403 E Green St, Champaign
(217) 344-1400

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Arex S

Staff is very friendly. Restaurant doesn’t take reservations but you can join a waitlist. They do have a waiting area next door. Expect to wait for at least 30 minutes for a table during dinner hours. Menu is all digital and orders are placed over an app. Food is delicious, well prepared. Highly recommended spot in Champaign


Recommend the Willis tower and the chirashi rice a lot! The quality of ramen is kind of same as what I have tried three years ago. It’s too plain for the soup and it doesn’t show any improvement on the ramen dish.

Anthony D.

Great atmosphere. Small college town vibe. Unique ordering all online. Certainly overpriced for the quality, thinks are expecting these days, but they are about $20 in risk bill than most comparable places. The sushi was okay.. Nigi was fine, pieces a bit small. Rolls where ample yet caution on ordering anything with tempura. Overly fried and tasted greasy. Limited beer selection (1). But overall not bad. Just likely will bit return, a little uninspired

Jooyoung Hong

Chewing like jerky.No moisture.Don Katsu what I expected was just commonly thinking "pork fry". But What I get delivered was "thin pork microwaved."It looks like they just microwaved cooked one.And compared to others' dining donkatsu from reviews and photos, it is just thin as a chopstick.Wanna give less than 1 point.

Veronica B.

Amazing sushi. The play girl role will not let you down!! Always ask for a side of spicy Mayo and you are golden

Patrick E.

Best sushi that I have ever had. The tower was spectacular, and the rolls were new and different from the usual sushi selection. The place is small, and wait times can be a little excessive, but it has definately been worth the wait for the food.

sang hyun Ahn

2010 Alumni visiting from Chicago, quality of sushi you get here is INSANE. Honestly, my wife and I weren't expecting fresh seafood such a far away from the coast. Clean and thoughtful set up with reasonable prices... Can't ask for more! *Highly recommend spicy Udon as your end dish.

Sophia Sun

I was visiting the campus and I honestly didnt expect much because this was a restaurant on campus. I had like 7 different menus and they were all absolutely amazing. SPEECHLESS. Every ingredient (especially fish) was very fresh and taste was a way beyond what I expected. I wish I live near by so that I can have Sakanaya everyday!!!

Gonzalo Campillo-Alvarado

My wife and I loved the sushi and menu options. Miso soup here is great for a cold and rainy day. The rolls are delicious and plated with great finesse. The restaurant can get crowded in peak hours with a long waiting list. When eating, we felt we were being rushed to finish our dish. At any rate, great food and we will be coming back.

Emma’s World

I’m astounded by the quality and deliciousness of this sushi. The lunch specials are a fantastic option!

Reed S.

This place is my go-to spot for Sushi in the C-U area. The Sushi and Sashimi combo plate is my favorite. The food is amazingly delicious and tasty. The atmosphere is great and always a great place to go!

Ryan G.

Our favorite place! This is the best sushi we could hope to have away from the coasts. Check them out!


I know its not common to go to this kind of place by myself, but it happened. Korean guy was constantly asking me (pretty much forcing me) to order more but I didnt. Then he took away my plate without asking when I am was not done yet. That was like 10 minutes after food came out. At least ask me I am done or not.Also food sucks. I am not saying this because I am angry about what happened. I bet sushi here taste fine when I read other reviews. I ordered something that is not made out of "sakana" (which is fish), and it was pretty awful.Anyway, I am not revisiting for sushi because of the hideous service.

Deon Chester

Great atmosphere, food and service. Enjoy!

Kris H.

Moving to the MidWest from California was an eye opener for me especially when talking about the freshness and difference between sushi places. With that said, I just gotta say that Sakanaya is the absolute best sushi place in all of Champaign. I was really picky when it came to trying out new spots when I moved here, and Sakanaya is definitely top tier. My coworkers and I always get the lunch special which comes with two basic sushi rolls (I always get the shrimp tempura and Cali crunch rolls) for 11 dollars! Best deal out there forsure! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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