4412 Garrity Blvd, Nampa
(208) 466-9096

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james peabody

Horrible always get stuff wrong staff too busy on their cell phones. Too busy catering to door dah grub hub and outside 3rd party orders to tend to their lobby just badFood: 1/5


Mcnuggets are the only thing I will ever get, and besides the fries, they are the only thing worth getting. On top of this, I do not recall ever receiving the entirety of my order here. Overall, could use workFood: 2/5

Joye Watson

Ordered 2 happy meals 1- 4 peice nuggets and 1 -6 piece nuggets got both happy meal boxes but only one had chicken nuggets, the 4 piece...very hungry and unhappy childFood: 3/5

Sean King

Asked for very light sauce, they said they could not make it were it had Lite sauce just scrape the excessive sauce off. Pure laziness. Horrible

Gina Masters

Have to put in order on kiosk then go to register to pay. Line was horrible inside. McDonald's needs to take lessons from Chick-fil-A on how to give fast, friendly service and the food at McDonalds (burgers) are unhealthy and just plain horrible. If you get fresh hot fries in your order (you are lucky) they are great but only when they are hot/fresh. The sweet tea is great but when someone asks for light ice then give them LIGHT ICE!

moose channel

Love the fries always ask no salt then they are hot and fresh..McDonald's wins the best fry competition hands down.

William Kimble

Very mixed up delivery between drive thru and curbside. Drive thru sent cars to spaces already occupied. Made it difficult for the employee bringing the meals. She did ask and we all got the correct orders.

Jennifer Mcginnis

The staff was courteous but the last two times we have been there things have been forgotten or just completely not even recognized like asking for no mac sauce on a Big Mac and still getting the sauce so I knew everyone has their rough days though. I guess that is my only complaint.

Elizabeth Bernardy

They were open after the Suicide Boys concert! Super friendly and happy to feed lines of people once the concert got out. Beyond appreciated for MANY I'm sure!!!

Nancy Gildersleeve

About a month ago the manager on staff allowed another customer into my fiancé’s car without our permission! They essentially broke into our vehicle while we were eating with our children in the play area. They have refused to contact us to go over video footage after promising to get back to us about the situation. Extremely unprofessional… we will be back with the police to obtain video footage and they will be lucky if we don’t press charges.

Conner C.

If I could rate 0 star at this McDonald's I would they were just taking care of the drive through and chatting in the back while I was part of a line that they ignored for 10 minutes. Then after that the entire building just went up in literal smoke and they were totally fine with it because apparently it happens sometimes as I over heard them talking about. And on top of it all when an old man asked about the smoke because he was having a hard time breathing one of the employees (I got a glance at his name which was James) yelled at the old man and said there's nothing we can do about it.

Nick V

Really disappointed. Ordered a large, got med fry... quarter pounder meat was not fully cooked, ordered a diet coke, got a dr pepper... tried to use the mobile app and they couldn't apply it to my order... not good... not good

Calvin Vinzant

Pulled up more than ten minutes until close and there were cones blocking off the drive through, sat there for a minute then some lady came out to ask “can I help you with something?” Well yeah you can I’m here during your business hours I want to place an order. And she replies “oh we only have two people inside so we closed 15 minutes early.” This is terrible customer service. Sorry but you signed up for McDonald’s hours. Maybe you should work McDonald’s hours.

terisu Norris

Got the order, asked for no onions came with onions and Mac sauce. Chicken sandwich had mac sauce and then my fries were cold and undercooked. were unhappy tried to call no answer.

Paul Dam

The person who took my money was a bit rude but, it could have been a rough day for her. The guy who gave me my food just seemed to be a jackass. It was only this last time I went there but, that is what lost the star.

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