Taco Bell

500 W Madison St, Chicago
(312) 454-1672

Recent Reviews

Luv Sux

Great service. Everyone working there is very polite. The one lady that usually works up front when I order is always respectful and professional. I've even seen them face a hostile customer once (who was in the wrong) and Everyone still remained professional there. 6 stars :)

Harold Carter

Dynae and the crew treated me Great. They took my order quickly. They were very responsive......They made sure my food was bagged properly....I had A enjoyable experience

Albert Farley

love livin mas in that sweet little city called shy-town

Bret Basick

Order was correct, portions were good, and it was hot. Service was friendly

Emily B.

Fast and efficient. It is what it is

Brandt Schafer

Gave my online order to someone else which means they had to remake mine, incorrectly of course. Also I'm starting to think it's a tradition for workers to forget your drinks since it's happened to me the last few times and it happened to someone in front of me today.

David C.

Service is always great. The people are very friendly and welcoming. Food is always fresh and made exactly how it should be (meat to cheeses ratio is on point).

Linus Larsson

Ok taste, I have had better in Chicago!The service was fast though and the lady behind the counter was friendly and nice!

Marley Harrington

Fantastic food, very welcoming staff, constantly fantastic character. They charge fair prices and the food quality is awesome. Great work.

Donnie Brasco

Probably the best Authentic Tacos in Chicago!

Addy Q.

Trash. Ordered a breakfast quesadilla. Got a cold tortilla with bacon, not even cut, no egg or cheese. I wish i was exaggerating. I was already expecting bad service because its taco bell but the food was inedible. Waste of 5$. Now as a student, I have no money or food for the whole day in shitcago. Worst service in the area let alone crooklinois. Like most of you I dont have time to complain about food. Dont go to this 'restaurant'.

Dustin Gibson

Not the best location but definitely not the worst either! It’s alright!

Audrey Underwood

One of my favorite place where i often visits to have nachos and taco. Really superb stuff. The food was super delicious and the fresh too. I also like the presentation. The price was also decent.

William Donovan

Much better customer service than actual stores. Good customer service up until closing

Guadalupe C.

I'm not a huge Taco Bell fan but food tastes ok. Always regret it the next day though

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