Mandarin Wok

403 1/2 E Green St, Champaign
(217) 384-5088

Recent Reviews

Xiao Lin

Mapo Tofu and Taiwan Mala Chicken is my favorite!

Brian Harvey

Super hot an sour soup. Best i ever hadFood: 5/5

Ciro Noronha

One of the few actual dim sum places in Champaign.

Jeffrey P.

Saw a bug in the bathroom, may not be the cleanest and the brightest place to eat, but food is authentic. Ive lived in Shanghai for 18 years and food is top notch. Would totally recommend to all my friends


Authentic Cantonese food with reasonable prices and generous portions. Will return.

Weifang Liu

Authentic Cantonese food with reasonable prices and generous portions. Will return.

Christina Kwiatt

very good dim sum, but don't bother going for the rest of the menu, it's all over priced and not worth it. the dim sum is awesome though

Michael M.

The orange chicken is very average. Even the broccoli and fried rice could have been better. The online lunch menu prices do not match what I was charged.

Draconian Bear

Just ordered some sliced beef and it was 95% inedible. The toughest beef I've ever had. Such a scam.

Hailey Kay

Ordered orange chx & chx low mein. Both tasted so fishy and slimey. Literally wasn’t even edible.

Vang Yang

Great food. Others may rate low for slow service but to see a business this busy during these times is a blessing. Life is short. Don't rush. Slow service means more time to work on those relationship/s that need working on.

Erez Weiss

This is the best dumpling I have experienced for many years. All the flavors and textures were perfect and spot on! If you're a bit adventurous I highly recommend the chicken feet. No, seriously, the chicken feet. It's yummy with a twist of I can't believe I'm eating this!

Amy Wu

As a cantonese, I’m so shamed of their dim sum as they are the only place offer them in CU area. They make cantonese food look so bad and I want everyone to be aware that!!!

Christopher V.

The dim sum is the only item worth purchasing as most of the other dishes are inferior choices compared to the wealth of asian food options on Green street. The fried rice is bland and the dishes are poorly executed for the high price point. The dim sum is also mediocre as the portions are incredibly small and overpriced for the quality of the food. Your $5 is likely spent better any where else on campus than this sad excuse for dim sum.

Aidan Carr Clennon

Authentic, massive menu, friendly and VERY fast service. I highly recommend their Dim Sum, which sadly is only an option till 3pm but it's usually a lunch option so it makes sense. Overall great restaurant!

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