Country Donut & Egyptian Cuisine and Market

10358 W Overland Rd, Boise
(208) 327-9867

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Seanpaul Olin

The Doughnuts are okay. Maybe better than a freds/albertsons doughnut (not by a lot). Don't know her name but the last two times I've been there (I've only been twice...) the lady behind the counter acts like she is bothered that I'm asking about the Doughnuts I'm about to buy. The tone she has, the verbiage she uses, just screams I hate my job and I hate my customers. Lady needs a vacation and a new job.

hailey johnson

Huge delicious flavorful donuts with a large variety! Pretty good Boston cream! Decently priced. My go to donut shop for sure. Get their fritters too! They’re huge!

Olivia Adsitt

Donuts were delicious! My kiddo was stoked for the massive sprinkle birthday donut. 10 out of 10.

Annie Call

Best D*** doughnuts in Boise!! The Maple bars are to die for! Country Donut doesn't scrimp on the maple frosting. I gain 5lbs. for each Maple bar I eat, but daaaang, it's worth having to lie on the bed to zip up my jeans!!

Smokin' With A-Aron

This review is for the Egyptian side not the donuts as I've never tried them.First off, why combine these two businesses? It makes no sense. However, the market is a joke. Have the stuff is items you'd find in any gad station. So if you are looking for local Egyptian food, you will be disappointed.From the cheesy menu to the hole in the wall decor there is nothing about this place that makes me want to go back. I honestly don't know how they are still in business.

Peter Taylor

There was a false nail in my donut, on another occasion there was a long hair. Will never go here again. I've been in the food industry 10 years and it tells me this company obviously doesn't take food safety seriously

Desert Ninja

Oh my goodness! They do have "normal" sized donuts. Fritters

ogbasker 13

The best donuts in town, hands down. The place been around forever, and they never disappoint. This place runs out of donuts quite often so early in the morning is a good time to stop by.

Rick W.

BEST Donuts in Boise & Treasure Valley Tasty, delectable treats!! Would like to see "Butterflies" added to the Menu. To bad they discontinued French Cruellers, but can understand Prep Costs.


Great tasting DONUTS. BEST in Boise by far. I have seen many small bakeries come & go and they don'teven rate up there with CountryDonuts & Pastry Perfection.A newer Pie Shop replacedMarie Callendars, but they wanted $18 for a simple fruit pie , and a new smallBakery off of Overland, there pies had too thick of crusts, very small product varieties and kinda expensive. I do not work at any of these Businesses I mentioned, this is only my opinion.2/14/22 DL

Larry Lince

They have an amazing selection of raised and cake donuts, fritters, etc. The variety is the best feature of this shop. If you wish to sit down with coffee or tea, they have a seating area, too.

Ken Baumgartner

Not only my opinion but many folks I know thing this is the best donut shop in the area. Their fritters are to die for, apple, blue berry, cherry. WoW

Jason Cardinalli

Large variety helpful staff and usually fairly quick. Great doughnuts too.

David Barrutia

Best donuts in town. Great selection and the fritters are not only delicious but huge. They usually have apple, cherry, and blueberry and all are delicious. Great donuts!!


Absolutely heavenly addictive doughnuts..seriously the best I have had in my 39 yrs of life! Some are literally the size of your face! You can tell the amount of care and pride that goes into making them. Diet ruined ? most things I can resist but not these doughnuts ..

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Country Donut & Egyptian Cuisine and Market

10358 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID 83709
(208) 327-9867