Little Caesars Pizza

8220 N Cornerstone Dr, Hayden
(208) 719-9028

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Ivory Chase

Got here at 6:10pm waited till 6:35pm before anyone even come up front to take my order. I understand being busy and short staffed but that's just not great customer service. Watched several other customers walk out due to lack of service up front. Proceed to wait till 6:50 for 2 pizzas and crazy bread. Just saying it's a little ridiculous.

Julie Thompson

Worst experience ever. I order and was told my wait time would be 5 to 10 minutes. I waited for 35. A lady that came in 10 min after me went up to check on her order and found out that they didn’t even make hers. There was no “I’m sorry” or anything.

B. Hernandez

Nice pizzas owners. En Noviembre de 2019 me husband, me and tree childrens was coming thru on ours way to get to oregon for work for me husband. We no have any money and van have lots de problemas, 2 flats tires and battery be no good. We spend all of mine money in fix van and gas. We no have much money for food and me children was crying and be hungry. We stop at walmart in Hayden idaho to sleep en van. Almosts 9:30 in night a man nocks on van window to gave us 2 pizzas and breadstiks. He say he and he wife Noel own Little Caesar pizza behind walmart. I no sure to eat pizza but he be very nice and have Jesus in he eyes. Me always remembers noel name be cause it be christmas and pizza for me family be good gift. Me most old daughter Isabella say she see man shine like angle. We eat pizza and pizza be very good, no get sick and no die :) Me familia no be of the country, yous be very kind man to me familia. When we remembers we prays to Jesus to bless pizzas man, noel and yours familia. Me familia be doing very good and me husband have very good jobs. Thank yous for pizza and breadstiks.

Leah Passwater

Crazy bread was burnt and all broken up... pizza was cold and not what I ordered. Disappointed with this location for a second time.

Josef Gilliland

Even when close to closing time they were more than happy to take and make our order that evening. Very friendly staff when we came through.

Chelsey C.

Love the pizza, not the service. Drive thru said open but no one came to the window... after about 5 min, parked and went in... I had placed an order online and it said it'd be ready in about 35 min... when I went in to pick up, my order was non existent and I had to wait even longer! There were 4 guys working (all seemed to be between the ages of 16 & 20)and it didn't seem like there was any sense of direction or communication going on between them.

Courtney Pellow

Was better before it was sold. Now it is full of teenage kids... some times it is good other times it is bad. Some times the bread is cooked... sometimes the pizza is cut.... depends on the day.

J Pow

Menu board not working, child running the place had no idea what they sold besides pizza. Cheap pizza otherwise I'm sure it would be out of biz. I would go to the one by costco and save your sanity

Robert Scully

We did an online order and arrived ten minutes after the time it said it would be ready. Front doors of the store were locked, it was drive-thru only. Went through the drive through and was told our order had not started and to wait in the parking lot. We waited in the parking lot for 20 minutes, still no pizza. Went through the drive thru a second time and was told they didn’t have crazy bread. They handed us pizza boxes and the brownie we ordered. The pizzas are not what we ordered, they’re just random pizzas. We didn’t get the crazy bread we paid for, or a refund. This store shouldn’t be open if this is how they operate. We will not return.

Rob Scully

Slow service, order was wrong. Charged for food we didn’t receive.

Jennifer Guglielmo

Disappointed in my recent service and quality of pizza. Prices have gone up, kids running the place now = low quality and poor service.

Debbe Pollard

Great customer service. Employees were upbeat, polite, and seem happy to be there. Best pizza service in area. Reflection of good management.

The Irish Blacksmith

Best deals in town, great pizza!Have a pop in and see!

cynthia hanson

The placeis very clean and the prone that work there are very kind and nice

John Johnson sr

I received a half cook pizza after waiting30 minutes to get it and it wasn't even sliced through all The wayBack to Papa John's

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