2840 American Legion Blvd, Mountain Home
(208) 587-8650

Recent Reviews

Cali Grl

Only went thru the drive thru but workers were friendly and got out of there in a timely mannerFood: 5/5

Rick Reed

I'd love to go inside, and I think plans are being set for that to happen. Everything was almost perfect except for the hash browns, they were cold in the middle. Next time!!!Food: 4/5

Chuck Byers

McDonald's is your kind of place great service always thank youFood: 5/5

Rikki Hausman

Its a mcdonald's with average customer service. They have never gotten my order wrong or forgotten anything in the last 3 months of visiting.Food: 4/5

brooke k

I wish they would make their fries like they used tooFood: 2/5

Merrell Heaton

Bruce is great there. He is really helpful and wants to take care of his customers. Great job Bruce.

Penny McQuaid

I ordered a filet of fish meal with extra tartar sauce. It was pretty good. Not star quality but then it is McDonald's.

Elizabeth Ables

Busy location, with friendly fast service. Nothing to write home about. Dining area was clean.

Roxanne Gomez

Order a McChicken, usually love them. But maybe the mayo was bad, I had a stomach ache for two days.


Food is hot and fresh. Workers are super friendly.

Lisa Berkenmeier

We stopped to grab a quick meal on our way home from camping. I ordered a deluxe crispy chicken sandwich and my husband go a quarter pounder with cheese. Both had a weird taste. Mine was particularly nasty. It was the lettuce and tomato which were obviously bad. I tried to call the franchise to tell them they may have bad lettuce but a fax machine answered. Next call was a busy signal. So needless to say, food was disgusting. $12 down the drain.


The best McDonalds food I have had in a long time.

Abbey C.

The four stars is because this is the first McDonald's in three years to actually give me real honey when I ask for it.. The lack of five stars is because they didn't give us the smoothie we paid for but it's ok cus we went back.

Staci M.

Gave me half of a wrong order. Forgot my kids drink. All of my food was semi cold. The fries tasted old. Overall it was not a good experience.

Chris Carpenter

Very disorganized. They were getting multiple people's orders wrong and were absurdly slow to correct them.

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