823 W Randolph St, Chicago
(312) 455-8238

Recent Reviews

Nerissa T.

Enjoyed their patio this past Thursday night! It's been a few months since we've had some quality sushi due to the covid situation and sushi dokku did not disappoint. We happened to be going on an evening stroll with our pup and decided we were in the mood for some sushi. Since they only have 5-6 tables outside, it was about a 45 minute wait. But on the plus side they do cocktails to go! Highly recommend trying the somethin' spicy cocktail - Thai chili infused mezcal, campari, and lime. It had a nice little kick and smokiness to it. We ordered half a dozen of the west coast oysters, salmon nigiri, zuke sake, tuna microgreens, Godzilla, and tempura spicy tuna roll. Everything was great! Food was served promptly and very friendly service. We definitely left full and can't wait to come back.

Sydney S.

Gotta love when a spicy tuna roll is actually spicy! They also have a pick up window to safely get your food while social distancing. Nice people and great service

Venicia A.

Me and my boyfriend LOVE this place. We first tried it out about 3 or 4 years ago, and instantly loved it. Anytime we want sushi this is our go to spot. Our three favorite rolls are the crispy maguro which is accompanied with a spider sauce, the dragon roll which comes warm (super delicious), and the spicy tuna roll. I was never a fan of just simple spicy tuna rolls until I came here. The tuna actually has a kick to it. Before we eat our sushi we both start off with two orders of the green tea soba noodles. If you have not had this appetizer yet, I suggest you try it. I haven't had anything like it before. They are green chilled noodles accompanied with four pieces of grilled shrimp. The staff and service is great!! Very friendly! 10/10

Melissa W.

Ordered take out from here for the first time tofus and it won't be the last! I have food allergies so it's pretty hard to find a spot that will accommodate and also make me feel at ease about it. I called and they were able to handle no problem. They walked me through everything and were so thorough in making sure they took care of it! They were also amazingly patient with me, as I know it's not an easy thing to accommodate, but Lisa was great at making sure she understood and handled it. On top of that, the food was delicious! I felt like I was able to try real sushi for the first time. Definitely recommend the mochi too, nice way to end the meal. They also had a nice walkup window to have less contact when picking up. Very much appreciated!

Dustymax Thompson

Amazing Food Amazing Staff

Alex Y.

We ordered pick up today from Sushi Dokku and it is amazing! You have to get the masago maki and the miso salmon maki and the king crab nigiri. Everything we ordered had a big portion of fish - you definitely get your money's worth! I also want to thank them for taking precautions and wearing gloves and what looked like surgical masks. I felt reassured that the restaurant is taking this situation seriously and safe eating the food!

Emily R.

This is the best sushi restaurant in Chicago (that I've been to so far). The food is absolutely delicious and tastes very fresh. They have a fun cocktail menu and an extensive food menu. The list of appetizers/starters is especially impressive. If you eat beef, you have to try the guy-negima appetizer. It is so tender and perfectly seasoned. The takoyaki and Godzilla roll are our other favorite things to order here. The staff, decor, and ambiance are hip/cool but not aloof. If we lived nearby we'd probably be here every week!

Paul Richards

I come to this outstanding place often as I enjoy the good air that is characterizes this place. The team is awfuly loyal and professional. The service is impressively rapid. Not to mention, the food you eat is perfect. I ate there many times and I was always pleased. The price is reasobable. I highly recommend this restaurant to my friends and family.

Kevin N.

I ended up coming here after a failed attempt to get into High Five Ramen which had a 3 hour wait? How about no...Sushi instead! ATMOSPHERE/ARCHITECTURE: 8/10 This place is rather dimly lit with a bar to the left and smaller table seating scattered around the restaurant. The bar is neat with all of the sushi chefs lined up in front of you hard at work so you can see exactly how they are putting your order together. The whole restaurant seats 50-60 with the bar seats totaling about ~10 of these seats. It's pretty busy on a Friday night and makes for a good dining experience. SERVICE: 10/10 Honestly, service was very good. The hostess was very attentive to us and updated our party as far as where exactly we were in the queue and how much longer of a wait it would be. The chefs and waitress were nice and amicable as well. I had no complaints here at all. FOOD: 8/10 Lychee Club - 6/10 - This drink did not really impress me at all and I did not really get any hints of the supposed lychee in this. It was not really fruity and marginally sweet. The presentation was nice, but I found it rather bland as a drink. Pork Tonkatsu Ramen - 7/10 - Having originally set out for ramen, of course it was appropriate to get it at least somewhere. The broth was rather bland, but salted appropriately. The noodles were soft and chewy but average overall. The pork tonkatsu was just average. It was crispy but also on the blander side. It wasn't bad overall, but just a very average ramen dish. Obviously this isn't their flagship item or anything and it would not be the reason for coming here. That of course is their sushi. Spicy Salmon Maki - 9/10 - The best way to judge a sushi restaurant is by the basics and fundamentals. The spicy salmon roll is a basic sushi roll that any respectable sushi restaurant should be able to put together without difficulty. The spicy flavor, fish and soft fluffy texture of the rice comes together exquisitely here. Their basic sushi is very good. Dragon Roll - 8/10 - The dragon roll was also quite good. I was not disappointed by how the eel and tempura shrimp came together in this dish as well. This was flavorful, well seasoned and the shrimp was nice and crispy. VALUE: 8/10 Overall, the value is pretty fair for what you get. PROBABILITY OF RETURN: 8/10 TO EAT OR NOT TO EAT: Definitely worth eating if you're a fan of sushi. I can't strongly recommend the non-sushi options though. OVERALL: 8/10

Ferguson S.

I liked the Godzilla roll a lot! Their dumplings were as expected, nothing fancy. Good overall experience.

Anna W.

This tends to be our go-to sushi spot. If it's busy upstairs, we'll see if boozebox has some space, but we haven't had much of a problem with seating. They take reservations on Resy. We prefer to sit at the sushi bar unless we're with a group. Also, we've seen people come here for Tinder Tuesdays, so I guess it a good date spot. I stopped being a vegetarian years ago, but I could attest to their vegetarian items being solid. I remember leaving full, and I'll still order their onion roll to this date. They had a vegetarian chef's choice option that surprised me. Now days I usually get the filet mignon and mashed potatoes as a main. It's sooo good! With the wasabi butter My husband and I share most of our meal and we always get the deviled eggs. It's the perfect start to the meal, and a steal at $3 So the menu is a bit confusing since they have items with the same name in different sections (appetizer/ sashimi / dressed), so I'll separate out recommendations based on section. Appetizers: A lot of the appetizers are pretty standard, and are the same as your typical Japanese restaurant: edamame, shishito peppers, hamachi, and gyoza. -We *really* like: the Gyu-Negima (thinly sliced beef wrapped around green onion) and the chilled green tea soba noodles with shrimp. The noodles have a great bite and consistency, it's a bright dish and the fried garlic and other seasoning is really interesting. -I personally am not a fan of the chicken karrage The traditional nigiri: always solid. They give you a good portion of fish. Dressed: highly recommend the tarabagani, escolar, and hamachi. The staff is great! Friendly, attentive, upbeat.

Matthew Avery

Really nice higher end sushi place, make sure you reserve your table ahead of time.

Helen Z.

What a nice sushi place in West Loop. If you are craving sushi, this is a good place to go. I tried this place for dinner during restaurant week and was amazed by the quality (I didn't really expect much since I haven't tried sushi in the city yet). I would suggest getting a reservation online before going just to make everything easier. It felt like a restaurant in NYC with the mood lighting and music. I really liked the restaurant week dinner menu and thought everything tasted pretty good. I got to try the oyster shooter, ebi soba (had charred shrimp), nigiri bites (yellowtail, salmon and maguro), Ecuador maki and pistachio mochi. The oyster shooter was nice with a soft, raw oyster in it but it tasted a little too salty for me. The ebi soba was incredible. I was really not expecting to like this since I haven't had great experiences with soba noodles but this was so nice with sesame oil, charred shrimp (sooo good) and warm noodles. The nigiri bites were interesting and the fish tasted like pretty decent quality. The flavors were very interesting from truffle to grapefruit. The maki tasted refreshing with the avocado and maguro but it did not stand out to me that much. The meal ended well with a light dessert consisting of pistachio mochi. I am interested in going back and trying their normal menu in the future.

David Gonzalez

Great place! Sushi was great. The whiskey selection was amazing!.. not to mention the speak easy downstairs .. thank me later

Nawel K.

I've had a good potion of their menu overall and have been here many times. I recently came back for restaurant week, and thought I'd write a review! Their yellow tail nigiri is my favorite I have this every time I come. I recently tried their grilled salmon and that was amazing. A friend of mine who wasn't a big seafood eater was with us and even she was impressed. Overall a good place to go with a group.

Bonnie B.

This is the best sushi in Chicago. Highly recommend the Hamachi and Amberjack nigiri.

Stacy H.

update 2/5: business order reached out and resolved accordingly. very satisfied with the customer service. ------ 2/4: my friends and I had ate here for their $48 Restaurant Week dinner menu, and it was a VERY poor experience. from the time ordered to the time we got the check - this was a full TWO hours. started with an oyster shooter ($8 value) - pretty standard. 4/5 next we had the ebi soba - not a lot of noodles at all (literally three bites) and two pieces of shrimp. very spicy due to the excessive chili soy sauce. 3/5 then we had a choice of three nigiri. I got hamachi, tuna truffle, and sake. however they accidentally brought out a madai instead of hamachi. they let me keep all four. 5/5....$15.50 value the seared scallop was next. just one tiny piece of scallop on top of an apple plum puree. 4.5/5 for taste. $5 value for the maki, i chose the ecuador. note they don't give you the half the roll. full roll is $17 value so i would value this at $8.50. lastly we got the mochi. i opted for the pistachio and my friend got the chocolate. the chocolate however tasted like coffee. thankfully i like coffee but for those that don't...FYI. pistachio was amazing. $4 value. taste 5/5 the waitress took all our credit cards and then didn't come back with mine. she says she dropped it. alright... too many mistakes and too long for each course to come out. additionally, this was NOT worth $48 so definitely got scammed. oh and i was not even full at the end of the meal.

Michael sefcik

This was a pleasant surprise. I had never heard of this place, but went with a friend for restaurant week. Everything was very good. The sushi rice was not the best I've had, but I feel they do a lot of other things well enough to compensate.

Denisha Price

This restaurant is amazing! The salmon and spicy tuna rolls are to live for!! The customer service was ok but the waiters came over often cleaning as soon as I would sit a dish to the side. I felt like they were rushing me and my dinner. It was slightly uncomfortable. Everything else was a amazing.

Niki B.

Had a fairly disappointing experience at SushiDokku, when visiting for Restaurant week. Several members of our party had been before so we came in with high expectations, excited to sample the wide menu offered with the prixe fixe deal. Reservation was made weeks in advance after seeing the menu offered- this is important as it came up during our visit. Right off the bat, we notified the server that a member of our group had a shellfish allergy- so she was hoping to do the vegetarian menu, or sub in veggie items for the two dishes (oyster shooter and seared scallop) that she could not eat. I would have understood (albeit begrudgingly) if they told us you can only have veggie items if you stuck to that entire prixe fixe, but we were told that "the chef is not ready for the vegetarian menu. He won't be doing it until about half way through restaurant week". This seems wildly unprofessional, especially for somewhere with such a high price tag- the vegetarian restaurant week menu was listed WEEKS before, they were designated as a vegetarian friendly option and after checking, it was ON THE SUHIDOKKU WEBSITE as we sat there and were told it was not an option. Our waitress on the other hand, was lovely and went back to the kitchen several times to negotiate an option that would work for us. Second time she came back and said they would let the one person order a la carte (dont see how this is a modification) and then the third time she returned and said that we could sum the value of the two allergy triggering items, and have something off the menu at equal or lesser value. Major kudos to her for finding a solution, but we got the sense that the chef or manager or someone else up the food chain was making it really difficult for her to find an accomodation. As for the food - the nigiri was pretty amazing, very fresh and delicious. They did mess up 2/3 of our nigiri orders but we had picked point blank and decided not to make a fuss about that, after finally getting an accomodation for the allergy. The soba noodles were kind of uninspired and I really didnt like the seared scallop in plum/apple sauce- texture was just off and the tastes didn't blend for me. The maki rolls only came in 5 pieces and were nowhere near the quality for the price. At the end of the meal, group consensus was next time we are going to Yuzu.

Francis Eleazar

The place is very simple but very efficiently laid out which forces them to keep tables very close to each other which might be uncomfortable for some people. But hey, if you ever been in Japan, that is the experience is like. But from a good standpoint, their rolls are amazing. We had the Ecuador and the Northern California which are both great with the Ecuador being the better of the two. We had their Spanish Octopus (chilled) with potatoes and it was delightful. It was one of the best Octopus we've ever had. We cleaned the plate like it went through the dishwasher. Thanks for the great service. Left 25% tip because they were fast and very attentive.

Toby Ayala

Great atmosphere and super friendly service. The meals were fresh and delightful. Will definitely recommend this place to my friends. Convenient prices and generous portions. Great job.

Stephen R.

Cool clean place. Love the menu and the sushi quality is great. Probably the best place in town. Maki rolls are creative and tasty and the nigiri is fresh. Not cheap but worth it.

Katherine L.

Yes! Another great find for sushi in the West Loop. I went on a Friday around 5:15 pm before the dinner rush. My date had been there before and had enjoyed his previous experience of asking the server for his recommendations. Corey was enthusiastic and I think very excited that we asked for his input. We had the lamb shank (lollipop style) super tender and flavorful and grilled octopus salad (crunchy thin noodles underneath with a light garlicky vinaigrette), hamachi and scallops (out of this world clean flavor with a milky silky- as my date put it- texture), and to finish a chef's choice maki which had crab meat in the middle and much to our delight, scallops on top. It was the perfect amount to share. There's a late night bar which I will have to come back for, but loved discovering this new place.

Lance Pedigo

This is surely one of the tastiest restaurants in the area. Whenever I come to this place I am awfully satisfied. They keep their very high standard service and the topmost level of food they offer. You surely will enjoy this this place. Very recommended.

Veronica Unzueta

This place is very reminiscent of Sushi Wabi, if anyone still remembers that place. It turns out that's its almost directly across the street from the old location and I think is owned by the former proprietors as well. The food, atmosphere, and drinks are always AWESOME!!!


Super tasty. Nice environment. Tons to do on Rudolph St. This is a great start.

Alvaro Phillips

This restaurant has amazing service as well as tasty meals. My favourite spot ever. The drinks and food came out rapidly and the prices were inexpensive. Will definitely recommend this restaurant.

Colin Lee

High end sushi place. Diva noodles and Karage were highlights for me

Beverly R

The restaurant has a nice, minimalist ambience. The sushi was good but is overpriced. Fabulous lychee martini. Good service.

Jen Henkel

Have loved this place for years. Food is always amazing but the scene and the service tonight was poor. I had to ask to turn the music down twice and they’d do it and then turn it back up. I could not hear my dinner date, it was a very uncomfortable scene. I’m there every eight weeks and was told this is how it is - not so much any other night I’ve enjoyed myself. Super Bummer because it’s my go to sushi place!

Jami B.

3 stars because I really enjoyed one of my rolls and absolutely hated the other. Loved: Godzilla. Cream cheese and tempura shrimp made for an amazing texture. Hated: Tempura spicy tuna - the tuna was FULLY COOKED because of the tempura. It was tasteless, dry, and overall really hard to eat. It wasn't great spending $40 on 2 sushi rolls. If you want a cool atmosphere in West loop come here. Great for a date night or a bday dinner. If you just want sushi, maybe go somewhere more affordable.

Jamie B.

Stopped in at 5pm on a Tuesday for a quick bite. Was able to be seated immediately and was provided water and a wet towel to wash my hands with. The sushi bar is quite large and plenty of seating for small and large groups. The lighting is dim, noise level is average. The staff was nice and the building was clean. For the food: started out with pork gyoza which was delicious. The flavor was amazing, I would have liked it to be slightly more crispy but that is personal preference. The main dish I have the seared salmon and albacore roll which was great as well. The perfect amount of everything involved and the right spice. Easy to recommend for all

Madison Keller

Atmosphere & food are so good!

pauline Lanjewin

The best! Absolutely enjoyed my time here

Pamela Y.

West loop is known for its good sushi and I was not disappointed at sushi Dokku. The waiter was immediately very engaged as I asked about the rundown of the menu. He specifically pointed me us to the dresses nigiri. As a sashimi elitist I enjoy just the raw fish but I'm so glad we got the truffle tuna nigiri as well as the chirashi which is what I usually order. The chirashi was very fresh and the rice was also seasoned so it tasted better than just bland vinegar. I definitely will be back to try the other dresses nigiri!

ThePerfect Cube

Wish they had more staff BUT the waiter we did get was fantastic and upbeat. Sushi was fresh and delicious. I just don't recommend eating outside.

Laurien Munoz

Best sushi I have had in a long time. Went here for lunch and left so full! Highly recommended.

J. A.

I love the sushi at Sushi Dokku. Well actually I go to the bar downstairs every time I go. This has actually been the first week in the last 4 weeks that I haven't been there. But then again it's only Friday and we have 2 more days until the week is out. So we never know. I love the Miso Salmon. It's super flavorful with fresh salmon. I've also ordered the ramen, which is good. Not the best I've ever had but with the Dj, sushi, and drinks it's good. ;) I also order the pear drink which is really good and sneaks up on you. I do recommend getting there early if you want a seat downstairs or making reservations. They do have a bar, and I've never had a reservation but it can get pretty crowded at boozebox.

Lauren E.

This is a really trendy, hip spot to come for some good sushi in the west loop! It's a little pricey, but not out of range of the other higher-end restaurants in the area. The restaurant is pretty dark and has loud music playing in the background. We sat at the counter which I suggest doing as well because there is ample table space available, you're not sitting on top of other people at the counter, and you get to watch the chefs work their magic (especially when making sushi rolls). My recommendation: get the edamame as a starter, because for $4, you get a huge amount to share while waiting for your dish (we had ample leftovers). Heads up that while they are good, the outside casing is very salty! Here's a breakdown of the rolls we ordered: Ecuador - this is a really hearty roll with two kinds of fish in it. There was tons of Tobiko on top, which made the roll really crunchy. Seared Salmon & Albacore - this is extremely spicy!! To be honest, I couldn't even appreciate the taste of the fish because the chili ponzu overpowered the roll. I wouldn't order this if you are not a fan of spicy! Panko Onion - this was one of my favorite rolls. I loved the garlic mayonnaise garnish on top, although on some rolls it was almost too much mayo. There were delicious and crunchy vegetables packed in which made for a really nice balance of flavor and texture. Crispy Maguro - my other favorite roll of the night! The tuna was fresh and delicious. It reminded me the most of a classic tuna roll with a little bit of extra flavor. Great spot to come for sushi! I would love to come back to try more rolls.