Manhattan Cafe

140 E Jackson St, Mountain Home
(208) 366-1027

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Kenna Ryan

Not what we're used to from Manhattan. This is our go-to breakfast spot, but the last four visits have been rough. We chalked it up to bumps after a change in cooking staff but the bumps haven't smoothed out. You can watch the cooking staff struggle, with the cook stomping around the kitchen performing all tasks while his commis chef stands there looking walked-over and overwhelmed. You can literally taste the chaos.Everything for several visits has been *greasy*, and not 'mamaw's cooking' greasy. Potatoes especially were saturated with oil and flavorless, cooked too long and too cold. My skillet tasted like poorly-cooked individual components and none of it meshed. It was all bland, soggy, and under-seasoned. On the previous visit, it was an undercooked/overcooked situation with both our dishes; even the toast was a crouton. The kitchen churns out plates during a rush but the quality suffers.This is a heart-breaking review to write. Mountain Home is limited for dine-out options, and especially for consistently good dining options. For the last six years, Manhattan was consistently good. It was a reliable family day out or breakfast date. We've hung in there for the last few months, but the rude response to our concerns on our last visit was a sign that, for now, we should look elsewhere when dining out.

j griffin

You are greeted as soon as you open the door. The waitresses are awesome! The food is great. It is a good value for the money. They always make you feel welcome! My favorite breakfast place!Food: 5/5


The cook is clearly an amateur. The food was undercooked and abnormal. The vegetables in my omelette were julienned instead of diced. There were chunks of ham as large as a shooter marble and some as small as a tic tac. The dishes had smudges and fuzz or short hair. It was slow when I ordered. It was 7F outside, and about the same temp inside for some reason. I won’t be returning anytime time soon just based on the food quality.

Melissa Ellison

Fantastic service, yummy food & love the atmosphere. Great folks, really nice.Food: 4/5

Eric Garcia

The ratings not for the food. The food and establishment is wonderful. With as many customers as there are a possibility of customer service improvement could be applied. The wait for our dish in my opinion is longer than Normal since this restaurant is breakfast based and not fine cuisine in which I would expect the wait to be longer due to the elegance and placement of the food be like a Picasso painting.

Melissa Grant

DO NOT TOUCH KIDS THAT YOU DON'T KNOW. I think it is ridiculous that my server literally took my child's shoe off because she though it was so cute she had to show another sever that had the same pair. Then the server who has the same shoes as my daughter pulled her highchair away from the table to talk to my 2 year old about her shoes. All without asking me. This is beyond unacceptable and very unprofessional. I understand that it is supposed to be a family friendly small town diner, but there is a line and that line was crossed today.

Sally Lujan

Small but good food. Was really busy so it takes awhile to get served, but worth the wait.Food: 5/5

Joe Romero

I stopped here on a whim while on a road trip for breakfast, turned out to be a phenomenal decision. The café still has its historic charm, excellent service, and great value. Next time I’m in the area I’ll be back.

Eric S.

Ok, super busy place in the mornings and seating isn't great. The tables are uneven and seating is outdated. The food is very traditional diner food but the quality was amazing. The service was outstanding and all of the waitresses were amazing and were doing the best they can with dilapidated building they are in.

Glendalee Crosby

Friendly service, great food, clean facility. First time visit as we were traveling thru town. I will definitely come back.

Andrea L Moseley

Love this place! Great service and good food and decent prices. The only reason it's not 5 star is because you have to park across the street and you never know if it will be too busy to get a table.Vegetarian options: You can get a vegetable omelet or toast or muffin.

Mable Peton

An off day for the Manhattan Cafe. Food was ok. Took over 35 minutes to get it. Could not get silverware for a bit. Never did get a refill on the coffee. Disappointed to say the least. Use to be the best place for breakfast. Everything comes to an end, and Manattan Cafe is on it's way out!

Chief K.

Good food, good prices. Had the 1/2 order of the Manhattan Omelet. Filled with a lot of meat and cheese. It was a little greasy but overall tasty. Others in my group had the Turkey sandwich (looked really good) and the crispy chicken (looked like a generic frozen breaded patty). Service was good, the place was packed. Support local!

Karen Eggemeyer

Best place to have breakfast. Traveling through from Portland to Texas week of August 12-16. Picked off google. UNBELIEVABLE LUCKY CHOICE. Nice friendly place with great wait staff--Vista & lovely blonde lady Danitra or Kira? Loved bantering with locals. The food was awesome and more than we needed. Hash browns live up to the Idaho standards! Going back if I have to go out of my way to get there!

Liz Eide

Food is great but phones are off on the weekend. I get it’s busy on the weekend but they should advertise that they turn their phones off so people don’t keep trying to call. Or at least have a voicemail that says no phone orders on the weekend.

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