Great Wall Restaurant

10398 W Overland Rd, Boise
(208) 376-3260

Recent Reviews

Mark Rau

We ate a late lunch at 4pm on a Sunday at Overland location and the food was absolutely delicious! In the past the food tasted very similar and we felt bloated afterwards, but this time was such an amazing improvement we just had to commend you. Not sure what you are doing different, but please keep it up and we will definitely be back soon. Wow!

Linda Smith

Three of us had lunch today at Great Wall on Overland. Had a wonderful lunch with great service from Dani & Michaela {sp?} When we left I managed to leave my bank envelope with $700 in cash on the counter, no I.D. I am 76 years old, that was all the money I had for the rest of the month. A few hours later I went back, hoping I had left it there. Both girls ran up squealing "We found it!" These ladies deserve recognition for their honesty & great service. Thank you so much ladies!


We used to love Great Wall but it has really gone downhill. General's chicken was more like chicken jerky -- so tough! No brightness or heat to the sauce at all. Just a sweet brown sauce with nothing interesting happening. Peapods with chicken were the only good dish. The rice was super dry. I think they scooped everything off the buffet for our to-go order.

Cindy Loya

The buffet was great as always. An unhappy customer disturbed the whole place. But they left and I enjoyed the rest of my meal. Nice staff.

Craig Baker

Typical Chinese Buffet. Glad that the labeled peanuts. I especially enjoyed the Steamed dumplings.

Barb F.

I was very disappointed. Our waitress was pretty good but the food came out dry and covered in the same sauces. The tea smelled fishy.

Dash Rendar

Honestly the only thing good here is the servers. They were very attentive and are willing to make sure your experience is a good one. But there is no helping the food. Breakfast sausage used in several dishes, food just swimming in sauce, almost as if they dumped the container in the trays, taste on most items were very off putting. Little can be found to rave about and yes it was fresh food.

Tanya New

Worst experience ever. Food made us sick , the manager was extremely rude and they embarrassed us in front of everyone . I will never come back. Do not come here people this was aweful what I was put through

Mandy Chung

They're reasonably good and been dining here quite regularly....just been wondering all these months: why is, what other restaurants called it crab or cheese rangoon , are called 'lagoon' here..??Always a source of amusement for our party!?

Going Keep

Quite a lot choices and taste is close to Chinese flavor. Value for the money

Donna Bender

We stopped in for lunch, my favorite meal pork noodles with egg & onions, my sister had shrimp and chow mein we always have great food and great service I will always leave a nice tip to thanks the servers for working, hugs D

Terry Clampitt

I ordered a carry-out order on the phone. when I get to the restaurant I found out they had given my order to somebody else. I waited for them to fix the order up again. when I go and pick it up they didn't even have the order right so they supposedly fixed my order of the fried rice which I ended up having to pay for again. I got home and it's not even fried rice it is steamed white rice with a handful of ingredients thrown in and they tried to pass it off to me as fried rice. I am suggesting to anybody that reads this not to eat at this restaurant. And I will continue to post this review over and over again so that more people see it

Married Wonderland

We had heard some good things but was skeptical as we approached. Staff was super friendly and helpful. Food is so delicious and authentic. We were very happy with all that we tried. The best was the Crab Lagoon and you can’t eat just one. We can’t wait to come back again.

Kai Cole

I went there with my bfs family around like 7:40ish, we were all pretty disappointed with the food. All the food were dry and clearly old. They brought out fresh chowmein and 2 egg rolls. The egg rolls weren’t even that warm. Serving hours old food shouldn’t be accepted.

B. H.

Honestly just pathetic. Half the food trays at the buffet were empty. The stuff that was there was old. Looked like from yesterday. I will never come here again.They gave me a long spoon for ice cream dishes as a eating spoon. Food was mostly battered and super greasy.Just seemed like they dont want you to get the buffet and want you to just pay full price for one item. Well folks panda is way better quality.They give you extra discount for paying cash. Feels sketchy like they aren't reporting it on their taxes or employees stealing from boss.I am just in awe as like why people come here and support this place. It was super slow on a friday night guess that is your sign. People were complaining. Facility is poorly managed.

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