Chili's Grill & Bar

6330 E State St, Rockford
(815) 227-0188

Recent Reviews

Tabitha Manns

I just love the meals and great services

Diane E Schoppe McCue

Excellent Covid cleanup after people leave. I watched them wipe down the menus and tables. Some lazy people walked in holding their mask...errr

Ginger Lynne

Plates were disgusting. Fajitas were served with no extra plate until I asked. No sour cream/ cheese/ Pico brought until I asked for it even though it comes with my meal. My son was 3/4 of the way done with his meal before I got a plate and the cheese and sour cream. We asked for refills on our drinks they weren't brought until we were paying our check. after seeing the bottom of those plates we packed up our food and left. Horrible service


Everytime I've been here the foods been hot and tasty, staffs been kind and there's not much more you can ask of any restaurant

Samantha Thomure

I called to see if inside dining was open, was told yes and that they closed at 830pm. Once we got there, my sister in law went in to make sure we could be seated and no one acknowledged her, she then got the manager attention and asked about a party of 8 and was told they couldn't seat us cuz they couldn't push 2 tables together. So she asked was she better off going somewhere else and was told yes because they cant seat us. Everywhere else we called was max party of 10. And if they couldn't seat 8 why didn't they say that on the phone. Smh. Very rude.

Kari Martenson

Able to sit at a table indoors. Nice to feel a little 'normal' again! Good food and service!

Peggy Starr

Slow. Poor service. Cold food.. ugh... and at 50% occupancy. At 9pm. No excuses.

Carolyn Robinson

I use the curbside pick up. now because of the pandemic but their customer service is still great.The southwestern egg rolls are delicious, ribs are tender and slides off the bone ...just one of my go to places

Kamara Woods

Very disappointed. Me and my boyfriend came in and watched every server look at the door and still not seat us. One server sat an older guy and walked around the back so she didn’t have to come back and seat us. We decided to leave and took the $20 tip else where. We got great service and were seated right away. Thanks for nothing chili’s. ♥️

Louise Collins

Great food and love the social distancing they have now

Steve C.

Even though there's only a handful of people in the entire restaurant it's an very long wait for the food. We ordered the fajita trio and got it in about 35-40 minutes but no tortillas. Had to wait a few more minutes for the tortillas so we could eat. Waitress almost never came to the table to check on us I think maybe once the entire time we were there. The service was horrible but the food was good . If it wasn't for the food it probably would've been a one or two star review. In a word, disappointed.

Cheryl Feuerstein

Food was good and wait staff was friendly

Kim Krabbe

Very dissapointed-we stopped by on Saturday , one day after they were allowed back open. I thought the place would be spotless after 3 months.Sticky menu's, the terminal that sits on the table was filthy-there was food on it. The floors we a mess and the window ledges had bugs on them. On the other hand our server was great-the condition of the restaurant was not her fault.

Greg Tucker

I placed an order through DoorDash. The order was left on our porch without so much as a ring of the doorbell. I had ordered a full rack of ribs. They charged over $20 for a full rack of ribs. The quantity that was actually received was equal to a half rack or ribs. I also ordered a side order of Southwest Eggrolls. When I have ordered previously,. I received at least 6 egg rolls. When I ordered this time, I only received 3. The egg rolls cost nearly $12. I called Chilis to see if they would fix the problem and they refused, saying that this was the "normal" quantity of ribs and egg rolls. I will NEVER order from them again!!

Lee Smith

We were very disappointed in the service today. We ordered ahead, got to the State St. Chili's when we were told to arrive at around 5:30 PM. We paid online, so it could be brought out to us. We (and apparently everyone else who was there) did not receive our food until an hour after we were told to arrive and this was only after we asked the manager where our food was. Nobody was answering the phone, so we were unable to inquire that way. When we received our food, we were told to call tomorrow with any issues (translated...they didn't have time to fix any issues on the spot). The biggest issues were 1, we were told to show up a full hour before the order was even ready. That is just not acceptable. There is no reason we should not have gotten a text to let us know there was a delay. When we arrived, every parking spot was full. There was no organization at all that I could observe to keep track of who had arrived and where they were located. There should be numbered spots on busy days like this, so that we can let the runners know exactly what spot we are in when we arrive. Fast food places have reason you can't. The second, and I feel biggest issue was that my food, an entire chicken fajita kit was missing from our bag. I understand things are busy because of it being Mother's Day, but if you know it is going to be busy, maybe don't take so many orders if you can't handle the volume, or hire more people to check and run orders. I only saw 3 people running orders outside the entire hour we were there, and one of them was the manager. The food we did receive was cold and one burger that we ordered was overcooked when it was supposed to have some pink. This meal was supposed to be part of a combination Mother's Day and birthday celebration. It was definitely not celebration worthy. I feel we deserve some kind of refund on this experience.

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