Don Carter Lanes

4007 E State St #2075, Rockford
(815) 399-0314

Recent Reviews

Lori Erickson

3 out of 4 kids started their bowling careers there,so to speak. My parents league bowled there and my mother's senior group bowled there every Monday morning for years. This alley will always hold a special place in my heart.

Tammeca Smith

Had a birthday party for my son. Our host was horrible not attentive at all. Never with the group. Had to chase her down if we needed anything. Didn't even provide things that should have came in the party package. Never received the loot bags for each guess which includes a free bowling pass and air head.

Joel H

Bowling league day was nuts, but off day was nice. Employees at the bar were rolling eyes at each other and that was uncomfortable. Otherwise we had had a good time.


Amazing. They provide you with, bowling shoes of many sizes, and lots of bowling balls with different weights. They also have a food bar, which has amazing food. I have been bowling here since I was super young, my family basically lived there. They have a bowling shop, which is where I got all of my supplies for bowling. The pro shop has lots of bowling shoes and bowling balls. They have bags for reasonable prices, considering the 2 ball bags have space for 2 bowling balls, and a nice storage area. This place is amazing!♡

Del Francis

Great place to have a party. The hostess handles everything, and let's you have fun with your guest.

Diane L Goodin

We were not bowling, we were upstairs in the new Shooters Wild Onion Brewery. We really enjoyed the atmosphere, games, food, and drinks. The repurposed decor is really cool. Highly reccomend for an afternoon or evening out if you appreciate a bit quieter but still fun time. Really partial to the bartender Leah as well.

Felicia Lagers

Nice place to bring the kids or friends. Large area. Place is always packed.

Lacey Marie

Called and order a large amount of wings. Arrived when they said they would be done. When we get there, we wait at the bar for 15 min before being acknowledged. They said the order wasn't there and that I probably called a different Shooters...which we confirmed I didn't by phone number. So we then go wait at the snack bar line for another 10 min....they don't have the order either. So we go back to the bar to double check and possibly reorder. We waited in line another 10 min. Ordered again bc of course they definitely didnt have the order. Then the order comes up incorrect. Absolutely ridiculous.

Zachary Vowels

Super attentive staff! They took care of our group of 10 promptly and we were able to start bowling within minutes of arrival. Unfortunately we had a spill but a staff member was immediately there to help us clean it up. The food was also surprisingly good for a bowling alley and more than exceeded our expectations. Do yourself a favor and try their fries!

Anthony Moore

Good lanes. With a nice food selection and arcade area.

Bonnie Boland

Clean very friendly staff great food

Daniel Hawkins

Nice place. Good Lanes and plenty of them

Michael Caron

We had a great time my grandson just loved it

Christopher H

Go to the bar and shriek "BRIIIIAAAANN" similar to the sound of a dying pterodactyl. If Brian is there and in a good mood he might give you a discount

Robert Stone

Good places for the family to come and play and have fun and have good food

Bryan Krieter

Staff was very good people were very nice. Very very good experience

Brock Orris

Beautiful beer garden. Plenty of things to do. Highly recommended

Roger McGee Sr.

This has been an excellent place to go for many decades. This is for sure an excellent family time place.

funk itup

We go to "the cup". (The restaurant inside) if you like oldtime diners, this is the place for you. They gave good food at a great price! I would definitely recommend. We have been going there for over twenty years and have never been dissatisfied!!!!

Robin Evans

Had a get time with family we took my special needs son. He had so much fun.

Dayle Miller

Keeps the lanes in great shape plenty of food and drinks to be had and a decent pro shop

Sara Hawkins Ugochukwu

My husband and I love to go bowling we don't bowl that well but we have fun

Samantha Marie

Cheap for a decent Marg pitcher but waiting 15 minutes just to close out on a low traffic Saturday afternoon?

Wren Gibbs

This place has gone down. They care for the open bowlers more. I'm bowling in a league and they keep putting more and more open bowlers next to us. Not fun or enjoyable anymore this will be the last league I bowl in.

Emily V

Went here for a work outing and was pleasantly surprised. The floors were clean, lanes were in good working order, and food was ok - beer is cheap, and the prices are in line with what you'd expect. Our party had bowlers of all sizes and skill levels, and we were all able to find/use balls that fit our needs; there were plenty of lighter balls for the smaller folks, medium weight, and heavy ones for the burlier members. The constant stream of 2000's top hits was disconcerting at times - Evanescence and early Beyonce are not artists I'd normally associate with bowling - but volume was manageable.

Jay W

Very pleasant experience overall really. The staff are very helpful and my party felt well accommodated.

Kit Kat

This was the first and last time that I’ll ever go to Don Carter Lanes. I have never been treated so badly by staff before. I work in customer service so I’m used to having bad days too, but Valerie was exceptionally rude. I tried getting a bowling lane when there were more than 12 available lanes open and she gave me attitude. She said that I would have to hurry and she would kick me out if our game took too long because they had a school coming in to practice bowling for their league in an hour and a half. At first I thought she was kidding, but then I noticed she didn’t even turn on my lane so no bowling balls were even available. I asked her about why my lane wasn’t on and she just said I don’t know and ignored me to talk to another associate so I returned my shoes and requested a refund. I really thought this bowling alley would have been a great one in the Rockford area. I really wish Valerie would have just focused on the customers she had at the moment and not rushed us out. They might as well have posted on the door that they were closed and kept the bowling alley private if they were expecting a large crowd in an hour and a half.

JustKingMystii TV

Full service bowling alley. You have video gaming bowling and on of the best stocked bars in Rockford. The music set the atmosphere and be all had a great time. One of my favorite places to go.

Aneesh Kakumani

Pretty good place. We took a package for $40 we could play one lane for close to 2 hours or something. pretty awesome but since you're only paying $40 the downside is you have to deal with equipment which is a bit old

Danny Jones

The food is amazing for a bowling alley. Bowling leagues are fun and have a variety for every experience. Staff is awesome.

Sandra Esquivas

Great place for family fun. Great food especially the build your own burger. Most staff is friendly. Pizza and philly cheese steak is great too. Took a picture of the shooters icecream thing.

Valencia Richard

Had an awesome time with the family bowling. The food and drinks were great. I absolutely love their rum punch is to die for. Can't wait for another great experience


This is a fun place to go, it has a nice atmosphere. My issue is the people who work at the front counter. 2 ladies in particular are rude and condescending. There is just a miserable vibe among the employees whether you are there in person or call. Keep track of your league payments because their book keeping is not the greatest. The pizza is garbage, probably why they are able to give it away as a prize all the time.


Best bowling alley in Rockford, in my opinion. The crowd can be a little sketchy and rude on Saturday nights, but it's manageable. Only thing I disliked is getting a lane right in front of a speaker will leave your throat and ears hurting at the end of the night since you have to shout to talk to your group. The music variety is great and cosmic bowling is super fun. The drink specials are amazing as well. Food is mediocre, I've definitely had better food at other bowling alleys, but no biggie.

Cindy Tipton

Nice bowling alley clean new bowlers they have lessons very reasonable prices they have leagues and open bowling very nice place

Shelley Peterson

Had my son's surprise birthday party here...a great night of fun with friends and family

Patricia Levins

Went here with a friend an we played on the horses. Had lots of fun! My friend bought me a cheeseburger

Karin Jones

So great to see a huge bowling alley filled with high school students for a tournament. It was my first time there and I wish I lived closer. Looked like a really fun place to join a league. I will definitely go back.

James D.

Let's start with the people that work the bar are exceptional . The manager has a vast knowledge of hops & barleys along with being probably the best bar ( food as well ) manager in Rockford period ! If you like to drink beer you won't be disappointed with their beer list ( every style and type imaginable ). Let's not forget the food and yes it's a bowling alley I know ! The food is really really good . Great pricing and the portions are humongous . They also have one of the best breakfast menus around and delicious . All of this at a bowling I know tell me about it for I was shocked as well . This place is really big so there is ample room and you won't be disappointed !

Amber J.

Food is delicious and if you have a daily special you get a good price on a large portion. The staff is always very helpful and the lanes are well kept. They contribute to the community . All around great place. If you’re into gaming they have fun for both children and adults. This location also has room to host banquets and great craft beer specials. Always a good time when we visit!