El Tenampa

7802 W Spectrum St, Boise
(208) 375-8044

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Rick Herrera

I was visiting on business with other coworkers and saw reviews for this restaurant. I am so glad we tried it. The service was excellent! Friendly staff and very attentive. The food and drinks was excellent and portions were more than enough. If you are in the area and craving Mexican food try this place. I highly recommend!

Daniel Contreras Moreno

The Michelada was pretty good and my wife was in love with the cantarito it's amazing.The camarones malvern was awesome , I ask for very spicy ones and they exceed my expectations....Of course I come back next time that I'm be in Boise

Scott W

Wife and are from out of town. 2nd time to eat here and each time it was fantastic! Street tacos, carne asada, and carne fajitas were delicious! Service is the best, especially from Lio...one of the best servers!

Pedro Madriz Bautista

Ordered their Carne Asada and it was so good! Beautiful presentation and cooked to perfection! Shout out to Camilo, the chef. Also the waiter, Leo, is so energetic and fun, they all make a great atmosphere. Definitely recommend this place!

RJ Logan

A bit overpriced. The place on Federal Way does better and is more affordable.Hopefully the new cook learns how to cook. Timing was off; I received my meal 15 minutes before the rest of my party.My food and plate came out at room temperature and I had to cut my enchilada tortillas with a knife.The room smelled of a leaky toilet.Our server and host were pleasant and attentive. The food tasted good so I think the food prep was done well, I would return if I could get a hot meal.

Tiffani Sutton

Great experience! Our waiter was amazing and so attentive. He had a great personality. He made a great strawberry margarita. The food was excellent. My kids didn’t even complain at all.

Pedro Madriz

I requested a meal not in their menu and they delivered! Not only were they willing to make my custom plate, they followed instructions on it and it turned out super tasty! Also their customer service is awesome, they're fun, energetic and always ready to serve.

Brian Payne

My wife and I dined to relax. The live musician played well! Knew a balance a singing and calm instrumental music for several minutes to allow ambiance and conversation. The server was enthusiastic, did his job well. Very friendly. Very likeable. Food was good and flavorful. Wife has a gluten intolerance. I asked if the tortillas were corn like she asked. "Oh yes. It's white corn!" After the first little tortilla, "it's flour tortillas". We asked for the corn tortillas. He brought them out right away, taking the others away immediately. He got a 25% tip because he's awesome ?!

Alex Lo

Great variety of choices, friendly staff. House made picante salsa is great!

Shane Gibson

Have to say that I have lived here for two years and I have never set foot in a so-called Mexican restaurant. I've enjoyed street tacos from a taco truck and being originally from a state where you could find one of those on every corner it's a lot to live up to. But even in my home state the Mexican food restaurants are great. Can't say the same for this place. The food was not impressive at all. However that wasn't the worst of it. The worst of it was when me and my girlfriend had to leave before everybody else and we asked for our check and we're presented with the check for the whole party. I said I wanted it split. And we were told that after six people they normally split the check. What a ridiculous policy! If that even is the policy or if it was just the waiter being lazy


I was excited about this restaurant, I got there and the Drinks were good. Then time to order, I ask if they have tacos nothing else just tacos. The water says we have an order of 3 tacos with rice and beans. I told her I just want more tacos, she says we don't sell tacos individual tacos. What Mexican restaurant does not have individual tacos? My 5 year old always eats 1 or 2 tacos no rice or beans. The picture shows the kind of tacos they served, it appears that I have ordered at taco bell. ? hard shell tacos wth!!!!

Merrick Macomber

We had a great time celebrating a 38th birthday. I’m just sad I haven’t been to this amazing establishment sooner. What a fun experience too, if your seeking a lively & positive vibe this place was perfect, our waiter Antonio was the best! Will be my go to Mexican restaurant from now on. Trumps all other others in town. El Tenampa; Making Mexican food in Idaho Great Again! ??

Sherry W.

First time visiting. Last time as well. Very nice people and restaurant was clean but the food was just ok. Some of it was even bland. Mexican food should never be bland. The music was so loud it was almost unbearable. We were there on a Saturday and we ordered off the lunch menu. Our server took our orders while we pointed to the items on the lunch menu. After ordering they said "we don't have a lunch menu today but we can still get you those things". What we didn't know was that it took my lunch from $9.99 to $15.98 and my lunch partners cost from $9.98 to $23.99. No mention of that. He ordered the carne asada. There were 4 very thin slices of meat, two of which had no seasoning and very bland. For that kind of price he should have had a decent steak.

Opal C

Super low key restaurant with an "at home" feel. Clean restaurant and seasonal decor was great. Amazing and attentive wait staff. I highly recommend the asada there, it's very tender.Also, if you want a COLD glass of beer after a long day at work... Run to El Tenampa!!! ?❄️

Candace Bishop

The food and service were fantastic! We were seated and attended to promptly, our meals cooked to perfection, and checked on often for drink refills. Everyone was friendly and smiling and the music was amazing! An awesome friendly and family dining experience! Andrade, our waiter, was awesome! A huge shout out to the owners for doing such an awesome job!

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