4010 N Western Ave, Chicago
(773) 604-4433

Recent Reviews

Janece M.

In from out of town to celebrate mom and sister's birthday. We were looking to get a specific kind of ice cream cake for dessert that night but were informed it was too late to order a custom option. We came by anyways to see what they had in the cooler. We settled for something that wasn't what we wanted but the employee remembered me from the phone call and gave me a free scoop to apologize for not having what we really wanted. Everyone was very polite and attentive.

Katie Voogd

Thought I was ordering a refreshing iced coffee for a cup watered down burnt coffee syrup in a glass. Disgusting. Cheap.

David Johnsen

After getting Dunkin here many times, I finally ordered from the other half of the restaurant. I love that they have so many milkshake flavors to choose from (any ice cream flavor). I sat at the counter and watched people pump gas while I enjoyed my Snickers ice cream shake.

Srishti S.

This Baskin-Robbins is adjoint to a Dunkin Donut, and both are right by a gas station. They have a drive-through option, which is great for people on the road. There were two people behind the counter- I am guessing one each for the two places. I got an ice cream scoop of the Jamoca Almond fudge and topped it off with some crushed Oreos. The ice cream was great, so was the service!