Uncle Julio's Orland Park

15845 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 942-4700

Recent Reviews

Mike L

Excellent food and service. Highly recommended the tableside guacamole! Well worth the few extra dollars. The street tacos were fantastic. Only wish we saved room for the chocolate pinata. Will remember for our nest visit. Highly recommend!Food: 5/5

Angie S.

Was looking forward to a delicious lunch with my daughter, instead I received a waiter who was very dismissive and lacked enthusiasm. The soft steak tacos were cold, not even lukewarm! The Manager came over and it was a waste of time. My enchiladas was pretty good. By the way I caught the horrible waiter (Lester) displaying dissatisfaction that we returned the food. I do not recommend!!!!

Allie N.

Food was great however the server Sarah (blonde white girl) took advantage of my grandpa. I told her I was paying the check, she ignored me stood over my grandpa and began increasing her tip to 30%. I told her twice to stop then had to stand up and tell her to stop but he had finished paying. Management was involved and told me he wouldnt charge my grandpa and that we could pay for the bill after. So, this greedy girl gets no tip for her action. I know servers work off tips and I was one, but I never once took advantage of a old man. Shame on her and management for these actions.

Tom M.

I really enjoyed my meal here. The salsa was excellent - I understand they roast it. I had shrimp and chicken fajitas. I will definitely return. Not a complaint but the server kind of weirded me out, as he spoke in plurals - I was eating solo: "Are we all done?" I looked around, nope, no one here but me. Was the server dining with me? I caught his use of plurals 3 or 4 times, so it wasn't a case of misspeaking, it was deliberate. Weird!

Denice Korean

Loved the atmosphere. I got to see them make their own flour tortillas from scratch, which was cool. I ordered the beef barbacoa fajitas, so delicious! The meat was very tender, the rice and beans were great, and the raspberry tea was sweet. The prices are a little up there, but I enjoyed the service and everything. There is outdoor seating, fyi!!!

Colin R.

To be honest it doesn't even deserve a star. We asked if they can split us before hand and they said yes but made us split it ourselves and over charged an extra drink and wouldn't take it off. Terrible service, didn't receive water until 30 minutes in. McDonald's has better service than this d**** I don't like to hate, but this was just god awful. Go to anywhere but here if u want even decent service and food. Complete and utter dog s****

Carrie P

Worth the wait BUT you need to stay on the front desk staff/ what they quote is not the wait time. Quoted 35 minutes and waited 52 for a table at 4:00 p.m. on a Sunday. The food was good and the waitress was attentive. The dessert was amazing.

Fist W.

Father's Day dinner and a movie. Uncle Julio's was just right. Started with a swirl at the bar which was as expected( good) however the bartender gave us some salsa that had sour cream in the bowl, ( not expected ) to wit only four stars for that blunder. However our meals were great, I had two beef burritos with an order of bacon wrapped harbenaro stuff shrimp . Mixed together made for a great combination. our server was good, overall good experience however the movie ( Jurassic park) wasn't as good.

Tenissia Tutti Mcintosh

Our waitress was so nice and attentive. We really had a great time I will definitely be back.

Eitas Znarhck

Great food. Love the decor.

Carrie Kilboy-Pagan

Worth the wait BUT you need to stay on the front desk staff/ what they quote is not the wait time. Quoted 35 minutes and waited 52 for a table at 4:00 p.m. on a Sunday. The food was good and the waitress was attentive. The dessert was amazing.

Stephen H.

Uncle Julio's is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. I always start off with the chips and a swirl margarita. The dip is awesome. It has a smokey flavor that excellent. The fajita is a true go-to meal. Fresh and flavorful. But what I found to be an excellent choice is the to-go nacho bar. It looks as though you can only order it to go. But it has the chip and every dip you can think of. They also have ground beef and shredded chicken. Great meal to have at home watching a game or something. And it is a great value also. Awesome!

Kim Benner Frainier

Great food, fast service, cold drinks

Myrna C.

When my family and I arrived at the restaurant around 3pm, we weren't aware that we needed reservations and the wait was 30 minutes. But they manage to find a suitable table for a party five for us. So make sure you call for reservations ahead of time.My husband and I shared a Chicken Fajita for two. It came with rice, beans, guacamole, Pico de Gallo and shredded cheese. My grandkids ordered hard shell ground beef taco, chicken rice bowl, and tacos with rice and beans. It all tasted delicious. The hot sauce had a wonderful flavor with a little spicy kick to it. Served with homemade warm tortilla chips. The server Fernando was super nice and attended us well.The only negative thing was the bathroom. It wasn't clean and it also needed some maintenance attention.


Uncle Julio’s used to be a favorite Mexican restaurant for my husband and me - everything fresh and made in house. Today, the « bottom » fell out. The fish tacos were full of black pepper and lacked any other defining flavor. The veggie quesadilla should have been named: Onion Quesadillas! Onions rather than a blend of sweet peppers with a touch of onion. The mango-lemonade wasn’t available because there was no delivery today of the mango. We expressed our dissatisfaction to the manager. She listened to our concerns. Then she explained that recipe changes were top corporate decisions. We were not the only customers who had issues with the overuse of onions and seasoning. She comped both meals. We left a large portion of the food on the table. It’s sad when a chain restaurant makes corporate recipe ingredient decisions based on the cheapest products.

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