1030 N Roselle Rd, Hoffman Estates
(847) 885-7478

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Good sandwiches small chicken sandwiches are great. frys were not so good stale it was 45 mins before closing time.

Monique A.

I'm very disgusted and disappointed with this location. It doesn't even deserve 1 star. During this covid-19 the lady giving me my order was not wearing her mask properly not covering her mouth and nose, instead it cover just her chin. I waited until I got my order before she get mad and throws it the order at me. I told her is that how you wear your mask. She said yes I need to breathe you know. I told her you know this order is for a Elderly person and your breathing in my face and on her food. The drive thru worker lady started to raise her voice and said well how am I supposed to breathe. I told her I work in the medical field and I wear my mask covering my face at all times even when I'm not with patients. I didn't want to fight with her anymore just give my hand to her face and drove away.

Jennifer Betts

Food was pretty gross. Ordered extra crispy chicken and it was still doughy and wet inside. And they shorted us big time on the popcorn chicken (only 2/3rds full). The workers were very nonchalant and borderline rude. Save yourself an unpleasant experience and find a better location, or another restaurant altogether.

Thomas Rausch

KFC serves tasty meals for only $5!

Daniel Cwik

They need to tell you the price if you try to add more to the order. Not just charge you. You need to give napkins and condiments. They gave more chicken as a compromise.

Alison Redeaux

First of all their chicken is over priced and i gout the grilled chicken. The chicken breast was small and dry.

David Alfrey

Something has changed with KFC extra crispy chicken. Not as crispy as it used to be. And they seemed to have downsized on the chicken breasts.

Robert Knighten II

It took exceptionally long for any employee to even acknowledge I was there. On top of that the food was not good at all. I was extremely disappointed.

Sue Bertoncini

Three of the three people at the register didn't speak English very well. They weren't helpful in picking menu items. They just wanted me to order the combinations from the menu. I had a larger order of multiple items and they forgot my order of large wedges, which was main reason I went. I would NOT recommend this place and I will not be going back except to get my order of wedges that they said they would give me if I came back.

G D.

Will never go to this KFC again! Ordered extra crispy, got home and the chicken was soggy and batter fell off. Called to let them know and the young female manager gave me crap saying if i come back I'd get the same quality. I went back to return and another employee tells me it was original recipe the manager gave me. There was no apology for their mistake she refunded my credit card purchase but wouldnt give me a receipt for the credit. She said i can take a picture of the receipt that she kept.

Toby Ayala

This place is nice and roomy, the menu was enchanting and the prices were very fair. fast, productive service and very amiable waiters. Highly recommended.

Antonio Vazquez

I was waiting in drive thru and no one Was taking my order so my girlfriend decided to give them a call to let them know we were waiting in drive thru. Waited there for about 10 min and it was only 9:30

BBlackburn 07390

There was a rat in my chicken it gave me black death but the rat was a tasty snack so I will give you a three

Diane Blasevich

They give you alot for your money and it's good food

Just a Robot Not A Person

Old and stale, but not horrible

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