City Buffet

5555 E State St, Rockford
(815) 399-3333

Recent Reviews

Josh Levoy

I was disappointed, unfortunately. The staff was most certainly pleasant and accommodating. There was no disappointment there; however, I don't feel that the food quality or number of options justified the price tag for the buffet. I'm afraid I just couldn't see what I was paying for. We still tipped the waitress of course because she was very pleasant.Customer service was on point, but what hurt my experience with this place was the price of the buffet vs the options available and the quality of food. For comparison, I paid the same amount at Golden Chopsticks with a much wider variety of selection and the food quality I found much more favorable. Unfortunately for City Buffet, that was their competition during my visit.

Mimi Gee

Stopped coming here years ago because lack of variety and food was always cold, gave them another chance yesterday and nothing has changed, food is always cold. Even the general Tso chicken was ice cold when I bit into it, no fortune cookies upon paying like normal, oriental buffet is way better which I will continue going to instead of here.

Debra Sisco

Undercooked chicken wings, buffet was not to temperature. Dirty floors and sticky chairs we left after 1 plate. At 17 a piece ( buffet + drink) Do not recommend.

Thala Hash

We went here about a year ago. We all had stomach issues for the next 2 days. Since that was so long ago maybe it’s gotten better but tbh we probabaly won’t go back to find out.

quientin tyler

Came from far away to have it and it was good just wish there was more of a selection! Otherwise it was amazing!!!!Food: 4/5

Tina Martz

Didn't even deserve one star. Food was lukewarm to ice cold. Not Much of a selection and no rice. We voiced are concerns and they took $10 off of a 5 person party at $12.99 a piece. Place was not that clean either.Food: 1/5

Lori Cagle

Would not even give it the one star if I didn't have to. The rice was like it was from days ago. The egg rolls nearly chipped my tooth. There were no muscles as they claimed they had. Every thing seemed like it was sitting out since they opened and we went at 3. The fortune cookie was so stale .Pretty much everything I tried I spit right back out.. Never again

Ponpet Konopa

I'm surprised this place is still open. It is simply NASTY!!

Freddy Garcia

The food was horrible so to start of is that the rice was awful. I don't how to explain it but was not good. I thought about grabbing the small chocolate cake but it tasted awful. It was dryed and it was like eating a sponge that had no water. Not recommend.

Isaiah Ying

Been going here for years and the food is always hot and delicious if in town definitely come here

Marcy Giardono

HAHA This place IS, in fact, nasty. But I laughed at the review "The fish is dry, the chicken is rubbery, place is filthy. My family has been coming here for years..."

jonathan torres

I remember as a kid when my dad used to take my siblings and I here, never did we ever have a bad experience, the staff was always nice and always refilling our drinks! I feel like the only thing they need is more options to eat and enlighten the business, but over all, love the place?

Thomas Slaten

Outside of Restaurant is in need of some updates, but inside was clean and 1 hell of a good Buffet

Dr H.

Not clean, food dried out and parking lot empty. I don't see how they stay in business. Kinda rude employees.

Sean B

To start off as soon as we walked in, the cashier ignored us when we tried to get her attention multiple times. Their customer service is horrendous. Their food is also terrible. Simply looking at the food made me sick. The chicken was as chewy as rubber and was not cooked. And the egg rolls were nasty. Yuck! Don't even get me started with the restaurant itself. The carpet floors are all stained up. The employee sweeps everywhere except the carpet so I would avoid sitting there. There are also boxes all over the place. No tidiness at all. Overall, this place is horrible, never coming back. This restaurant is a walking health hazard. I'd be lucky not to get food poisoning. I would give 0 stars if I could.

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