Taco Bell

500 W Madison St, Chicago
(312) 454-1672

Recent Reviews

Emily B.

Fast and efficient. It is what it is

Brandt Schafer

Gave my online order to someone else which means they had to remake mine, incorrectly of course. Also I'm starting to think it's a tradition for workers to forget your drinks since it's happened to me the last few times and it happened to someone in front of me today.

Marley Harrington

Fantastic food, very welcoming staff, constantly fantastic character. They charge fair prices and the food quality is awesome. Great work.

Donnie Brasco

Probably the best Authentic Tacos in Chicago!

Addy Q.

Trash. Ordered a breakfast quesadilla. Got a cold tortilla with bacon, not even cut, no egg or cheese. I wish i was exaggerating. I was already expecting bad service because its taco bell but the food was inedible. Waste of 5$. Now as a student, I have no money or food for the whole day in shitcago. Worst service in the area let alone crooklinois. Like most of you I dont have time to complain about food. Dont go to this 'restaurant'.

Dustin Gibson

Not the best location but definitely not the worst either! Itâ??s alright!

Audrey Underwood

One of my favorite place where i often visits to have nachos and taco. Really superb stuff. The food was super delicious and the fresh too. I also like the presentation. The price was also decent.

William Donovan

Much better customer service than actual stores. Good customer service up until closing

Guadalupe C.

I'm not a huge Taco Bell fan but food tastes ok. Always regret it the next day though

Michael S.

I waited in line over 12 minutes while no one worked the register. All the employees went back to cook food, for at least 3 other customers who left their food because they were going to miss a train it took so long to cook. How can no one take an order for over 10 minutes? Incompetence. Had to leave without ordering at the 12 minute mark, but at the pace they were going I would imagine it would have been at least 25 minutes total based on how long the other customers had been there.

Darrell Morris

Was in Chicago on Saturday, July 13 for Taste of Chicago and bought Nacho fries here at the end of the day with one of the two credit cards I brought. This was the only purchase made today with this credit card.


Very fast and quite good tacos. You have vegetarian tacos and you can ask to have it in lettuce instead

Ernest Higgerson

I arrived here about 830 pm after waiting for ten minutes with no one coming to the front counter and listening to several other patrons complain about the fact they had been there the better part of a half hour. I opted to call the number on a discarded sales receipt on the counter. The person I talked to said they had to close temporarily until the manager came back, when asked for an estimated amount of time I was told whenever he gets back. I asked if a little customer service was in order to let the 9 or 10 people at the counter know what was going on and was immediately hung up on. Worst customer experience I have had at Taco Bell ended up going to competitors place.

Tony Cody

I love the food and the restaurant was very clean

Ashish Anshu

Every thing gud. Special wrap and Checken quesadillas

Erin RavenSkye

This location charges more than the others which are only a few blocks away, and barely put any filling/toppings on the items you order. Want a tortilla tightly wrapped with barely anything inside? Come here! Want to get your order wrong/incomplete? This is the place for you! I only feel bad for the people that work here, itâ??s not entirely their fault, Iâ??m sure they are only doing as instructed, but to be so stingy - leaving ingredients out, filling things up only halfway? Iâ??ll walk to another location.

Winston Melan

I personally love taco bells. The food is always great and delicious. The customer service however is a hit or miss. Sometimes, it's great and other times they make you feel unwanted. The restaurant is always clean and great ambiance.

Coyote Prophet

Fast and surprisingly good food. Customer service was also pretty good.

Joshua Tyler

Definitely not worth the time or money.

Lauren Placek

This place was closed on 18-april-2019. This is more of a review of the app because the app i ordered on told me my order was ready and completed, charged my card, while the place closed. I did not get any food. I should not have been able to even order from this location if they were closed!

Nigeria Chaney

I am more of a authentic Mexican food eater. However, Taco Bell has a few hidden gems that will make me pull over .

Rob Council

"Yo Quiero Taco Bell!" ð?? ð?? ð???ð??? Great selection of food, reasonably priced!

Velvet Juarez

This is not Mexican food, but it's a good fast food place.

Fareeha Rahman

I liked it. At first It was hard to find, but once u get inside the mall its easier to find

Nicole Robinson

Who doesn't love taco bell?

Ned C.

I never expect much from taco bell but this place actually made my hangover worse 2/10

David D.

Love eating here. They treat you like family with smiles and thanks. Food is always good and my order is always right.

Ledio S.

Gives you just what you need when you need it. That's about it. My name is Ledio.

Ted S.

Here is the "extra cheese" I asked for on my Taco. I got 4 and they're all like this. Please give me my money back with a coupon or something and I'll take this review down, this is so irritating.

Art C.

I don't really know why I always come back to this piece of garbage Taco Bell, but this is the order of Nacho Fries I ordered, half full. And only enough nacho cheese to last through half the fries.

Jrake V.

my anus was just an innocent little child till i downed three eef tacos and a monsterous naked chicken chalupa. my anal canal is now scared for life... don't even get me started on the damage done to my toilet. but the free painting of my bathroom was nice, it went from sky blue to feces brown!!!!!

Danny F.

Holy smokes... I don't know what happened here since the remodel, but this place has DROPPED OFF. The value proposition for Taco Bell is this: I give you a small amount of money and you give me a large amount of calories. To seal these terms, we agree to not judge each other about the quality of the food sold or bought. And that's the problem with this Taco Bell. They have consistently been selling me less food than I'm buying. I don't mean that I buy 10 tacos and they only give me 9. I mean the amount of filling between the tortillas is almost non existent. The last 3 trips, I've gotten maybe a total of a tablespoon of meat across 3 supposedly meat-filled items. Get your act together, this Taco Bell. You're in a food court of great, bad options. I want my stomach to hurt because I made too many (bad) choices, not because I'm still hungry.

Natalie E.

I don't normally review chain restaurants but I saw all the negative reviews and had to post. This is by far the best and most consistent taco bell I have ever been to. I work across the street and probably stumble in once a month or so (more before they discontinued the Ghost Pepper Grillers, but that's an issue I have to take up with corporate :) ). The staff is overwhelmingly friendly and polite and the turnaround time is quick. I rarely have to wait more than a minute or two. Ignore the haters. Love this location! Keep up the good work!

Stephenie L.

I've never had a problem with my food orders or the speed of service, but last week I was surprised and concerned by the behavior of one of the staff. This location is in the food court of a large train transit center. I placed my order and I noticed that someone had left a small bag hidden on the counter near the registers (like a small suitcase or oversized lunch container). I notified the cashier so that she could call security to have them handle the hidden package. Instead, she reaches over the counter, grabs the bag and then walks away into the back kitchen. To make it worse, she not only carries it, she's tossing it up in the air and catching it and tossing it from hand to hand as she walks. If it had been a explosive device left in the train station, she would have killed everyone around her, including me. Why are the staff not trained in proper security, especially working in this location?

marie campbell

Tomika is always patient, friendly, and greets you with a smile. Whether you are local or a tourist, she is able to answer any menu questions you may have......A great beginning to your goal of fresh, hot food !!

Ari Borchew

This place always manages to mess something up. Stuff like turning your pizza sideways so the toppings are all beside it in the box, or giving you cheese cups that are almost empty. It's still taco bell, though, so... it tastes good!


Eigentlich nur günstiges Tex-Mex Fastfood-Essen, aber so unglaublich lecker, dass ich es jeden Tag essen könnte :-) Die definitiv bessere Alternative zu den bekannten Burger-Fastfoodketten. Ob Tacos, Burritos, Quesarito oder Crunchwrap, alles ist sehr schmackhaft. Ich hoffe, sie kommen auch irgendwann nach Deutschland!

Soren Ersbak

The food is fine but make sure you have the time to wait for it. Waited over 20 minutes before having to leave, never recieved my food.


Service war genial - habe mich fast verliebt:-) und mein Quesorito (vegetarisch) war köstlich! Gerne wieder!!!

J C.

while waiting 15mins for 2 taco supremes and a mexican pizza, while workers were too busy talkin to off duty workers hogging the counter...i figured it wouldve been PLENTY of time to get hot, correctly made food. no luck i got a f**kin SALAD taco...& a pretty much cold, unheated pizza... like most places in this sad food court- they are the worst possible franchise location save your $ and walk down madison a bit to somewhere ANYwhere else.. Update** 6/28/17 stupidly decided to go back to this dump. Paid for it. This time- i get a F**kin PIECE OF PLASTIC in my food!!! obviously a baglock/twist tie thing. WTF?!?? I didn't even bother going back and complaining, because honestly - all they're going to do is offer me free food. And more of this repulsive ass Taco Bell is the LAST thing I need