Donut Dynamite!

at Tails Up Maui, 372 Waiehu Beach Rd, Wailuku
(808) 280-6442

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Racheal F.

We have been lucky enough to experience the amazingness on previous visit to maui. We hope to be here for one of the pop ups in the future. We.check the website every time we

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Esteemed Freight Solutions

What an awesome human!!!

Frank Hobyak

I drove 30 minutes to find out this place was closed permanently!


.... Hiiii Madame Dessert (Donut) ....You can do other sweet foods than donuts .... You have an extraordinary ability about sweet things ....Good luck on MasterChef .... I really like your colorful hair .... and your halcyon voice ....

Erin Leon

I don’t ever eat donuts and I ate Madame Donuts’ delicacies all day long!!! Whatever magic she uses to create these scrumptious, didn’t even hurt my stomach and I’m almost certain I didn’t gain a pound eatin em’ donuts- is incredible! Do yourself the favor while visiting Maui or if you are local and TREAT yo’ self to her culinary art. Make sure to book ahead for Saturday pick up at Tails Up…where you also need to eat more than once….I miss both so much!

P & M Eastman

I was SO sad to visit the shop today and see the sign out front. I loved Madam’s Donuts ?

Aaron M

Easily the best donuts you will have in your entire life and It’s not even close. So to say it’s the best donuts in Maui does not do this amazing business justice. Pictures can’t event come close to justifying how amazing these donuts are (hence I didn’t post mine)Each donut is gourmet and is almost like a mini cake (in the best way possible). My wife and I got their donuts for our wedding party, and everyone there LOVED THEM! Can’t wait to come back to the island and enjoy a dozen (for myself) ???Would recommend to anyone, even my diabetic grandma. (Donut worry, She enjoyed the donuts)

Weston Yap

The flavors are creative, memorable & balanced! Order online only. She tries to source flavor ingredients from local farmers & crafters as much as possible. Prices reflect the quality.Madame was taking mermaid photos in the shop! A fun talented chef!

Daniel Kang

Whatever you do, make sure to get these donuts. They are soft, fluffy, and just damn delicious. Reminds me of General Porpoise in Seattle. Definitely get yourself a malasadas! Also the Madame Donut and her staff are super nice with nothing but positive vibes.

Rich M

A server at MonkeyPod told us about this place, and since we did a hike that Saturday morning, my Daughter hunted this place down. My wife and Daughter went inside, and was told the owner was awesome - super friendly and bubbly! We snagged 2 berry donuts and 2 banana Carmel donuts - just what she had left at the end of a Saturday morning. Must visit if you're in the area - gotta order online prior for Saturday only pick up (She's just open Saturday morning)

Louise Lauman

Delightful owner. Fabulous donuts. I always seek out local donut shops and this one is great. Yum.

Manushi aggarwal

Filled to the brim with delicious vanilla filling malasadas- must try if you are in Maui on Saturday morning (that’s the only day the shop is open). We also tried and liked the lilikoi filled malasadas but the vanilla one is out of this world!

Jennifer Wirth

These donuts are massive and massively delicious. They're made from brioche dough, and just- perfection! The flavors are so fun and creative. Blueberry peanut butter crunch is my favorite.

kelly ng

The best doughnuts on Maui! First stop once we landed. I didn’t know that I had to pre-order but the owner was nice & friendly to let me know that what’s available as of now and kindly asked me to place the order online immediately. I managed to grab the last 2 flavours - Samoa Kine & Ham cheese (requests to warm it up). Both were delicious & they are so soft. WOULD COME BACK AGAIN for other flavours.We went back again following week and pre-order the lilikoi malasadas, maple bacon, strawberry rose & the most delicious pork adobo brioche (has a special ingredient in it!). Major Love!

Cheryl Custodia Balatayo

Delicious donuts with unique flare & flavor! We went to Maui for vaca recently and this place was on the agenda to try. Did not disappoint, and owner was gracious enough to pose with me and my sister for a pic! ?

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