Grandma's Table

1700 Douglas Rd, Montgomery
(630) 892-1100

Recent Reviews

Ambere Mauldin

Large menu selection. The portion sizes are pretty big and the food was great. Service was good. :)

Michelle Lee

Just came inside to pick up my food and saw the owner take a credit card payment from someone and cash and didn't wash his hands. Grabbed my French toast and put it in the bag. I'm discussed! I've eaten here for years. I walked out and will.NEVER come back. Not to mention he's not even wearing his mask to cover his nose. Gross! So if he sneezes it's everywhere. And he's a rude individual. I also saw him yelling at his employees. Sad!

Brian K

Coming from Europe, the breakfast food, bread, and coffee is so bland. Maybe their lunches and dinner selections are better but you know what they say about first impressions. Staff is friendlier than European people though, but I go to restaurants for good tasting food but in this case I can make a tastier breakfast at home. Place and food looks good but doesn't taste good.

.D. .Z.

Old school restaurant. Huge menu, great portions.prices are very reasonable. Great find, must try. It's hard to find these type of diners post covid. Will definitely return

Alex Maki

Large portions! I got the Pork Tenderloin and it came with two large pieces, mashed potatoes, corn, and a large bowl of soup (I had Cream of Chicken with good!). The tables are on the small side - but that's probably due to each person needing 3-4 plates for all of their food. They also have slot machines in the back that I didn't check out.

oliver mason

The eggs Benny was spot on! Service spot on! Bathrooms were clean. I will be back soon and a skillet I got was great. Zero complaints on food or service. Did I mention the eggs Benny? I think I did but I recommend it!

Ryan S.

Went here for breakfast. About average, but that's perfect for what we wanted. Food was good. The waitress was amazing. We will certainly be back.

lanya o.

Grandma Table is one of my best family restaurant in the community. The overall service is superb, from working with the customers one on one to the food and its portion. You will not be disappointed!

Carlos Clow

This is doubtless one of the most pleasant restaurants in the neighborhood. Anytime I come there I am profoundly satisfied. They maintain their very high level service and the topmost level of food they provide. You surely will enjoy this this place. Warmly recommended.

Pat S

Great warm charming layout. Friendly staff and owner! Nice menu selection and good coffee!

Wilbur Pearce

This is surely one of the most attractive restaurants in the neighborhood. Every time I come there I am exceedingly satisfied. They always keep their very high standard service and the highest level of food they offer. You always win with this place. Very recommended.

Katherine Ewalt

So yes, good BREAKFAST food but nothing else. There service is typically okay, but today I called maybe 8 times and was hung up on every single time. I know they are busy, but it is just rude to not even acknowledge your customers. If that's how they want to run their business I guess I wont be going back.

Rickey Dye

LOVE this place! Have gone many times with family, friends, coworkers...anytime we want to have great food and visit in a comfortable setting. Everyone is very accomodating, and I've not had anything from menu I didn't like. Lots of choices, something for everyone! I have been here many times. The place is fabulous! I always get great services, and if something does go wrong, the manager is always there to make it right. I am not even sure if the manager even gets to go home, since I always see him there.

Mellissa Lehman

I was looking for something similar to my hometown diner in the Detroit suburbs that my family usually goes to for Easter celebration. Their menu was similar to a T and I was able to have a little piece of home while not able to visit family. The food was great - an awesome home cooked meal with a lot of love put into it. Thank you! Will definitely order again.

Cris T

Grandma's Table had been our family go to since we moved to Illinois. We love the food and we love the staff. Pete and the girls always make us feel like part of the family. ❤️

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