Lydia's Cafe

1710 Rural St #3, Rockford
(815) 229-0322

Recent Reviews

Lydia Schultz

Place is your classic everyday American breakfast place. Food quality is not too impressive although the size of the pancake was (as big as the plate)I’d say if you’re looking for a traditional casual breakfast, this place is a good option. However, I’d go elsewhere if you’re looking for a more unique, worthy place to spend your money.

The Mad House

good food, good service.only issue I had was finding the front entrance, it's kind of hidden between businesses, but once you taste the food you won't care.

Jenny Blank

Ohmygosh! Simply fantastic! Possibly my new favorite. Would be an easy 5 of there were more special diet options on the menu, ie vegan or gf.

Dennis Unger

Great little local restaurant. Outstanding service and great food.

Bryan Ewbank

Food was really good. Homemade corned beef hash was great


The food was excellent. The server left a lot yo be desired.

Kelli McDorman

This is the of my favorite breakfasts!!! The service is *always* great, and the food is delicious.

Marianne Horn Higginbotham

it was my first time back in many years. i was pleasantly surprised. Things have changed for the better. They had a wonderful selection of breakfast options, named after Rockford landmarks, parks, and streets. i wanted to try several, especially the Rockford Omelette. They also offer Hispanic options as well, and Swedish pancakes. i opted instead for one of their yummy sounding lunch options (sandwiches, salads, and Hispanic options). I chose a corned beef with sauerkraut sandwich, with thousand island dressing, like I used to get at other places when I was young. very tasty. I will be back.

Andrea K.

Neighborhood favorite filled with amazing breakfast dishes. This is one of our go to breakfast stops. The pancake is gigantic and the many choices for sides are perfectly cooked to order. Lydia's is small in size but big on flavor.


1st time having them. They're amazing lol. Love all their foods. Good mentions are their burgers and swedish pancakes (omg they were amazing). Would recommend 10/10

Jacob Benjamin

Service was great. Food came quick and was beautifully cooked. Everyone eating was very impressed!

The Xntrik Jay-Mo

Excellent atmosphere, fast service, great waitresses and good food! Also, check out the paintings on the wall! Theyre for sale!

Jim DuBois

Always great food and great service!!

Robin Price

I had the best Reuben sandwich I've ever had here yesterday coupled with excellent fries.

joe Pro

Above average food and above average menu excellent coffee and friendly service. Will be going back there again

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