Burger 21

14650 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 737-7952

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Rick B.

Very nice hamburger shop in a village that has probably a dozen competitors. While some hamburger places serve up large burgers, Burger 21 specializes in a bit higher quality meat ... so quantity isn't their focus. But all that said, this was a nice hamburger and came with a large variety of sauces. Burger 21 fries are very nice, and closer to shoestring than krinkle cut ... but they were good, especially the sweet potato fries. It appears some reviewers didn't like the chicken sandwich, but methinks that's what you get ordering chicken at a place called Burger 21. This place makes nice burgers and sides. If I had to have a negative, it would be that this place is a bit pricey. But that said, if you are looking for a good burger, try this place for a nice change.

Ray Henley

Burger 21 burgers were made to order beautiful place atmosphere and service is wonderful burgers are amazing made to how you like them rare, medium rare ,medium well, well done pricing a little steep but for what you get well worth it well worth the experience I got a double burger fries and a Coke cost me about $20 but Burger was phenomenal service was phenomenal amazing place worth trying

Holly McPhail

Had the Impossible burger on a GF bun amd it was delicious! The service was also great, very polite staff.

Candace Monae

This last minute google search was more than amazing. While looking at the menu before my arrival I was already conflicted by the many great menu options. Every burger ingredient seemed to be carefully chosen and given much thought. I asked the cashier for her advice on my top 3 choices and she highly recommended the Hawaiian burger crispy, and man was she right. We also ordered the BBQ bacon burger as well. Those two burgers, half/half (fries and onion strings), and two drinks totaled $32. Super affordable!!! The sauce selection was amazing, try them all. Their signature sauce - 21 is just that, signature. The food came out quickly and hot and did not disappoint. If I had to give any cons it would be the napkins lol because with all those amazing ingredients you need a thick napkin to finish the job. I will be back again.

Jeffrey G.

Excellent service, friendly staff, authentic personalities, creative and effective burger recipes including a fried egg on top of the bacon burger (optional). Healthier choices and kids menu available. Everything tasted wonderful. Oh, did I say clean? Clean!

Sandra Gordon

By FAR the BEST burger I've ever had the pleasure of wrapping my lips around... well besides my own ? and sooo many sauces! Oh yeah! Definitely my kinda spot, since I'm a saucy gal! The fries were awesome as well! Thank you for the amazing experience!

M I.

Even my dog wouldn't eat the "chicken" sandwiches, which are not real chicken, but probably 50% filler. McNuggets probably have more real chicken than these chicken sandwiches. Ruined our night ordering from here.

James T.

OK. CheesyBurger was good, special sauce was good, Crispy Chicken was good, 1/2 and half 1/2 fries and onion straws was good. Strawberry shake was not smooth as it had small bits of hard strawberry on it, so you might want to go with vanilla or chocolate. The onion straws were mostly less than 2" long, that could be improved. They were not dripping with grease, that was good. The wife thought that a McDonalds Crispy Chicken was just as good and 1/2 the price. The staff were friendly and helpful. So all in all, I would not avoid it, but not particularly anxious to come back for "just good."

Shannon M.

We were just here for the shakes (an orange dreamsicle flavor for me and toasted coconut for my friend); great way to end a hot day of shopping! Booths have big plexiglass barriers between each (in covid time). Their varied menu of burgers and sandwiches looked intriguing so we might check them out next time we shop in OP!

Jeffrey Stone

I asked the person who brought us our order for ketchup not realizing it was self-serve, but she got it for me anyway and honestly, that's just A+ service!

Fischer Concrete Specialist LLC

Several years ago I was in ft.myers & one of the best burgers ever. Wish you guys had a location in Indianapolis or delivered here jk lol. I might have to take a trip to Chicago one day because the one in ft. Myers moved

Rutabaga Squish

THE LICIOUS BURGERS HERE COME AND GET EM!!!! i got the number 8 which was the barbecue bacon burger and it was the licious and i hily reccomend!!!! I also got root beer which is so good and french fries which were also so good and yeah and then they also had chocolate chip cookies here too!!!!

Rose Scholefield

This is the third time I have been there and it was delicious every time. The burger was cooked perfectly to Medium well as I requested and the sauce varieties are always yummy. Their fries are thin cut and good. This is a great place for people with gluten sensitivities because they offer gf bread and have little to no cross contamination.

esther marin

I appreciate the veggie and gluten free options. Had the black bean burger and it was good. I also like that I can get a beer or truly there. Thanks! I also like the outside patio area.

Debbie K.

Horrible experience and food not worth the money...over 16.00 for a burger, fry and iced tea....ordered online came 10 mins later for curbside pickup...waited 20 mins and no response to my arrival..called into the store and was told sorry...received a hot tea with no ice, a run of the mill burger and below is a picture of soggy cold 3.00 fries..

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