaceful place . Take your break and enjoy the it

Rebekah Sheppard

Really peaceful and nice cultural experience. Parking is a problem because of permit only parking. I took The Bus to get there; it stops right in front of the building the garden is behind.

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From Mr I M Pei designed

Neil Kotak

This place is hidden by un-opreation Tea house, near East west center, great picturesque location near stream with bird singing sounds, will bring you rejuvenation on your life.

Liliya Aronson

Could not find a place to park. Do not recommend.

Twisted Humor

Beautiful place. Not stroller or wheel chair accessible.

Mat Kirby

beautiful and serene, good place to always find shade and a nice breeze on campus.

Cynaka Harper

It's a small location but it nice

Andrew Maurer

Small garden but it's set back from everything and is very nice for a short stroll. No real bench areas though.

Lori Michaelson

A beautiful, tranquil oasis in Honolulu. It was a sharp and very welcome contrast to the hustle, bustle & commercialism of Waikiki.

Geoffry Spangler

I love going to the Japanese Garden between classes. It's far from.basically everything, so if you don't have a large break in your classes I wouldn't recommend going, but if you do this is the ideal place to just zone out. The running water, all the green, the koi and occasional duck make this a place of relaxation and reflection. Never been in the tea house, but I'm sure that's fun too.


Yes, it's a nice, small Japanese garden. That said, I wouldn't suggest making a special trip unless you're already on UH campus grounds for something.

Jared Ford

Such a nice, well-maintained garden behind the study area. it's probably best to visit it on weekends or holidays, when the place is not so busy with students and faculty. It also makes it easier for parking oh, so you don't need a permit or to pay any fees on weekends and holidays. Really nice Koi, and the garden is so peaceful.

Katelyn Ford

Beautiful koi pond with some huge fish and pretty plants. A perfect place for a picnic.

michael gouch

Very nice and relaxing place...good place to chill.

penguin rick

A nice garden, but much more like a park than a traditional garden. It's pretty enough, but I don't know that it was worth the time I spent getting there. There are many other beautiful places to see and you're not missing out if you don't make it here.

Yolanda Harper

Beautiful, you can lay on the grass under the trees and listen to the water from the creek below.

Fran C.

Man, I haven't walked into this joint in Aaaaaaages! I'm talkin' about decades baby!!! I was working just next door to Manoa Gardens the other day, and decided to walk into Manoa Gardens to take a quick look at this bar hang out from my college dayz. For some reason, I thought Manoa Gardens use to serve food, but as I looked around the joint, all I saw was the same "bar" that I remembered when I was a student here. Manoa Gardens has a lot of seating inside the establishment, as well as seating outside that has covered umbrellas. If you want to hang out & catch a game on T.V., or maybe talk story with friends...........or even do a little studying? You can do all of that here at Manoa Gardens! Food is available through a Ba--Le Sandwich shop, as the sandwich shop in located inside Manoa Gardens. The sandwich shop is "cafeteria style", where you can buy your food, then go into the bar area of Manoa Gardens to sit & eat. Need a beer, or something harder? Yup, you can buy it all here at the bar in Manoa Gardens, and the prices can't be beat!

ChristopherJoseph W.

This barkeep Tristan is a total stud muffin. They have 3 delicious Waikiki Brewing Company beers avilable and Tristan pours them expertly. #mancrush

Roxane G.

I come here a lot with my friends. It's a nice place to sit outside and talk. Also they have beer! Sometimes there are special events put on by the German club at UH, which are really fun to attend.

Jacob D.

As the only bar on campus, Manoa Gardens, has no real competition. The beers are well priced and the bartenders have always been great guys. There is tons of indoor and outdoor seating so this is a good place to bring a group. There's always sports on the TVs. Bale shares the same building so once you get a buzz going you can fill up on cheap Vietnamese food!

David V.

I like that the university have a bar right on campus. Great idea. I hardly drank though, all I did was order food and watch basketball games on the tvs. My favorite part of college. :)

Nanea L.

Mānoa Gardens is AMAZING! They have cheap wells $3 and drafts are I believe $5 for a 22 ounce! When Bale is open you can order cheap pupus like chicken wings, lumpia rolls, fries, etc. Its located in the center of the UH Mānoa campus. You can't miss it because its next to the Warrior Recreation Center and you'll see the bale sign. It's hours are pretty long for an on-campus 12-8pm normally unless there's a special event it could be closed or open for longer depending. There's tons of seating here, ideal for studying, group meet ups, dates, talking story, meetings, or whatever. It's air-conditioned and has a bathroom outside. It also has outdoor seating if you're tired of the inside. Sometimes it gets crowded normally during 12pm because that's when everyone is hungry and on break. The bartenders are always friendly and mix good drinks. Love, Love, Love it here!

Angela D.

Manoa Gardens is a pretty cool place despite odd decor indoors (strangely not cool) and inadequate outdoor seating. It is a campus watering hole that sells pretty good beer for cheap, has a full bar, and is attached to Bale. During the day you can get some Pho and a beer and in the evening their bar menu features french fries that are super yum. I don't ask much from a campus place but this place is better than expected.

Diana T.

I enjoy coming here when the rest of campus is more or less shut down, and I need a bite to eat (and maybe a drink to help me unwind after a long day!) I love that it's connected to Ba-Le, and that I can get pho on a cold and rainy night. I've totally done that a good number of times, especially during midterms or finals when I'm typically studying at Sinclair Library, which is so close by. It's actually kind of funny that you can get traditional hangover fare in the same location as the campus bar. Food is all good. I wouldn't call anything great, but nothing is bad. And I've never had a negative experience here. Granted I'm usually not here when it's really busy, but I always feel comfortable, which I think is really important for a bar, especially a campus bar. Drinks are a good price for the amount you get. I never feel like I'm getting gypped. Just remember to drink responsibly kiddos :)

Jess I.

I use to like this place. The beer selection was always bad (they NEVER rotate the taps and its all generic choices), but the price was right (32oz beers for $7). It was a good place to go on campus, unfortunately it recently took a turn for the worse. Just prior to the 2014 summer they increased the prices from $7 to $9 for the 32oz beers. Well that sucks, but its still an OK deal. However, over the 2014 summer, while the students were away, they changed the 32oz beers to 24 oz beers and kept the prices the same. Acted like they didn't change anything. Now its $9 for a 24oz beer. BAD DEAL! Crazy expensive if you ask me. Here's a conversation I had with an exceptionally rude bartender a few weeks ago: Me: (noticing the smaller beer size after ordering a 'large beer') Oh sorry, I must have ordered the wrong size. I wanted a 32oz beer. B'tender: We only sell 24oz and 12oz beers. Me: But you use to sell 32oz beers, what happened to those? B'tender: We only sell 24oz and 12 oz beers. Me: ...but you use to sell 32oz right? Did you change your policy? B'tender: ...(awkward pause)...(looks me straight in the eye). I said, we sell 24oz beers! or 12oz beers! Any other questions? Wow, well it became apparent other people have been asking him the same thing. Extremely rude nevertheless. Won't be back...

Kelly G.

Decent selection of drinks for reasonable price. Great place, especially since I'm working on campus and just sometimes don't feel like driving. Not sure about the drink limit - last time I was here I had 5 empty glasses in front of me.

Peaceful T.

I can't recall the amount of times I went "I'll just have two max and then go to class," and end up not going to class at all, who knows what i'm talking about?! overall great place, haven't been here in a while although i've heard prices went up slightly and that there is now a drink limit in effect.

J. Charisma

I wish all gardens served beer.

James Murphy

Cheapest beer in town. $6.25 for 32 oz.

Gspot H.

Love this Place. Its great late Friday Afternoons and early Evening during the Academic School Year. They have bands or DJs or usually some kinda entertainment at the out door Seating. the percentage of patrons is a closer balanced percentage of graduate Students of all sorts (Law, Engineers, Marine Biology, Hawaiian Culture, etc). To Get Alcohol; everyone stands in a drama free line. lots of Fried Food options, or Pho, or chips Basically the restaurant chain: BALE' TVs with sports games on them on the inside. Indoor Outdoor Seating. FRI 6-9pm: on KTUH 90.3. G-Spot is on air. The Studio is above Manoa Gardens. Different Close rather cleanly bathroom options.

Kaileen Y.

We all know that the best thing about college is the fun you get to have. Booze, Parties, Hangovers, and Hookups. That's what we all look forward to when we go off to college right? Well, at least that's what the typical college student would probably say. Not me. Personally, I was never one to go out and party until I puked. I didn't even really drink when I finally turned 21. With that said though, I do enjoy a good beer or a glass of wine every now and again. Knowing what I just admitted to then, it might not be much of a surprise to know that until about a month and a half ago, I had never set foot into Manoa Gardens (at least not for an alcoholic drink). It took exactly three years and my cousin's semi-alcoholic behind (only joking btw) to get me to come to this bar (& he's not even a student at UH! In fact, he's never even attended the school!!). Go figure! I honestly don't know why it's taken me so long to grab a drink here. For years since turning 21, my friends have continuously made plans to come here. We've even talked about possibly grabbing a beer just minutes before going to take our final exams so we could "clear our heads". Lol. But, for some reason it just never really happened. I actually find it kind of funny that the semester that I'm graduating from UH is the semester I finally went to the bar on campus. #Yolo #notreallythough I know, it's not everyday that you see a bar on a college campus. In many ways, it could be a double edge sword. -- I mean, cheap drinks? Hello, of course! (& they can make you pretty much every drink you can think of!!) It may not be good on your liver at the end of the day, but it's certainly good on your wallet! But, on the other hand, we all know what crazy things can happen at bars...Ah! Who am I kidding?! Forget I even said that! On that note, I'm gonna leave all you youngins with a little advice...advice that I probably would've given 21-year-old me, if I had the chance. -- Live it up, kids! Study hard, and party harder (if your liver can handle it.). But, know your limit(s).

Ryan D.

Great outdoor venue! Probably the best deal for a cold beer on the island!

The Japanese Garden a East-West Center, HI

1777 East-West Rd, Honolulu, HI 96848
(808) 944-7111