THE STREET - A Michael Mina Social House

2330 Kalakaua Ave #330 Suite 156, Honolulu
(808) 896-2545

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Annie Martin

Disgusting and dissatisfied. I ordered from doordash because the pictures looked amazing. I ordered the fried chicken plate. First, the batter was under seasoned. No flavor or salt! My chicken thigh was undercooked! Mashed potatoes and green beans tasted microwaved. The only thing I can say that was good is the mac and cheese. Its really good. I would ask for a refund, but I'm a hungry pregnant mom that tried to eat around the good parts. I may call for a refund. ?

Steve M.

The pickup wasnt smooth. 30 minutes late. I thought we were ordering from Michael Mina, but aren't really sure where our order originated. The food was good. Salmon super. Portions of the food was cold. They may want to foil wrap steaks and items to keep them warm, and improve the TOGO package as it wasnt super well considered. All in all a decent meal. Mac and Cheese, Sushi and Whipped potato were awesome

Emi H.

When you just can't quite decide what to eat or you're like me, and want to eat EVERYTHING... The Street is a great option when in Waikiki! On our most recent visit (pre-COVID19) my hubby and I popped in to watch sports. Okay let's be real, he came in to watch sports and drink beers, while I just came to eat and drink things. My favorite thing to eat at The Street are their Mi Almita shrimp and fish tacos! I basically inhale my first order because I'm so excited, and then savor the second order because I know I won't be able to fit anymore food into my belly. Delivery & Pickup: Tuesday-Sunday 12-8PM (closed Mondays) *Phone orders for pickup will receive 10% off Email at [email protected] or call 808.896.2545 Door-to-door delivery within a 8 mile radius of Waikiki ($4.95 delivery fee) 20% off discount for first responders and industry members - phone orders only.


This food hall is located at the International Market Place and has a great selection of food stalls. I enjoyed one of the cheapest beers in Waikiki at $2. Worth visiting and located in central Waikiki.

Myning C.

Good range of selections for all in your party! My fave is Indie Girl- for healthy food! I also like the Middle Eastern fare there too- I have tried all the places there; pizza, ramen, tacos, chicken, burgers- all tasty - just one recommendation is to serve the food temperature hot- I am very particular about having hot food served hot- others I dine with are fine with lukewarm food but I am not - therefore the 4 stars - Service is good- especially those who bus the tables - very courteous.

Majesty S.

I kept passing by this place while walking up and down the streets of Waikiki, each time swearing to myself that I would visit before I left. What really caught me was the sign for $2 tacos and $4 margaritas!!!!! Be sure to catch my review of "Mi Almita Cantina" here on Yelp! But I didn't want to stop at tacos, so I walked around and tried a few things! It's a decent spot for quick eats and a quick happy hour drink. Don't put too much on the quality of the food or drinks here- keep in mind it's literally "quick eats. There's a bar right in the middle of everything which has great prices on beer. It's more like mall "food court" food than street food to me lol. Well, if you're around and u wanna give it a go! Comment back to me and let me know if u love it or however u feel!

Foodieextreme Foodieextreme

These reviews are for Prawn Star and The Ramen Bar in The Food Hall by Michael Mina


If you can't find something you want here then you're just to picky. Breakfasts to dinners, snacks to dessert, cocktails and beers. All in one place...

Kathy N.

Many different food options to choose from. The inside is strangely dim lit. We opted for some ramen, elote and pizza and meatballs. Everything was pretty good. I just wished the elote was a little bigger... it came out to be this teeny shriveled corn on the cob eeek. Great clean place to try different foods.

Jack M

This review is for Indie Girl located inside The Street. My experience today was sub-par. I ordered the $16 Buddha Bowl Salad. First of all, the girl at the front was quite rude and unhappy. That should have been my cue to leave. But I decided to try the salad, and was not impressed. The greens were fresh, that’s about the only saving grace here. The eggplant was lacking any seasoning, the tofu was burnt, and to contrast that the lotus root was unbelievably salty. Like it was soaked for days in pure Tamari. The dressing was alright, but the whole salad had no real flavor to speak of except from the burt tofu and soy soaked lotus root. Really disappointing experience, all the way around. Especially for $16??? A $16 salad should be phenomenal from a restaurant, let alone a self serve counter style place. Combine that with dismal service and it’s not a place I would recommend. Won’t be coming back.

Keith Sato

Sad that International Smoke is no longer there. Still a lot of the good choices. Tried the burger place which I did enjoy.

Vincent L.

This is a food court located at the rear of the International Market Place here in the center of Waikiki. There are about a dozen food options here. While the food court is supposedly Michael Mina-inspired, you won't find high-end lobster pot pie or wagyu beef entrees here; rather, all of the options are very casual and very accessible. Think burgers, pizza, smoothies, and salads. Best of all, some of the establishments offer deals at certain times. If you're suffering from sticker shock here on Waikiki, then this is a pleasant respite from it.

Krizelle S.

Tried the north shore style garlic shrimp from Prawn Star and it was too salty! The plate itself was different being served on a metal cafeteria style tray, but unfortunately the taste did not satisfy my taste buds. I was disappointed, but what is nice about this food hall is that there will always be tons of other food options to choose from.

Nancy Whitfield

Ramen is delicious! Burgers were good.

Joseph Ramirez

So noisy .. you feel rushed Employees keep walking back And forth they try to take the Tray on the table .. keep asking If you’re done eating! If you eat

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THE STREET - A Michael Mina Social House

2330 Kalakaua Ave #330 Suite 156, Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 896-2545