Bad Hunter

802 W Randolph St, Chicago
(312) 265-1745

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William W.

This is a really bad restaurant. I went there once pre-COVID and it's was awful. The waiter way over sold us on food items. It was way overpriced and the food was not good at all. Now, during the COVID lockdown, it appears to be closed. As a resident of the West Loop, I hope it goes under, can't reopen, and something good takes over the space.

Shawn H.

The staff was warm and friendly on a night that was anything but. I wish I could give a more thorough review, however the hours on the site are apparently incorrect. After entering at 10:09pm, I was told the kitchen was closed. Management may want to update the hours on yelp. I was super stoked to try the butter dumplings(and only the butter dumplings which I conveyed to the staff but they still could not accommodate) which I'm sure are fabulous. I settled for a Yamasaki whiskey, there are far worse things in life. Maybe next time.

Charlotte W.

Went here with my mom - there were some great dishes and some real misses. 1) Warm focaccia was AMAZING!!!! Sooo fluffy, fresh, and warm. I dream about this bread. 2) Whole roasted cauliflower was so spicy. The server told us that this was the highlight of the menu, but neither of us could eat it. To be fair, it was cooked really well, but it was so overly spicy that our mouthes were on fire. 3) Chickpea agnolotti was average? A bit tasteless to be honest. We really liked the mushrooms, but the miso broth was a bit too salty for us. 4) Vegan Sunflower Butter Ice Cream Sandwich was SPECTACULAR!!!! So decadent, great texture with brittle crunch, so unique, and great flavor profile. Would go back, sit at the bar, and just order this. Overall not bad. Might return, but if so just for dessert. And maybe the bread appetizer lol. Server was really helpful and answered all our questions. Honestly, we were just a bit disappointed in the entrees, because the overall meal was a bit pricey, so can't justify it with just the appetizer/dessert.

Nikita Rao

One of the restaurants that I can say was worth the price. And it isn't even that expensive! The menu changes seasonally and they fuse cuisines in a way that is unexpected and appreciated. 5 out of our 6 sharing dishes we were 10/10 and the other was more of a 6/10. There were a few dishes that some people tried that weren't for them and some that weren't what we expected it wasn't as what we thought was described. There are plenty of vegetarian options as well. Definitely worth a visit and highly recommend making a reservation. Your entire party has to be present to be seated. You can wait at the bar during that time. I don't drink too often and these were some drinks that are worth a perusal. The service is also brilliant. In three words: unexpected, surprising, and delightful.

Chanel Patel

Our waitress was phenomenal, very good at explaining the dishes and drinks!


Super hipster and overpriced. Food is good, but I mean not that good. I could use more spice, felt kind of bland still. I liked the textures tho. I mean just some really well though out dishes but still missing something. The venue itself is nothing exciting. Cramped and un- inspiring interior. Service was good. Bathrooms nice.

Jaime R.

Amazing veggie grilled meal! Started with a delicious, citrusy drink called Rhymes with Orange. I could drink that all day! My friend and I ordered a bunch of plates to share. We had the rosemary focaccia, burrata, sunchokes, crispy carrots, and butter dumplings. It was quite a bit of food and it was all delicious. So many unique flavors and creative use of veggies! So fun trying some atypical things too like sunchokes! Everyone raves about the butter dumplings and now I know why! They are savory and rich and different than anything I've had. I must say that my favorite dish was actually the carrots! I have never had carrots like that- sweet, savory, crispy, tender all at the same time! I will definitely be returning to try more of their amazing menu!


Fantastic surprise on west loop. Mostly vegan with a few meaty options. Cocktails were yummy. Drink specialists are knowledgeable and friendly. The mushroom appetizer was fantastic. Ordered a second portion. Carrots were also delicious. The chicken was very tasty. Highly recommend making reservations.


Excellent food and service Portion sizes are appropriate Server recommended 2-3 dishes per person Reasonably priced Would go back

Michael Richardson

Great service and ambiance. Decent sized vegan menu and the dishes that I got to try were all fantastic.

Diana Johnson

Not fully vegan but very vegan-friendly. A thoughtful and exquisitely crafted drink selection.

Catherine W.

Bad Hunter is one of my favorite lunch and dinner spots. The atmosphere is fun, the music is great, and the service is always amazing. It also doesn't hurt that the veggie-focus aspect of the restaurant makes me feel like I'm being more healthy. They also have really fun drinks for both the alcohol and non-alcohol drinkers of the group. While they do have a seasonal menu, there are many dishes that always on rotation. The Crispy Togarashi Carrots is hands down my favorite dish! The carrots aren't oily at all and they pair so well with the Togarashi. If you are a fellow warm bread lover, the focaccia is a must-order. The Butter Dumplings is one of their star dishes - personally, they're a little too creamy/buttery for me, but this is definitely an unpopular opinion amongst my friends. The clam sweet potato sounds like a weird dish, but it is actually really really good - if you are a sweet potato lover, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. The lamb skewer is my favorite meat dish - it is so well seasoned and cooked perfectly. If you want to order a meat dish, this is the one! It is much better than the chicken, monkfish, or the steak.

Just a Fashion Girl from Chicago

Love it!!!! ♥️ Everything we tried was delicious, fresh, and meticulously prepared. I watched the line in the kitchen and they took care with every detail for every-single-plate that came out of the kitchen. There was a slight wait for each dish but worth the wait. The service was great and everyone was nice, helpful, and knowledgeable. This is a vegetarian's dream as well. Recommended.

Erin Daly

Amazing food. Incredible service. Excellent cocktail menu. The price is more than comparable for what you get. Its casual enough to walk in off the street not knowing what it is but also special enough to celebrate an occasion or for a really easy date night!


Trendy urban eatery for vegans and vegetarians. Friendly staff and fairly quick dinner service. We arrived on a Sunday night around 5:30 and were seated quickly without. Reservations. The drink menus offers a variety of tastes cocktails, with and without alcohol.

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