Shiok! Ridiculously Delicious

13654 SW Venable St, Mountain Home
(208) 832-9888

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Jason Haynes

I ate here Christmas Eve for my birthday meal with my mom. Wonderful experience! Great customer service from Diedre! Food was absolutely delicious and the service was perfect! Would give more stars if I could!

Kathryn Waddel

In my 65 years of existance, I've eaten a lot of Asian food, here in mainland U.S., Hawaii and in Asia.Turns out the best is right here, in Mountain Home, Idaho!!! Shiok! offers a wide assortment of the best Singapore has to offer, which will make your taste buds dance with joy.I had the chicken Mu Shu and the wonton soup. Absolutely delicious. Fresh ingredients, cooked to perfection.Portions were big so we took the rest home. Service was excellent.There are special entrees for those who have dietary restrictions- vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan.Take the family!Be sure to meet Major Robin Tan, owner and operator, and see all the memorabilia from his days flying fighter jets as a WSO out of MHAFB. He is a gracious host.This place is a gem in the Gem State!!Parking: Lots of spots.Dietary restrictions: Lots of options!

Ron T

Fantastic asian food at a great price! This place is out in the middle of almost no where and the building looks rather non=discript but do not let that fool you! All of the foods we tried were excellent! The hot and sour soup was loaded as was the wonton soup. The rangoon and spring rolls were fresh and hot. Simply amazing!

Joshua Beckett

One of the best restaurants I've ever been to. I'm thankful it just so happens to be in the town I live in. ?

Josh Brewer

Food was pricey which is fine for an Asian restaurant. However, the general tso was terrible. I honestly would've believed you had you said I was eating a fried donut from a Chinese buffet rather than chicken. Rated 2 stars despite this because the service was very friendly and quick

Dawn S.

First time here and we are blown away by the food. This hands down has to be one of the best places to eat here! Will definitely be back. The service is also amazing and the gal who helped us was incredible and so kind.

John H.

Like, excuse me? Seriously, what black magic do they put in this food? Like seriously, what culinary devil did they sell thier souls too to be able to pull off such magical food for such an unbelievable price.. The prefect blend of spice and sweet,this food is what I'd ask for of I had a last meal request. The General Tso chicken is beyond prefect. (Is that possible?) Everyone at my table tried my chicken and loved it. I mean, what's not to love in this culinary masterpiece. My wife got lo mien and absolutely 100% loved it. Our friend got the Sizzling Beef with Black Pepper sauce and the whole restaurant went quite when they brought it out, it was sizzling, loudly. Shiok! is an excellent place to drive to to enjoy wonderful Asian delight. Btw, the Airforce Base is right near by. If you are a fan of the incredible fighter, F-15 Eagle, this has a cute little tribute to the aircraft. Stop by, the woman who runs it is awesome and the food is worth it! *btw, weird thing to praise, but the sink in the bathroom, AWESOME! Like a water fall...*

Robert Wright

Good food and service. Very flavorful and served piping hot. Server was nice and attentive even though they were pretty busy.Vegetarian options: Stir fry lots of veggies.Parking: Open dirt lot with plenty of room.

Aidan Hatfield

The fried rice was UNSEASONED! Do not order anything from the fried rice menu. The boba tea was decent but the silverware was dirty and I ordered the FR1 that said "fresh crab meat" and I didn't even get any crab meat. Just salty chicken, unseasoned rice and beans sprouts. It tasted like it was recycled!


Spent $55 on two appetizers,two main courses and two drinks. The pot stickers were overcooked and leathery.The Rice dishes were bland no seasoning and tasteless. The tea was made wrong as all the poppers were stuck together and was warm. I was very disappointed I felt like I was ripped off. They used to be so much better.

Tana Dinnius

Came out this afternoon and was amazed. High quality food, simply delicious!! I had a chicken curry hotpot and my boyfriend had the Kung pow scallops. I couldn't decide who's food was better as they were both amazing!! We will definitely be back for sure!!

WCdubc WCdubc

Most underrated restaurant in Mountain Home. Would have cost me over $100 to get anything close to this in LA. I will recommend Shiok to anyone who will listen. Authentically Delicious! 5 stars ah fo sho.!!!

123heck H.

I tried this place not to long ago, it was really good the wife loved it. Everyone that lives on base should at least try it once and the staff were really friendly.

The Sandboms

We are currently still seated at our table after a two hour wait- we had a 6pm reservation for Mother's Day. Restaurant just closed..Our appetizer arrived 5 minutes ago. We asked at 7:15 when our food would be out and did not see our server again for 20 minutes- she didn't come back with an answer.Our food arrived incorrectly made with a dish missing and everything is strangely sweet.We watched numerous take out orders leave as we waited and were told there is only one chef. We were not offered any compensation for the wait or the mismade dishes and have now incurred two extra hours of babysitting fees. We'll been enjoying our Mother's Day dinner from a to-go box when we get home.We've been Shiok regulars for four years and are so disappointed by every aspect of this visit. This will not be our date night go to in the future.**Our hostess was wonderful and clearly doing her best. She was the only positive part of our experience.

Tammy Lee

We went to dinner on Easter Sunday evening. I felt so bad for the 2 waitresses bc just after we walked 12 more people came in. It took and hour and a half to get the food, that was Very Good. They were totally unprepared for the dinner service. I will return bc the food was Excellent. Better luck next time.

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