Kogii Kogii Korean BBQ

1121 Milwaukee Ave, Deerfield
(847) 947-8294

Recent Reviews

Anthony Fox

I like to go with friends to this place with my highest recommendations. I go to this restaurant often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The dishes they serve are great and the team is welcoming and cooperative. Whenever we eat in this place we have a cheerful time. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

Kevin Shi

Pretty good. They offer lots of food when you pick the BBQ choice. They do help with cooking but if its busy, you might have to do it yourself.

Neil Baumann

A few delays in the evening caused us to show up late. They still served us a generous about of delicious Korean bbq. Food was great. Staff was fantastic. I am still extremely full from this meal and will definitely go back.

Robert Robles

Excellent food, nice employees, always good character. They charge fair pricing and the food quality is good. Fantastic work.

Chester Plant

This restaurant is my first choice place. Of all restaurants I know I like it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to that place. when I want to go to a good lunch, this is the place that comes straight to my mind. excellent and varied food and a rich menu.great crew, and good vibes. Also, the charge is modest. I suggest this restaurant with pleasure.

Peter Strausbaugh

I visit this restaurant many times a year! This is my favorite spot to pass a nice evening. I visit this place frequently. The food is just great, the staff members are friendly and the payment is affordable. I enjoy being in this spot to have a decent dinner.

Rafael Lao

Excellent customer experience

Amy A.

After returning from a trip to Asia, I was looking for a good Japanese BBQ place. There are none in the burbs (Gyu Kaku has a few locations in the city), so we decided to try Kogii Kogii because it was close by. Huge mistake on our part. While the service was good and the waitstaff was helpful and nice, the food was just not good. We went at a time between lunch and dinner, so there was maybe only one other table there. They gave us a table that used a portable burner instead of the ones inside the tables. The meats did not seem very fresh and was a greyish-brown, not really red and it wasn't because of the sauce (we've had Korean BBQ many times elsewhere). It also took awhile to cook anything because of the burner. And afterwards, my party and I had the worst stomach aches. (If you've seen the wedding dress scene in Bridesmaids, you'll know what I'm referring to.) Despite the good price and location, we will not be returning. Giving a couple stars for the service, but none for the food.

Asher Mcgrath

I told my friends about this restaurant with my highest recommendations. I go to this restaurant often. This recommendation is always successful. The meals are yummy and the stuff is very friendly and cooperative. Every time we eat in this place we have a splendid time. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Mary Ann A.

Service was awful, most of the servers were rude -- thanks to the auntie who is way friendlier than the younger ones...

Major Jackson

Great and flavorful food, I liked the character this spot has, and the workers were very kind. Will definitely visit here when I’m around.

Matthew Harris

I constantly come grabbing some food in here. I like the speedy service and well cooked dishes. 5 stars.

Anthony Braun

This is the best Korean BBQ I have ever had. Staff is very friendly and helpful with guiding you through the mnue.

Chad Spencer

From the moment you enter that place the waiters give you a comfortable feeling. Very friendly team, it is a nice place to to go out with friends and colleagues or with your date. very good cuisine, professional chief cook and stuff, decent price and nice service. Highly recommended.

David V.

This place has really great korean bbq marinated beef, I live nearby and love coming here. The sides are top notch and I'd say it's the best korean bbq place in the area hands down. Service is friendly and they have stoves for groups or tables for single.

Jacqueline G.

Annie was so sweet! Made sure we were well taken care of. She was very attentive. I cant wait to come back & im bringing more friends with me!

Domingo Walston

This place is worth a visit. They serve large portions for reasonable prices. Constantly well organized and with fantastic mood. Will come back again.

Julia Peters

This was a fun, cook your own dinner experience. The meat was tender and delicious. Be sure to bring your ID if you want alcohol, refused to serve this 50 year old lady

Roland Yturralde

Friendly owner and server. The meat are fresh. The price is okay. We will come back !

John Q.

I'm going to start this review by saying I didn't really know what I was getting myself into when I walked in. To tell you the truth...I thought I was going to a different restaurant, but when I arrived here I thought it looked unique and it had good reviews so I decided to stay. I was with a co worker and we explained that we had never been here before and weren't used to this type of food, so we asked for suggestions on what to order. We were told to order the all you can eat BBQ. We were the only people in the restaurant and weren't really told what that meant. Turns out, it means you its all you can eat BBQ which is great!...but you're cooking it yourself. OK! No problem! I'm a good cook and I can figure this out! The problem was that no one told us we had to cook it ourselves. Our waitress turned on the grill, plopped the pork on the grill and walked away. OK, we both thought, she'll be back and turn this when its ready. She didn't do that. Once we realized that it was up to us to cook it (b/c it was burning) I grabbed the tongs and removed all of the burned parts and placed some new meat on the grill. The waitress came by a little while later and asked if we wanted other types of meat. We said yes, and that we'd want to try each of the 5 or 6 available choices. She returned a little while later with each of the beef plates but not the chicken. No problem, it was a lot of food on the table and we also assumed it was b/c we shouldn't be mixing raw chicken with pork / beef. When we finished the food that was on the table, she returned and asked us if we wanted anything else. We said yes, we would like the chicken and another order of one of the meats. She returned a few minutes later with both plates, but no new sets of tongs. I could be wrong, but I'm relatively sure there's a cross contamination rule that's being broken here. We're of course cooking the food, but it just seems weird that we're using the same tongs to cook the beef, pork, and chicken at the same time. Anyway, I honestly probably wont return here. It was definitely a unique experience, but not enough to bring me back.

Sheila Melo Grospe

Pretty decent for my first time here. Really enjoyed the seafood pancake and condiments. Small but quaint, definitely would come back to try our their lunch specials.

Nick Allen

Cooked on the grill. Most meat was not marinated and bland.

Rhonda M.

We were a party of 4 looking forward to a good Korean bbq meal. What we got was rude wait staff that rushed us (2 other parties in the restaurant) through the entire meal. Every Korean bbq restaurant has always been great with filling up the small plates that accompany the meal. The price of these little plates ie; kimchi is worked into the price of the meal. They never voluntarily filled any of these little plates in fact we asked once and then they seemed to not want to help us. We separated our food on the grill because the people we were with didn't want our pork belly touching their meat. The waitress was extremely annoyed that we were takeout long to cook the food that they came over and started cutting up our meat and moving all the food around thereby the pork was touching all of the other food. I finally had to tell the waitress that we preferred to continue cutting our own food and cooking our own food. The food was expensive and very average. The menu was a joke with things crossed off, colored over, paper put ove and tape covering things. The menu was horrible!!! When they brought our checks I was still eating. After about 5 minutes, the waitress came back and asked us to pay. The other people told the waitress that they wanted to look over the check. The waitress stood there and waited till they were done and gave them payment. All in all they were rude and we would never go back!!

Amarylis V.

Food and service was really good! I saw something on the menu they had online I wanted to try and they no longer offered that but the waitress made sure I got something as close as possible to it.

Ginger Dynamo

Been here many times and love it every time! The meats they serve are so full of flavor and I really enjoy grilling everything myself.

Ncode 92

Wasn't worth the drive or price. It's 22.99 per person w/18% gratuity tacked on. They only have 6 meats on the menu and if you want extra rice or sides, there is an extra cost for them, even for extra lettuce. It's a minimum 2 person rule, however they did allow me to dine by myself. I don't want to say they are prejudice but they definitely have preferential treatment towards the Asian community from what I saw while eating. The sauces given with the KBBQ are either too salty or really really bland. I asked for soy sauce and got an attitude from the server then was made to put meat on the grill when I had a full plate of meat already cooked. By the time I cooked all the meat and was able to eat it all, 80% of it was cold. Overall, it's only a 3/5 because the service wasn't great, the seasoned meats didn't taste like they had seasoning on them and there is only 6 meats and the auto gratuity is ridiculous.

Vickie c

Finest food, very friendly employees, regularly excellent vibes. They charge reasonable prices and the food quality is good. Keep it up.

Peter H.

I like the food. Their version of spicy seafood soup was a hit with our table. The staff is able to speak Korean and they have sac sac to drink. Their version of Kalbi us called Ju Mul Luk. It is the same to me.

Ryan P.

Amazing food. Get the spicy seafood soup. Great service. Gracious hosts. I'd come here over and over and over again. It reminds of Korean circa 1988.

Ariana Winter

Came for specific items, they were no longer available, which is fine it happens. We chose the bbq option.we came at 8:45, they close at 10. 30 mins before closing, a server came to say they were closing in 30 mins. We said no problem , we aren't ordering anymore. 5 mins later another server came to say the same thing. This happened every 5 mins till we paid the 80 $ tab for 2 people and left. I will never come back here , complete lack of service/hospitality and ridiculous pricing for quality. It's obvious why they charge a mandatory 18% gratuity .

John Clark

This place is a great place for extremely casual dining. If you are in a hurry, you may want a different option. Not that the wait is too long, but they won't rush you and you will lose track of time. Best to go if you have a small group due to seating available.

Arjun Yoder

I meet with friends this great spot a lot! This is my favorite restaurant to grab a bite. I go to this spot at least once a month. The meals are very tasty, the team is professional and the cost is affordable. I enjoy eating in this restaurant to have a rich dinner.

Xerxes Mendoza

One of my favorite Korean bbq places in the north suburbs. The all you can eat lunch is excellent with choices of great quality meat and sides to fill you up!

Brenda K.

Well this AYCE Korean BBQ is not the most amazing place but it will do for now! We tried all the different meats that they offered, fatty brisket, bulgogi, rib eye steak, seasoned short ribs, 3 layered pork belly and marinated chicken! The brisket was too fat, bulgogi was tasty but very thin pieces, the rib eye had no taste and dry after cooking, the short ribs was the best, very flavorful and the meat was very tender, the pork belly was very fat and finally the chicken was dry if you overcook them! So we just reorder the short ribs! They charge you $2 for second round of ban chans! The ACYE price is $22.99 plus tax and 18% gratuities! If you do go there, don't wear your favorite clothing cause you will smell like a Korean BBQ when you leave! If I go there again, I am just going to order the short ribs!

Paula H.

To Go melt down. The food came with four small styrofoam containers. The main dishes were packed in two very flimsy aluminum containers. They set the aluminum containers on top of the styrofoam containers, which caused the aluminum containers to bend out of shape and fall on their side. By the time I came home, the sauce was at the bottom of the bag and the rice containers were open. What was in the styrofoam containers? One of them had 4 cucumber slices. I'm giving them 2 stars and not one because I have eaten at the restaurant twice. The first one was for All You Can Eat and that went well. The second one was for dinner - the food was good but one of the servers was borderline unpleasant. And now this.

Justine C.

I have been here a few times before and if I could, I'd rate it a 4/5 at least. However, this last dining experience was pretty disappointing to day the least and I do not want to come back here anytime soon. My boyfriend and I came at 8:45pm on Saturday night on 10/5 and they close at 10pm. We were seated without a problem and then the server who came to our table didn't greet us and just told us "we're closing at 10pm just to let you know." And we said okay that's fine because we typically don't take an hour to dine anyways. We ordered beef brisket and bulgogi as our first meats. We got our grill placed at the table, but then the server threw the beef brisket on it before it was able to heat up. All of the beef brisket became extremely hard to cook because it just stuck onto the grill. At 9:10, The server also came back and told us we had to refill our side dishes now because the kitchen is closing soon. She first told us it closes in 50 minutes and not soon but alright. We told her what side dishes we only wanted to be refilled. Then, we also had ordered the pork belly and short rib. Another lady came up while we were grilling our pork belly and she takes the tongs, cuts up all of our pork belly into smaller pieces, pushes all the pork belly to one side of the grill and then throws on the raw short rib onto the grill while it's touching the cooked pork belly. I was just speechless the whole time because of how obvious it was for them to rush us out of their restaurant and it was only 9:25pm at this point. The meal was completely unenjoyable and they changed their prices from $19.99 AYCE to $23 now. The food is good if their customer service wasn't so poor.

Mike T.

An excellent Korean bbq place. The food is high quality and the staff are excellent. You can't go wrong with the all you can eat meat buffet. Theybalways give me more than I can comfortably eat. The side dishes are plentiful and fresh. I am not from Illinois, but stop here every time I am in town. Makes me feel like I am back in Korea.

Dave R.

Very friendly and great bulkogi :) definitely recommend this place to anybody looking for Korean BBQ

Iris T.

Food is okay, but not a pleasant experience. We came in, we didn't order anything and they start bringing us meat and start grilling them. I asked why and she said that is what we ordered. We literally just walked in, sat down. The server mumbled something and we didn't respond. We were forced into getting AYCE. Feeling a little angry and disappointed. Probably will not come back again.

Cici C.

AYCE KBBQ has always been good, and now service is much faster and better than before. We always get 2, 5, 6 to start with, and end with 1, 4, 3. I love the pork belly with sesame oil and rock salt, bulgogi with bean paste (red sauce) or sesame oil, and the chicken is really good just by itself without any dip. Their banchan (side dishes) could be better but I love that they give seaweed. This place is just like Korea, where the wait staff actually help you cook and cut it up for you!