515 Airbase Rd, Mountain Home
(208) 587-8387

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Barbara Webb

Our sandwiches were great. Amazing service!Food: 5/5


I can't thanj the kids that work here enough they are so respectful and so sweet and care so much you can tell they're raised from our Good Old Town with good old values

Landen Jackson

Very disappointing! Every time I go here when I get my sandwich there basically nothing on my sandwich. Taste like I'm eating dry bread! I always go through the drive thru I guess need to stop going here or go inside to make sure I get a real sandwich!!!!Food: 1/5

Rex Burch

I know it is fast food, but slow down a little and focus on the quality and customer.Food: 5/5

Jaiice ..

Man i use to work at subway and never did i once close half an hour fkn early. shit service fr, stay open and work your shift like you're supposed to, its literally that simple. just cause its slow doesnt mean you close half an hour early. it even says open till 9pm how you gonna close at 8:26??

Veronica Acosta

Can't beat a ..."delicious cold cut combo"(-Happy Gilmore) once again, when my mothering skills are sub par and I've run out of steam to whip up a quasi-Legasse style meal (yeah right, like that ever happens, hahaha..and by that I do not mean that I never run out of steam...if you get my inference! ) I can always count on good old Subway to have my back. However, I'm just wondering when two sandwiches, small drinks and a bag o chips hit the near $30 price tag? Is it just me or has the world gone completely off their rockers? I mean honestly, enough with this inflation nonsense. Some of us do not have ever expanding wallets/incomes. Are we to be excluded from all possible dining out options?

WCdubc WCdubc

Very friendly staff. Clean Restaurant and Great Sandwiches

Jazzberry Gaming

Never had a problem at this store, and I've been coming here for years. The staff has a nice mix of experienced workers and newer ones. The managers are good at keeping everyone working efficiently. They all are super nice and make sure you get exactly what you order. Gotten some great recommendations there that have become some of my favorite sandwiches. Keep it up!

Christine Ziegler

Alot of good sandwiches

Dom Battle

This subway is usually decent, but today I went in for an online pickup order that wasn't even started when I got there 30 mins later. It was a little busy, granted, but that defeats the purpose of online ordering for pickup. To add insult to injury, I watched two walk-ins get served before they started my order...they can definitely do better especially when you prepay.

Stephen Hall

Do not use the drive through, they will consistently mess up your order. Ordering inside is always the best bet where you can see what is being made and making sure they give you all items i.e. cookies, chips or items on the sandwiches. Never had an issue inside.

Kandi D

First time at this location, ordered buffalo chicken not toasted, but I didn't expect it to be ice cold! Every other store I have gotten it at still heats the chicken.

Joan McBride

Subway is always great food.


Tasted as great as the last time...keep up the great work! The employees could be a little more "peppy-er"...just seemed like moral was wayyyyyy down.

Scott Garner

Great sandwich that we like to share.

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