Star Route Brewery

218 N Main St, Pocatello
(208) 252-1591

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Melanie Lynn Keyes

Good atmosphere. VERY CLEAN!! Even the bathrooms were super clean. The Caesar salad was pretty good, the pizza needs some work. Maybe some more herbs dashed on top. Loads of potential for this NY style pizza, because it’s almost there. Drippy greasy, lots of cheese, thin crust… just needs a little more sauce or dashes of Italian seasoning on top. Staff is nice. Great prices.

D Cole

The staff is incredibly nice, but the products are lacking in my opinion. I love Jim Dandy's and beer, so I thought Star Route would be awesome. It's the strangest beer I've ever had, everything has this weird sour note that shouldn't be there. We've been there probably 4 or 5 times since Villano's came in. Villano's has been a bust too. We saw the original owner's son Tristian there our first visit and I guess he's gone now. The dough now tastes frozen instead of homemade, and the menu items don't match how they used to be when Lisa was running it. It's a bummer. I also don't like taking my kids there, it just isn't the place for them. I really wanted to love it.

Shannon Alarcon

We just went for food, i understand it was under staffed but we were there for 2 hours and my husband couldn't even eat his food. It was burnt and the order was completely wrong. Probably won't go back. Headed to Taco Bell to fill his belly.

Lisa Reid

Went here for the first time to see a comedy show. I had a great time and the pizza was really good. Everyone was super friendly.Food: 4/5

Boise bizman

Hit Star Route in Pocatello on a recent business stop. Had the main room basically to myself late afternoon on a Friday. Enjoyed a flight and had a pint of the imperial IPA. Beer was fine, but needs dialed in. I feel like they all were a little astringent and husky (not bitter, but astringent). Huge space inside and out must allow for great parties during football season. Also, the bartender didn't know how to use the crowler machine so I couldn't take any beer home to my son-in-law. Easy to find street parking. There are also pizza options for food, but I wasn't feeling hungry.

Adam B.

This year we have tried a different brewery each time we are in Pocatello. My Wife and I were worried that the place would be packed at 6 on a Friday night but we were surprised when we walked in and there were only a handful of people. It is seat yourself and order at the bar kind of place. So we sat at the bar and was greeted immediately. We started with a flight of beers for each of us and put our food order in at the same time. The flights have 4 beers and so we were able to sample 8 beers which almost covered all of the beers on tap that night. All of the beers were really good! We finished our flights and ordered a pint. We chatted casually with some of the folks at the bar and caught some of a baseball game on one of several TVs throughout the bar. Finished up the first pint and ordered a second. Continued chatting and hanging out. About 3/4 of the way into the second pint we both started to realize that our food hadn't come out yet. It had been about 45 minutes since the order came in. A couple of minutes later the bartender asked if I wanted another beer. I asked her about our food order and she went to check. She came back and said it will be a couple of minutes more. About 15 minutes later our food arrived. We ordered the stromboli and we both liked it. It comes with a salad on the side. I ordered Italian dressing but got balsamic instead. When I ordered I was on the fence between the 2 so I just went with it. I wish I had asked to swap it out, the balsamic isn't a reduction or dressing it is just straight balsamic, and about middle of the road quality so definitely a little harsh and strong.Overall the beer and atmosphere were good. I don't know why our food order took over an hour when the place wasn't busy at all so I can't really rave about the service but the food was good.

Trevor Stadler

No one greets you here when you come in. You are supposed to order at the bar and seat yourself. Service is ok. The balsamic dressing is not a dressing with balsamic vinegar in it. It is straight Balsalmic vinegar. So if you like that, you'll be good. If not it is very strong. The pizza was good but not much sauce on it. It had minced garlic on it so that was good. The crust and pizza dough reminded me of pre-made/pressed dough. Definitely not hand tossed. Not what I remember from Villanos but the salad was definitely better. Feeds two people.

Garage Detailer

Loved the Hazy IPA and having food available is nice also. Owner is very friendly and offered great tips for our visit.

Lesley Hogan

We try to stop by each time we're in town! The add of Villanos is brilliant! Nice people, good beer, courtyard, music some evenings....little gem in Pocatello!

Mike Blomquist

Dog friendly, got a water bowl for our dog, great service


The Villanos pizza is not the same as before or when they were at the previous location. Villanos was the best pizza in town. The cheese, sauce, and bread is different, they tried adding the garlic to the crust but didn't work. I wouldn't say you're selling Villanos pizza if it isn't accurate. The pizza wasn't the best as well. The atmosphere is decent.

Stand up Guys!

Pretty good! I love Villanos and so glad they are back. They are having typical growing/start up pains but I think it'll be really cool quick!

Daniel S

Star Route has a great atmosphere. Enjoy some live music on the patio with a beer and Villanos pizza!

Brian kendrick

The Italian food was good. Service was great. Great venue to see artist. Not a fan of their beer.

Andrea Dunlap

Incredibly friendly spot with great beer and a secret pizza place in the back. Lots of seating both inside and out!

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