The Olympic Tavern

2327 N Main St, Rockford
(815) 962-8758

Recent Reviews

Michael Cascio

Super good food, attentive service with friendly staff and a true Rockford classic restaurant!

Deb Johansen Dean

Went for lunch today. Food was excellent, and arrived quickly.

Marie Madden

Fish fry - great. Poor man's lobster- great. Wonderful service and we sat outside and it was definitely very nice!

Glenn Sager

Good beer choices, good food and reasonable prices

Justin Staats

Something classy fancy tasty and fast. Here you go, enjoy.

Rachaell Ann

My fiance and I have been here before and everything was great but not this time around. Unfortunately, we walked in and the hostess was very rude to us. She was not polite and made us feel uneasy. We sat down at our table and just had a bad feeling about how rude she was to us and the fact that the menu is very limited now then what it used to be we ended up leaving before ordering our food. Very disappointing since we barely go out to dinner as it is.

Amy Monahan

I have had great food at the Olympic. Their steaks are great, and the fresh green beans are more than delightful. I would go back just for their vegetables. The Amish chicken was crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, cooked perfectly. They have a huge array of beer and cocktails. The patio is enjoyable. I will continue to give Olympic my patronage, and I would highly recommend this restaurant. I believe it is definitely in the top five of nicer restaurants in Rockford.

Josh Lee

went in for dinner tonight. absolutely perfect experience from the second we walked in until we left. great hostess, great service, great food. everything we had was perfect. price was great too. I haven't been in since before covid and I'll never go that long again!! one of Rockfords best restaurants and forsure one of my favorites

Ericka K.

Terrible serve with mediocre food. Waitresses were rude. I gave it 2 stars because I liked the patio

Jory Fish

Good food and great service.

Debra Holcomb

We love The Olympic Tavern's food.We ordered the steak tavern tacos, this time. The soft corn tortillas fell apart trying to pick up the taco. I took off 1 star for that.Our service was excellent.

Allison Larkins

Great atmosphere! Great service! Always great food! Best guacamole I've had too!

Ginger Westin

Ate dinner on deck with friends...The Olympic is consistently, atmosphere, service..been a favorite for decades....

Z Clemens

Cheese curds are amazing! Massive cubes with perfect amount of breading. The pulled pork sandwich was solid, too, though I'd skip the ceviche next time. Friendly service and patio is dog friendly!

Laura O'connor

We had the heirloom Caprese salad and it was excellent. The filter mignon was tender and juicy. As soon as we were seated out waitress brought us big glasses of ice water, which we appreciated because it was very hot! Our waitress was friendly and attentive. All in all it was a very good dinner.

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