Linman Family McDonald's

701 Oriole Dr, Peotone
(779) 301-0113

Recent Reviews

Ellen P.

This is the cleanest mcDonalds i have been to in years their employees were all good. Snd the order was spot on

Steven S.

McDonalds has gone down hill so fast. Unreal. Just left the Peotone location, ordered a spicy chicken sandwich to go. Took a bite out of it and threw it out the window on I57. I'll bet a raccoon won't even touch it. Not even real chicken.

Maurice W.

I drive semi trucks for a living, I waited here until they open and was told by the manager that I can't get serve because I'm not in a vehicle.

Dan P.

It's kinda what you expect 1 star is pretty standard for all McDonald's same old s*** forever :cold food, no napkins. no ketchup ,forget part of the order, etc. And then there is that big ole sign that say they care for ea and every customer but wait the disclaimer "we know we suck please be patient "

J S.

Peotone mcdonalds is the fastest and friendliest mcdonalds around !!! Will go past other mcd to go here cuz I know they'll get it right !

Bridget O.

I order here often but the shake machine is ALWAYS down. I don't recall the last time I've ordered one and driven away with one. Clearly a global problem as it's a running g joke among social media. Food is great.


The landscaper here is this hippy-looking man with long sandy blonde hair that sometimes works at night and is sometimes barefoot. He walks around planting wildflowers, watering things, and talking to butterflies. If you ask him a question he gives you a 30 min. to hour speech on the importance of planting native plants. I met someone there once that said anytime they have a gardening or environmental question they go eat there in hopes he's there so they can get answers without paying for it or having to do a lot of search on the internet. Last time I was there, my boyfriend & I didn't care that it took too long to get our food, because we learned all about Monarch Butterflies & Milkweeds. The time before that he gave me a bag of native wildflowers he said he just collected that morning.

Andi M.

whoever the manager is that works around 5am and feels the need to SCREAM everything, needs to be fired asap. good morning to you too, i guess


You want to stop at this McDonald’s, not the one in Monee. This family does a great job of servicing the community through their 3 McDonald’s. I can always trust to get good service, the place is clean, and the employees are working hard. That’s difficult to find in a McDonald’s, but this one has it.

Debra V.

I have always liked to stop in at our McDonalds right here in Peotone. It's right off the expressway and they provide my order quickly and correctly each time.

Kevin C.

I can handle waiting a few minutes to get my food as long as it's made right. I go here often and never have issues with the food.

Kevin K.

The breakfast food seems always cold, have to have them double cook it, long time over a year customer stopping in for morning breakfast, just can't do it anymore, today was last day when was refused a cup of coffee and ice water, if business is that great guess they don't need mine, and this was from manger refusing order..

Cindy M.

This is the worst McDonald's ever. I went through the drive through to get a large Diet Coke. I pay $1.08 and go to the next window. I tell them no straw and they try to give me a cheeseburger, fries and a regular coke. I told the girl at the window all I had was a large DC and to hold the straw. She's literally shoving the bag at me and tells me to take the straw. She then tells me to go to the next window where she's again trying to give me the bag of food. I tell her again all l ordered was a large Diet Coke. She says everything is all screwed up. She leaves me at the window for 10 minutes waiting for a large Diet Coke. I finally gave up and went inside and they try and give me the diet which they should have offered it to me for free. I wish I could give zero stars to this place they've really gone downhill.

Doug S.

Surprisingly, things have been much better at this location than in years past. The biggest issue in the past was the waiting time. This has improved. In the past I would be served fries that seemed reheated, lately they taste fresh. Hopefully the positive trend continues.

Ben L.

Objective facts: They were out of lids, napkins, hand soap in both the men's and women's restroom and toilet paper in the women's bathroom. There was a fly buzzing around our table and the tables were wet from the previous people. Subjective: The cashier got snippy when I asked for the cup that they forgot to give me with my order.

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