Boise Fry Company

6944 W State St, Boise
(208) 391-1573

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Jennifer Aranda

We eat here 1-2 times a month. Always takeout, since the pandemic. I prefer the fries with a thicker cut because they're often softer and less greasy. Russet are my go-to fry but they're all equally delicious, in their own right. So many options to choose from in a variety of cuts: red, purple, sweet, golden, etc... all good!We eat the black bean and quinoa burger (my toddler loves the black bean burger, too) but they offer so many other options. They have regular burgers, 50/50 mushroom and meat burgers (which is pretty unique to BFC), and they even have bison burgers. I can't comment on the taste of the meat burgers but it's pretty cool they have so many options.I like the original over the classic burger. The original comes with pickled red onions that really make the burger special.They also have a yummy mixed green salad with those delicious pickled red onions.Another favorite is the fried brussel sprouts. They're pretty greasy, but what do you expect from fried food?Finally, the variety of dipping sauces and salts are incredible! My husband loves the Jalapeño ranch and my favorite is the blueberry dipping sauce. Weirdly good on fries.

Susan Graves-Cox

Love the variety of potatoes they have to offer. I like the sweet potatoes..with the fungus. It's 70 percent beef and 20 percent mushrooms. They even have specialty salt with cricket powder in it.

Samantha Spinazzola

Normally the food is really good, but we haven't been there in a while and the quality was really bad. I ordered a turkey burger and the meat was super spongy and full of bones. The texture was much more a kin to a sausage patty and nothing like it used to be. The flavor of the burger has also changed. There was basically a ton of pepper and thyme and basil dumped in the middle of the patty. It also looks like it may have been undercooked or there's an unnatural pink colorant in the meat. The pepper jack cheese was the same flavor and texture a Kraft single which was super disappointing.Also the garlic aioli has completely changed. It's definitely no longer made with fresh garlic but with garlic powder instead. This really affects the overall taste of it and not in a good way. The only saving grace was the fries.I get that it's supposed to be "Fries with burgers on the side" but that shouldn't mean sacrificing the quality of the burgers. I don't think we'll be coming back for the burgers which is really disappointing because BFC used to be the best place I could find a well made and delicious turkey burger.

Jen B.

My husband and I are extremely gluten intolerant and I haven't had a French fry for a year ... We heard that they have gluten free fries that are not fried in peanut oil, as I am allergic to peanuts, ... The food was yummy, gluten free, but maybe it was the seed oil, sunflower oil, or that we ate so much, that we felt bloated after our meal .. we also ate all of the french fries and they give you a hefty portion ..The burgers are good, I got a burger, no roll and it came on a bed of extremely fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and pickled red onions which was really good. My husband's burger on a gluten-free roll looked yummy.Prices are good, service is very nice, and ambience is really good.We will give it another try soon and just eat less french fries ..

Jeffrie Bond (J.Bond)

First time here, only because we live 200 miles away. But on future trips to Boise I will definitely return. I had the BFC Original with golden fries. My first thought was Samuel L. Jackson's "Jules" line from Pulp Fiction, “Mmm, this is a tasty burger!” Tasty fries, too. Service outstanding. Say, "What?!" Just do 'em, and don't say "What?!" again. Be happily stuffed, like me.

Julie Blickfeldt

Such good food that you can eat and feel good doing. we always have thoroughly enjoyed the Bison.

Mark N

The Boise Fry Company is amazing! It is the poster child for fresh and simple food. The bugers are always very well cooked and made of the freshest ingredients, and they have some with very nice sauces. The produce, sauce, and meat combinations are paired to perfection. Now for the fries, they are incredible! I recommend getting a few different types of fries and pairing them with all of the fine sauces. And do not forget the Duck Fat Fries!Highly recommend a stop at the Boise Fry Company!

Camille Morales

TERRIBLE SERVICE. Got there at 8:40, guy with the beard was extremely rude and said that we couldn’t come in even though they didn’t close for another 20 minutes. I explained that this was my one weekend in Boise and I was very excited to see the variety of fries, and he refused to let us in (even though they were still open according to their sign). Very disappointed.go to Euroshack instead

Paul Taylor

Lara fries deep fried in duck fat, sprinkled with truffle salt... OMG, heaven.

Katie Bell

The food is good, but definitely not worth the price. Hospitality is always fantastic. They don't have the greatest options or an understanding what vegan really is.

Mellie Turrittin

Delicious food, especially the Funguy burger with Extra Heat!

Shadrach G

Excellent bison burger! Big selection of fries. The large fries are probably enough for 3 people! Next time I’m in potato land I’m stopping here again!!!

DeeAnn Allen

A neat concept to try different potatoes and sauces.

Bryan Atwell

Burgers are delicious and freshly made and the fries, there a big assortment to choose from, are fantastic. You need to try the flash fried Brussel sprouts...awesome!

Justy Thomas

One of Boise's best fry joints! Fun vibe. Happened to be National French Fry day today. Yay for us-free fries!

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