Mandarin Wok

403 1/2 E Green St, Champaign
(217) 384-5088

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Wong WinnieWong

I wanted to order food yesterday, but it was permanently closed, so disappointed.


I've eaten dim sum many places and I would give Mandarin Wok a 5*+ review. The food was straight out gourmet at very reasonable prices. The eggplant stuffed w shrimp aren't those awful farmed pink things, seemed like large chunk of fresh shrimp to me. And if you might have an issue with the name (I did!) there is no shark fin involved with the shark fin dumplings and they are very good too.

Matthew Klimuszka

My party ordered a small variety of dim sum. We couldn't force ourselves to finish it. The prices have gone up significantly since last time we were there, and the quality plummeted. Nothing tasted fresh and the whole place looked a little dirty. Even if it was actually clean, the place needs a new coat of paint.The nicest thing I can say about the food I got is that I don't have food poisoning. Yet.

Vincent Liu

they accused me of stealing another order and said they had it on camera but i did not ???????

bing mao

Food (dim sum) quality and quantity is a big concern.

Xiao Lin

Mapo Tofu and Taiwan Mala Chicken is my favorite!

Brian Harvey

Super hot an sour soup. Best i ever had

Ciro Noronha

One of the few actual dim sum places in Champaign.

Weifang Liu

Authentic Cantonese food with reasonable prices and generous portions. Will return.

Christina Kwiatt

very good dim sum, but don't bother going for the rest of the menu, it's all over priced and not worth it. the dim sum is awesome though

Draconian Bear

Just ordered some sliced beef and it was 95% inedible. The toughest beef I've ever had. Such a scam.

Hailey Kay

Ordered orange chx & chx low mein. Both tasted so fishy and slimey. Literally wasn’t even edible.

Vang Yang

Great food. Others may rate low for slow service but to see a business this busy during these times is a blessing. Life is short. Don't rush. Slow service means more time to work on those relationship/s that need working on.

Erez Weiss

This is the best dumpling I have experienced for many years. All the flavors and textures were perfect and spot on! If you're a bit adventurous I highly recommend the chicken feet. No, seriously, the chicken feet. It's yummy with a twist of I can't believe I'm eating this!

Amy Wu

As a cantonese, I’m so shamed of their dim sum as they are the only place offer them in CU area. They make cantonese food look so bad and I want everyone to be aware that!!!

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