Galaxy Wingz

911089 Namahoe St, Kapolei
(808) 824-5878

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Brittney Naeole

I ordered 5 different flavors for a birthday party and it was a hit. No leftovers at all! Personal favorite is the garlic Parmesan and the honey mustard! Amazing service, 10/10 recommend. Will be ordering again!

Kainoa Hutchinson

Lemon Pepper seasoning is my favorite! Made some Lemon Pepper Baked Pork Chops, came out great! Highly recommend!! Try the other seasonings and sauces too!!

Tee J.

AMAZING wing sauce. Perfect packaging and customer service.

Jasmine J. J.

My first time ordering from Galaxy wings I wasn't sure what to order, so I asked the owner , he asked me what my favorite flavors or seasonings were I said lemon pepper and buffalo... He said your in luck that's my top seller. So I ordered it. When I tell you I've never had nothing like it. And did I mention they were together, like lemon Pepper and buffalo sauce together! Wth! That's Genius! I'm in love can't wait to order his wing sauce. If your in hawaii and you havent ordered from this wing spot, your missing out for sure! Great customer service!

John D.

Im coming from atl , ga . where wings are not hard to find . moving to kapolei , hi . its hard to find good crispy hot wings . i wanted to give "galaxy wingz" a try but their business hours aren't accurate . i've tried calling and messaging them multiple times but they're always closed or too busy . when i did get in touch with them , they were booked for catering jobs .

Highcrest Musix

I order Galaxy Wingz sauce for wings and end up putting it on EVERYTHING. Hands down the BEST SAUCE on the market. I appreciate the prompt responses to my orders and all of the love put into the flavor!!! Galaxy Wingz sauce or I dont even want the plate at this point ??‍???

Jalynn Jackson


Ceilia Williamson

Sauces were so flavorful that I had to get them all ??? and I use the seasoning for everything. Quick shipping and delivery. Great customer service. I’ll be definitely purchasing when any new sauces or seasoning come out

Lathan Jones

The lemon pepper hot sauce is hands down the best lemon pepper sauce I've tried... and I've tried PLENTY. My wife and I will definitely be purchasing from Galaxy Wingz again.

Justin Fox

My wife and I ordered in off bite squad. The food was prepared properly, the wings were legit and the the fries had a good taste. It’s hard to find a order in spot with some good wings and fries unless you feel like hoping in the car and driving. With this place.. no need to go anywhere. Great wing flavors and all.My only recommendation is to distinguish the galaxy hot 1, 2 and 3 a little better when ordering. I got them a little to hot. I was not sure if 1 was the hottest or if 3 was. Either way, this young business will surely strive the right way, sole long as they keep up the attention to detail.

Tyler McLatchy

This is the spot right here!! Stop by if you get the chance Garlic Parm wings are 10/10.

Jojo V.

Was really excited to find a new wing place but I've been trying to place an order for a week now. Only reason I even downloded bitesquad.. Tried calling - no answer. Their website allows you to order and you will get a confirmation text but no follow through. business tip: if you are closed/ privately booked for certain periods of time, it would be nice to have updated information so customers can see.

Johnny G.

Ordered from bite squad, it was not crispy soggy and the garlic Parmesan fries resembled vomit

Nicholas C.

Loved these wings! I've been looking for a good wing spot for a while and I think I've found them in Galaxy wings. The wings are a good size and have good flavors! The garlic parm and the spicy lemon pepper are some of the best I've ever had. Plus the loaded fries are delicious and good portions! If you're looking for some good wings at a good price, then look no further! These guys have the stuff.

Customer service is amazing too! Always looking to provide me with the best that they can.  Every interaction I've had with them has been a pleasant one! They are kind and responsive.

Looking forward to them being able to expand more and potentially keep adding new flavors to the list! Every one I've tried so far has been delicious so I'm excited to keep trying more!

They also have a loyalty program so you can earn more the more you eat!!

Give them a try ! You won't regret it. :)

Christopher B.

Tried to order wings for delivery and they said they were booked for a week or so.

Every time I call, nobody answers.

Edit: they were catering so I understand why they weren't responsive.

Butttt I did order wings and I'd never order them again. It seems like everything was frozen and then reheated.

Nobody actually knows where the location is. Google maps shows it be the Walmart in kapolei. Apple maps doesn't show anything. Yelp shows it near some malls on Kapolei.

It's a restaurant run out of a house. Where at, idk. But my order took hours to get because the driver didn't know where to go. A bit of miscommunication with the delivery guy and this restaurant.

But with only negative experiences each time, I stopped trying. I normally eat damn near anything and dint care but I couldn't even finish these.

I bought some for a friend and she ate a couple and tossed the rest. Maybe it was a bad batch. I'd give it another chance. But I'd recommend just going to a restaurant.

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