Lucky Vito's Pizzeria

1950 N Kimball Ave, Chicago
(773) 570-9296

Recent Reviews

Dustin Drankiewicz

never got our delivery order.

Jocelyn Hernandez

Food was okay I guess. Not superb. But i ordered sausage and bacon. Half onion and green pepper. Other half jalapeños. Receipt says that too. And I got Half sausage and half pepperoni? Lol okaaay. Got charged for everything i wanted to order though. Most pizza places also send crushed peppers or parm, they don’t.

marta iwanaszko

Amazing pizza, made to order and with flavorful ingredients, topped with great service! :) Thanks for the last-minute tater tots!

Dalia O.

I went online to order lunch, after having had a good experience the other night. Imagine my surprise when they say they are open now (Saturday, from 10-12am), place an order for delivery, pay for it, get a delivery window, and THEY DO NOT RESPOND. How dare you take my money, confirm with an email delivery time, and don't pick up the phone when I call. I actually believed this would be my go to pizza place but now I'm skeptical. PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY ASAP.Update: Thank you for your response. Your pizza is absolutely amazing, therefore the order on Saturday. Being brand new to the neighborhood, I assumed you were open, given no update on holiday hours on Yelp or your phone.

Patti B.

I loved everything about my order I always order from Lucky Vitos even before the pandemic and they are still doing a magnificent job.

Kiesha Maurice

They have the best food however was disappointed yesterday. I chose the no contact delivery and it was supposed to be left by my door but instead the person wanted to give my food to me by hand

Candice P.

Ordered the Lucky Vito's Pizza and Curly Fries thru Yelp app. Pickup ETA was 659pm, came to pick it up and as usual it was not ready. They couldn't find my order never ordering from this place ever again!

Ian Fullerton

If you are trying to eat a pizza pie slice then maybe eat here.

Alisha K.

Not very impressed. After looking around our area for a pizza place through Uber eats we stumbled upon Lucky Vitos, we've never heard of them so decided to give the place a try. The pizza was mediocre, it was a bit dry and needed more sauce. It was very bland, needed some seasoning or something. The crust was good, I wish they would have cooked it a bit longer so it would Have gotten crispy. The salad we ordered was the buffalo chicken salad, but what came was barbecue chicken. The salad was sad, just some romaine lettuce with a few slices of tomato and chicken tenders tossed in barbecue sauce, it needed some more veggies and some cheese would be nice. Overall it was fine, not horrible not great. When we get a pizza craving again we probably look elsewhere

She Wolf

It use to be a nice place to order from

Alexander Galvez

Vito is my boy love it been a customer ever since he first open at Milwaukee and tallman pizza is great and I love the breaded shrimp

Imani K.

It came early and I was starving so that was a blessing .. So the pizza was very good just like I request ed crispy and the onion rings crispy and you have a nice order of Rings... Definitely will order again GN Third shift

Lala M.

I have pass Lucky Vito's for years.. today I decided to order from them. The Pizza and baked spaghetti was so delicious...the delivery was fast. My son devoured his pizza slices. I'm so happy we ordered I will definitely be back. Thank You !

Joel S.

When you live in a neighborhood long enough you look get so used to a location that you overlook what's around you. Being born and raised here made me one of those people. As a teenager I walked passed Lucky Vitos all the time when I went to my friends house but I never stopped in. Fast forward more years than I care to mention and I regret that I never stopped here in my youth. Granted the look of the place back then was not all that inviting to me. The fact that it's been around for so long was a clear indicator that I should have tried it out sooner. Well, I'm happy to say that I am hooked. The pizza is very good and the menu selections are not bad. We've ordered from there more than a dozen times and have yet to be disappointed. The crust is not too thin or too thick. It's a nice balance between nice crunch outside to chewy bread middle. We love it. Lucky Vito's so far has most other small shops beat by not just offering GrubHub and Postmates delivery. They have their own app which I suggest going through for your orders. If you plan on stopping by, keep in mind that the location is made mostly for take out. Theres no seating available, only standing with bar type tables on either side of the wall so you can enjoy a slice or two while you wait for the bus that's stops literally right in front. Our favorites so far have been the Mama veggie and the Slammer. If your having an gathering, the Dirty Italian is almost a full meal in a slice. Enjoy!! Enjoy!

Nizel A.

I stopped by here for a quick bite to eat several times. With this last stop I noticed I never wrote a review so here we go. Staff is ok, no problems here, but they're not very friendly either. I get it, you're there to sell pizzas, not to make friends so forget the smiles, thank yous, etc. The wait time is usually pretty quick as I can get a slice within a few minutes & be out the door. For $3.30 the pizza slices are pretty average. Sauce comes from a can & isn't very good. The crust itself tastes like & has the texture of a saltine cracker which is kind of weird since you expect bread...not crackers. It reminded me of a lunchable pizza except there's no tombstone pizza sauce to cover up any sub-par ingredients (not to mention the lunchable's pizza bread is better.} Overall, if you're looking for a quick bite to eat & nothing else is open then yeah this would be a go to late night spot or lunch spot for those in a hurry. Food is average, but once you've got a few drinks in you at the end of the night this kind of pizza can be a lifesaver. 3 out of 5 stars

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