Pagliai's Pizza

1600 Lincoln Ave, Charleston
(217) 345-3890

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Jessica Keith

Disappointing!!Used to be our absolute favorite. Its changed!! It’s now run by kids, no adult supervision like before. Our server was beyond rude, never checked on us, offered no menu, no refills. Our pizza was mediocre; barely any sauce & our crust wasn’t semi thick as ordered (ordered extra sauce too). The servers stand around & chat loudly. Very disappointed. The people next to us felt the same.

Robin Sesko

The best pizza ever!!! That’s all. Best place in Charleston to eat by far.

Roger Sanders

We went here one night and had salad and breadsticks. The breadsticks were awesome!Food: 5/5

Dylan Otto

Pros - Friendly amd talented staff, some of the best pizza in Charleston, ILNeeds Improvememt - Dining it, felt really cramped. A lil bit on the oilier side with pizza so take your tums if you have a weak stomach like me. Oil doesnt affect pizza's taste.Overall: 4/5, but still my #1 pizza place in this college city. Would come here every time if I had to choose.

Pagliai's has consistently made the best pizza around. Thin crust and quality ingredients and their homemade sauce has kept me their customer for over 50 years.

Michael K.

This is the best pizza in Charleston. This is always a must stop when we are in town visiting family. The pizza is thin crust with an awesome sauce and tons of toppings. Highly recommended!

Gary H.

I find it interesting that this is the second pizza in as many weeks that we did not get at this establishment because of one lazy waitress. Last visit we waited 10 minutes watching our waitress serve one of the two occupied booths in her section. She was way too busy chatting at the waitress bar to wait on the other occupied booth in her section (ours). We left. Tonight we decided Monicals would be a better choice. This is so sad because Paglia's makes one of my favorite pizzas. I know we could call in and order a take out. But, the phone is perpetually beep beep beep busy. Sorry if the truth hurts.

dave reed

Ordered a pizza carry out Weds 7/13 picked up at 5:40pm. While I’m in line to pickup there were 3 employees right up front where they work the dough, it wasn’t super busy so they were just talking, one young guy, dark hair, glasses, was leaning on the counter on his hand, but his hand wasn’t on the counter it was in the bin of shredded cheese on the counter, no glove or anything just leaning in the cheese like it was the counter. At one point he took his hand out wiped his face and nose and out his hand back in the cheese and continued leaning. Then his hand must have gotten tired so he literally rested on his elbow which was in the cheese just like his hand. All this was right there at the front counter so it raises a lot of questions about what goes on outside of the customers view. I added time, date and description because I saw they had cameras and assume they have one at the register which he was standing right next to so I’m sure the owners can view this incident for themselves. I paid $38 and tipped $10 for a total of $48 for pizza I threw away when I got home because I wasn’t going to eat it after what I saw. I tipped $10 because there were a lot of employees working and doing a good job, I didn’t want to penalize them for one employees actions. I don’t believe I’ll be returning to this place. Plenty of other pizza options.

Ello Bello

I came in for a bite earlier today with my daughter and close friend after touring the EIU campus. Visiting from Chicago, of couse there's obviously no shortage of pizza places to choose from, but I can say Pagliai's can run with the best of them. The thin crust pizza was top-notch, and the cheese sticks were really delicious. Our server was excellent and very attentive, and the iced tea was also perfectly sweetened. We'll definitely be back anytime we're in Charleston.

Maria Malin

This was the best pizza I have ever had in my 63 years of living.

Britt S.

They have okay pizza, but one time the owner posted a video on Facebook making fun of a local alcoholic for leaving a drunk voicemail made the owner look bad, not the drunk. It was sad and unfortunate.

Kathy Phillips

Yum. My all time favorite pizza place that I always make sure to visit whenever in town. I think the picture says it all!

Gary Hosking

If you're a local I don't need to tell you anything about this but if you're out of town you might want to stop in. Tons and tons of people going in and out of the door great service good pizza.

Aaron J

The pizza is excellent! Service was attentive and friendly. Will definitely return on a regular basis.

Hannah S.

Just tried this place after hearing my coworkers rave about it all the time and I'm glad I did! Pizza and breadsticks are amazing, everybody is nice, and the restaurant is cozy.

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