Savory Layne Steakhouse

1130 US-20, Mountain Home
(208) 587-2264

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The Eclectic Spot

First time in and had the crispy chicken wrap which I thought was pretty good. Ordered the upgraded onion rings for the side which I didnt think were that great for the extra cost. Would not pay the extra price for them again. Service was pretty solid.

Ashley Shaw

Horrible service and management experience. My husband and I ordered food to go and we picked it up. We didn't use Doordash we personally called ourselves and places the order. My husband picked up the food and we we got it home the order was completely wrong. We called and they offered to replace the order or issue us a FULL refund. OK. Cool right. We'll the next day instead of picking up the refund because we paid with cash we called and asked if they could just replace the meal. The "manager Ashley" said absolutely. Unfortunately we are busy right now and I cannot take your order over the phone can you come in b we are not doing togo orders right now but because we messed up we will make an exception. Then 10 minutes later Ashley the manager called and said they they are Not going to be replacing the meals, And instead of a full refund they were only going to give us $5.00 Would I ask if I could speak with Mr. Layne, Ashley said, "He doesn't come in often he doesn't have really anything To do with the restaurant That she is the one in charge he is just in the background, you know just the name of the company."What a joke. Don't even waste your time. This place is a joke and so is the management.

Tony Anthony

So we moved to Mountain Home in (2016) and quickly realized that any and all the restaurants here were pretty bad (AJ’s) was one of three that was good! But we have eaten at Savory Lane (3) times now and it been wonderful the food has been great and Courtney are waitress has been worth asking for, each time we go in. But the rest of the staff has been great also. Thanks GuysParking: Great, lots of parking front and back

Austin Young

A bit of a mixed review. The food was absolutely amazing! The brisket and the mac and cheese are some of the best I've ever had. The old fashioned, not so much. With a licensed bar, you should know how to make the basic traditional cocktails, but here they didn't. Still, not a deal breaker. The food was great and the service was friendly. Highly recommended, just stick with beer from the bar.

Starla Pineda

Party of 12 celebrating my parents 64th anniversary. Some had breakfast while most had lunch. Chicken fried steak, sampler platter, Moab burrito, brisket, protein breakfast, chicken fettuccine Alfredo plus kids chicken strips. All was excellent. Love the menu options. Not our first trip there but first review. Keep up the good work!!

Kayla LeeAnn

I rarely leave reviews but this one feels necessary. My family and I went in for dinner for the first time and ordered the brisket bowls. The flavor was great but it was cold. All of the food on the plate tasted and felt as though it was leftovers that were microwaved for a few seconds. I can tell the food would be great if it was fresh. Too bad.Server was less than friendly. It seemed like all the other servers were friendly and outgoing but we seemed to get the one server that seemed put out by our presence. Overall just a really disappointing experience.

Deedee Cagle

we went for breakfast . we have always had great service. but Sunday Nov 6th was so bad. yes busy but not that bad for all the workers that were there.Got water right away. order was put in right away. went down hill after that waitress was all over the place. asked for water and coffee refill she forgot 3 times. Got breakfast. Gravy very soupy and cold. Infact whole meal was cold.My omelet has potatoes Ham sausage bacon in it. there was maybe 4 little bites of ham and maybe the same for bacon. No sausage I asked for extra cheese instead. well that I got a potatoes and cheese omelet with a side of potatoes with soupy sausage gravy.Toast was excellent. toasted perfect..When we were getting ready to leave she brought over Bill and said no hurry.I asked for water and a to go box.15 minutes later another waitress came over and gave me water.still no box. So we have paid . She is cleaning table next to us, once again can I please have a to go box. oh ya sure no problem . 5 minutes later a box.No Thank you, was everything OK?No have a great day. We were so disappointed ?. We have really begun to like this place.Back to Manhattan for us. Sorry.Kid-friendliness: Every one is nice. they were just a little confused Sunday ?Parking: It's really to bad that the parking is not bigger. makes it hard sometimes.Wheelchair accessibility: yes there is great wheelchair ♿️ accessibility

Andrea L Moseley

I had a lengthy response but because it's a small town and we need more restaurants I decided not to post it for now. Maybe later. Short version - don't get a salad and don't expect quick service. Meat is pretty good. Sauce is delicious.Vegetarian options: Side of potatoes is about it. Maybe biscuits without gravy or garden omlette if you don't count eggs. Salads have meat. Soup has been meat when I've been there. Baked pitstoes when they have them.Parking: Pretty convenient but often pretty full

Melvin Martin

Really good food, great service and reasonable prices. I love that you can get breakfast all day here. Check em out its worth your time.Food: 5/5


I practically live on the road, for the last 20 years. top 5 breakfast here, folks. corned beef and eggs = staggeringly good. eggs cooked just right, corned beef from scratch , hash browns cooked just right. Packed the plate. Could only eat half. Just fantastic. Thank you.

Bill Gamber

Ordered a patty melt with extra onions for pick up and it was made to perfection especially for a onion loverFood: 5/5

jason hare

Such a great experience! The server (Kaylene) was fantastic! She didn't even write down our drink orders (party of 5) but she got every one of them correct. She made the meal a very good experience. The food was hot and fantastic. Fabulous all around. Highly recommend!

Heather Brockman

Got brave took my neices and nephews to the farmers market today they wanted meat sandwiches they loved it thank you the food truck was awesome according to these littles ,....

Paris Heart

Been a frequent guest here since it changed owner. I love the new menu! Trying to order new things every time to taste it all. But keep on ordering the same things because it is so good. Have decided that on of my fav is the Savory Layne Burger. If you have not had it you're missing out. It's a masterpiece of a burger.

Chuck Ridley

My wife and I just finished (too much food to actually finish) an excellent dinner at Savory Layne Steakhouse (formerly AJ's Restaurant). I was not that impressed during our previous two visits. (They were still transitioning from AJ's), but this evening's visit was outstanding. The food and service were both stellar. My wife had their Chicken Fried Steak, with mashed potatoes and gravy. She normally eats like a bird, but was so impressed by the REAL mashed potatoes, perfectly portioned and cooked steak, and tasty gravy, that she nearly finished it all. I was also impressed with my choice. I wanted to try all of their smoked meats, so I ordered their Sample Platter with a side of Dirty Mac. (Mac N' Cheese topped with brisket and Texas BBQ sauce...... Wow that's good!) Anyway, the sample platter, though a little spendy, was well worth the price. It had generous portions of their meats, and three different BBQ sauces. There was so much food on the platter, I probably only ate a third of it. (Yay, more for me later). Overall great dinner. Telling all my friends. Thanks so much. Looking forward to our next visit.

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