Donut Dynamite

1246 Lower Main St, Wailuku
(808) 280-6442

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Brad S.

Donut Dynamite IS BACK AT A NEW LOCATION! (04-11-23) Tails Up Maui - 372 Waiehu Beach Rd, Wailuku, HI 96793ORDER ONLINE: 419-6076 For HoursThese are the BEST donuts in the world! SPREAD THE WORD!

P & M Eastman

I was SO sad to visit the shop today and see the sign out front. I loved Madam’s Donuts ?

Nina S.

I would say the savoury ones are better and definitely more special. They only open one day per week and to get what you want make sure to preorder!Value 3/5Atmosphere 3/5Service 3/5Quality 5/514/20

Weston Yap

The flavors are creative, memorable & balanced! Order online only. She tries to source flavor ingredients from local farmers & crafters as much as possible. Prices reflect the quality.Madame was taking mermaid photos in the shop! A fun talented chef!

Peggy H.

Unique, creative, and delicious treats you definitely won't find anywhere else--made by hand, using local Maui or Hawaii ingredients as much as possible. Selection changes every week. A relatively new item, the malasada ice cream sandwich, is especially decadent Order online on Mondays for Saturday pickup, so plan ahead if you're visiting Maui. Merch (hats, shirts, etc) also available.

Daniel Kang

Whatever you do, make sure to get these donuts. They are soft, fluffy, and just damn delicious. Reminds me of General Porpoise in Seattle. Definitely get yourself a malasadas! Also the Madame Donut and her staff are super nice with nothing but positive vibes.

Dax O.

best evvvaaa so tasty would recommend to all my friends. owners very nice and professional and has a great smile. thanks!

Tasha S.

Delicious donuts but definitely recommend ordering in advance online :)

Rich M

A server at MonkeyPod told us about this place, and since we did a hike that Saturday morning, my Daughter hunted this place down. My wife and Daughter went inside, and was told the owner was awesome - super friendly and bubbly! We snagged 2 berry donuts and 2 banana Carmel donuts - just what she had left at the end of a Saturday morning. Must visit if you're in the area - gotta order online prior for Saturday only pick up (She's just open Saturday morning)

Louise Lauman

Delightful owner. Fabulous donuts. I always seek out local donut shops and this one is great. Yum.

Lee D.

We have failed so many times in the past to try to get her exclusive elusive donuts... Quality/Quantity - You can see and feel the passion from Madame donut in both her baking and her ownership of her brand. Check out her website for the full story. We got the following, all of which were great: Molokai Sweet Potato Poi Donut Mango Poi Donut Lilikoi Malasada Large Thai Tea - Best Thai tea my daughter has ever had, and she drinks a lot of tea. Atmosphere - Appointment pre-order only, and open only on Saturday from 7am to 1pm for pick-up. Off by itself in Wailuku with a few small parking spaces, also since its appointment only, there should not be a problem. But plenty of street parking. Service - Excellent, especially for a 1 woman army! Price - $21; expensive but worth it and when in Maui... Owner Comment - Congrats on your success since 2013. I know you have had so many accomplishments in your life, but can I suggest that when you decide to focus on one (or fewer), you will become even more successful (if that is the direction you want to go in).

Jen J.

On a recent Saturday, we decided to try as many malasadas as we could while on Maui. While all the malasadas we had were good (I mean, what's not to like?), the lilikoi malasada at Donut Dynamite was easily the best malasada we've had in all of Hawaii, or anywhere. The brioche bread was light and airy, but still sturdy enough to handle the filling. And about that filling: perfectly balanced - a little bit sweet, with a hint of tartness, just like lilikoi should taste. Also, you know how sometimes, you get a filled donut and you have to go searching for the filling, and when you find it, it seems like there's maybe a teaspoon of it? Not with this malasada. The proportion of filling to bread was A+++. Yes, it's a bit more expensive than most other malasadas, but it's worth every penny.

Eric B.

These donuts are the very best. The texture and flavors are perfect. We really enjoyed talking to Madame Donut as well. Her personality and presence is just like her donuts-awesome .

Jaime R.

My wife and I love this place. The donuts are exceptional and Madame Donut is the best. This is a place that you must visit whether your visiting Maui or live on the island.

Manushi aggarwal

Filled to the brim with delicious vanilla filling malasadas- must try if you are in Maui on Saturday morning (that’s the only day the shop is open). We also tried and liked the lilikoi filled malasadas but the vanilla one is out of this world!

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