Legendary Pizza

10374 W Overland Rd, Boise
(208) 987-7437

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Tom Peterson

Was at first disappointed they only do take and bake, however hands down they have the best pizza I have had in the valley. And with the ~15 minute bake time it is as fast if not faster than typical delivery pizza. The dough is the perfect thickness and has the best springy yet crisp texture. Really can't reccomend this place enough

Coach Bill

I would not have known about them had it not been for an individual posted a One Star review on Google and I am glad he did for only one reason - I would not have know about this establishment. So to that person you helped me visit, Order and try the product and WOW!!! I did not know that they were build and you cook pizza's and I was not sure if they could pull it off and I had issues with the other make and carry business. They business new as it is delivered an outstanding display of ingredients and sureness that I would not be disappointed and My Pizza was outstanding in every way and 100% recommend them.

Tammy Jamison

Pizza was yummy! I had all meat pizza, xl pepperoni pizza, cheese sticks, cinnamon sticks, pumpkin cinnamon sticks and cookie dough. Definitely my new go to place for pizza. Owner is super friendly and genuine. You have to try their pizza. You won't be disappointed?

Katherine Katayama

I finally got over to try this new take and bake pizza place and it did not disappoint! First off the crust is super yummy - crispy on the bottom but soft and tasty. It almost has a sweetness to it. I like that you can actually taste the toppings because the sauce is not too salty like most places.I will have to try their red sauce next time. Very yummy! I would highly recommend!!

Travis K

Easy to order with friendly staff with a fun movie themed atmosphere when I went to pick up my pizzas. The pizzas were large and filling. They put plenty of toppings on, and the crust was delicous. We will be going back for more.

Lisa Atkins

It's not like we don't LOVE every pizza we've gotten there, but this last pizza was absolutely fantastic! Better than ever!! Thanks, guys!!

Nic Gibson

This is the best take and bake pizza place! By far better than the other chain. 9.99 large pizza on Tuesday! The names of the pizzas are fun. They are not shy with the toppings. The crust has seasonings in it that make it wonderful to eat. I included pictures of the stuffed crust pizza we got. This is my new go to pizza place!

Micael Marie Monroe

Pizza was delicious and all the ingredients are super fresh and high quality: A little pricey but this is a small local business (not some huge chain) and the quality is much better. Will definitely be back. The location is a bit hidden (we actually found it by accident) so I hope they can stay afloat and get enough customers to try this yummy pie.


I had high hopes, Unfortunately this pizza is very expensive and not that good .

Adam Ruiz

Found the new take & bake legends! Much better than the guys across the street. Better quality ingredients that you can actually taste. Plus why not support local! A+ guys

Christine Miller

Well this was our first experience here. Ordered two large pizzas. About $45 but if quality good then whatever…but we did not get what we ordered. SUPER disappointed as we are celebrating Father’s Day early and my Husbands request is now not what he was hoping for. We were charged for jalapeños yet there are NONE on the pizza. Also asked for one traditional crust and one thin. Looks like we got thin on both. He hates thin. Ugh. I’m pregnant and too tired to drive back and ask for a remake. ?

Amber Kollasch

No more basic dough! Signature seasonings are on point! Dough made fresh daily! Gluten free dough made fresh! Marinara made from scratch! Quality meats and produce! Pizza is truly Legen…wait for it Dary!!!! Also a few notes: We only recommend cooking one pizza at a time so that heat is evenly distributed otherwise it will cause bubbles, We also want to make sure that our new guests are well informed: we offer a traditional crust, thin crust, stuffed crust as well as gluten friendly. However, our traditional and our thin crust are only 2 ounces in weight difference therefore all of our pizzas are a little on the thinner side Like traditional New York pizzas ❤️

Benjamin Cock

I am a fan. Had a thin crust, which isnt cracker like or flimsy and a regular crust. Which is about twice the thickness, but still not a thick crust. They cover the pizza almost to the edge, not like some places where you have a breadstick left over. The sauce is flavorful and the seasonings excellent. I am going back to try them all.

Totally Gr8 Peanut Butter

OMG so friggin’ delicious! My oldest son and I don’t like take-and-bake pizza. He ate half of a large stuffed crust pizza and I had 3 slices. It’s a little pricier than chain pizza stores (reasonable, though), but not ridiculously greasy and tastes way better! The owners were super nice and accommodated my food allergy, too. Totally going back! ?

Keith Franks

First off the value of this product outweighs the cost, which is more than fair. I have 5 kids and have tried many different pizzas recently a 2 of the stuffed crust Legendary's amd just like always they were pefect and very easy to bake comes with the oven tray cant beat it and my kids devoured the cookies from their dough ? ? well till next time thanks Amber And Nel your service is excellent !!!.

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