La Créme Frozen Yogurt

8184 W Overland Rd, Boise
(208) 376-6464

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devyn guerrero

The long haired girl was working and had five of her friends sitting in the corner booth and they were VERY loud and scared all the customers out of the lobby and ignored the customers that were picking their yogurt. As well as eating from the topping bar? Seems like maybe a manager should talk to her

Joshua Luke

Good option for frozen yogurt. There wasn’t really anything substantially different about this place from most chains I’ve been to, but they had a few flavors which were especially delicious. Plenty of toppings! The prices were fair and a better deal than most froyo.The place was clean and staff were really nice! There’s plenty of seating as well.

Amanda Freeland

Its a no brainer ?? this place is amazing. All the flavor options and toppings, yes yes yes. It is always clean and neat inside. The perfect summer stop! Cheers.

Bob Jackson

We have been coming to the Overland location for years. Even during Covid our experience was great. Tonight we came in find 4 teenagers chatting it up in the corner tables. No welcome greeting. Actually no one was behind the counter. We got our yogurt, went to the toppings: several items were out, it was messy, and didn't look appetizing. We got to the cash register and finally one of the teens, a boy, came and checked us out. He was pleasant. Then we noticed that the other couple had to tell the boy that one of the yogurt stations was out. He went to refill it. When done, he went right back to his friends who had their feet on the table. One of the girls, I assume was an employee, went behind the counter to fill 2 cups to put in freezer. Then she proceeded to eat product from the toppings. The place was dirty. The yogurt was very good.

RobbyD RidesEmtb

My wife loves this place, me not so much. Be aware that weight ($) adds up quickly when adding toppings. Personally, I'm not into froyo that claims to be healthy. The only healthy confirmation I can confirm is the price of filling these cups full of unhealthy condiments.


Super duper yummy! So many delicious flavors and toppings and friendly service. Thank u and may God continue to bless and keep you!

Toni T.Briggs

My husband is oddly obsessed with frozen yogurt and we frequent many frozen yogurt places often but come back to this La Créme location often. It's our family's favorite.Their yogurt machines are clean and always functional. It's annoying when half the yogurt machines are out of service but I've never had that issue here.The best part is their toppings bar. It's always stocked and has SO MANY options. The options are endless and by far my favorite part.Oh! And their bathroom is really CLEAN! This is a huge plus!

Michelle Neifert

Kelly is always friendly, helpful, takes great care and provides great customer service. The store is always clean, toppings full and in order, and great yogurt flavors. And Kelly makes it so much better.


Fun to pick out+dispense soft serve combinations as you like if approx 14 flavors available daily, new flavors introduced regularly. Tons of fresh and fully stocked toppings and syrups. Choose your favorite bright-colored spoon, napkins and to go lids organized and easy to find. Pay by weight, easy to go overboard but it’s worth it for the good quality and fun experience

Soldier O3648 (XBFLDX)

Socially pleasant atmosphere with nice small talk. Great explanation of how things work. Pay by the weight of your food. $2.70 for 5 oz.

Holly Young

My son’s new favorite frozen yogurt place! Clean, very friendly service & lots of yogurt/topping choices! We’ll be back for sure!

Jessica N.

We love La Creme! Both the customer service and frozen yogurt are high quality. The space is clean and ingredients are fresh. I enjoy coming here with my children often.

Aubree A.

Best frozen yogurt place in town! They have the best flavors, all the toppings you could dream of. It's super clean and we love the staff! Won't go anywhere else

Ian L.

Absolutely delicious! Made our whole team happy in the middle of a busy afternoon. I had the dolce de leche, and would get it again

Heidi Gibby

They've got great flavors and a lot of toppings for anyone's frozen yogurt preference. They've got a cheerful, colorful area to eat in, and they have kid-friendly shows playing on their tv.

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