Frank's Club Napoli

711 1st Ave, Silvis
(309) 755-9324

Recent Reviews

Gerald Armstrong

good food cold beer waitress very good at their job

Leslie Abram

great food. nice atmosphere for family and friends

Chris Sr Cortez

A great family restaurant in the quad city area. Enjoyed by many for decades!

Laurie B.

We stopped here for a quick bite before a concert. Big mistake worst meal in years and I love pizza all kinds. The roast beef sandwich was supposed to be their specialty was a soggy mess could not even pick it up.

Toni P.

Grew up coming here! It's always amazing!!! Love live live there spaghetti, and sausage pizza. I've always been know when I walk in as Smiddy's kid. As it was only a few spots down from what was my dads house. Always friendly staff. After my dads funeral we went in since it was his favorite spot to see if we could use the back spot for his small luncheon of about 30 people, when they realized who it was for they offered to to cater it or whatever we wanted. We opted for menu ordered. But they took just great care of us that day and went above and beyond, mad us truly feel like family and I will always be grateful.


This is the very best pizza around! If you are new to QC or visiting, this is a must try! Amazing recipe, authentic. Simply the best, period!!!

Ken Y.

Very popular place that would be very easy to miss from the outside - don't! It's got great pizza! Is it one of the best? Nope. Is it very good to the point that it's as good as what I could do but saves me the time to do it? You betcha! Their ingredients are fresh and the pizza tastes like it's from scratch - meaning the dough is flour, yeast, etc, given time to rise, and prepped every morning. The service was beyond excellent. I demand that everyone give this place a try - the chicken dinner an acquaintance got was extremely tasty and looked like half a chicken!


Great pizza, spaghetti, roast beef sandwiches and fried chicken. Marvelous authentic 1950s atmosphere ... actually the building, table and chairs are the same ones ones that were part of the new facility that was built in late 50’s.

James Hanerhoff

Fine local establishment with a loyal following that provides friendly service. Pizza is excellent !

Chris Murphy

Been going to Franks for over 30 years. Love the staff and the food. Best Stromboli sausage anywhere.

Lillyanne Courtney

Great service and terrific pizza.

Peter T.

Frank's Club Napoli Pizzeria, in Silvis, IL (part of Rock Island area) is purported to have created "Quad Cities Style" pizza. Never heard of it? Me neither, until a couple years ago, and I lived there for two years back in the day! What's different about Quad Cities Style Pizza? The crust uses malt as an ingredient, it's relatively flat but the edges are puffy and crispy. Tomato sauce has a little bit of kick from cayenne and red chili flakes. Toppings are under the cheese, (and there's a boatload of cheese) and if you opt for a sausage pie, the sausage is crumbled, not chunks. Finally, no triangles or squares on this baby, the pie is sliced into strips. Characteristics of this style of pizza include a pizza crust made with malt, tomato sauce sometimes made with cayenne and red chili flakes, toppings placed under the cheese, and strips being cut instead of slices. So here's the thing. Ordered half sausage, half pepperoni, glass of Old Style (of course), and I COULD NOT STOP EATING IT.  Wanted so desperately to take some home.  Finally pushed myself away from the table so I could get a few slices out of there. People don't go to Frank's for ambiance. They go for the pizza (and some for pasta).  They were doing a fairly brisk business even at a weekend lunch. I loved it. Serious.  Top three on my list.   Just off I-80 if you're traveling on Main Street USA.  Cash only.

Cj D.

Get pizza here all the time we usually get sausage,mushroom, onion and a cheese and it is always delicious!


Frank's pizza is in my neighborhood my husband grew up with the owners I love their sausage pizza it has great flavor but is a little greasy but that is what makes it great.

Ben H.

Best quad city style pizza this side of the Mississippi! My first love is Harris but Frank's is right there with it. I tried it for the first time today after being in the QC for 2yrs. Mmmm & the environment was so relaxed & comfortable. Good job Franks!

John M.

Best pizza in the United States of America -- not hyperbole, fact. The originator of "Quad Cities style" pizza, founded in 1955. Get the sausage pizza, plus some fried chicken just cuz it tastes so good. This family-owned institution is worth a trip from almost anywhere.

Scott H.

Best retro pizza joint in the Quad Cities. This place has been here forever . Pizza is fantastic. Also try the spaghetti, fried chicken and the Italian beef . Awesome place. Should be featured on drive-ins,diners and dives. Tell Guy!!!

Sheilah Zuroweste

Best pizza ever and Italian Beef Sandwich

Cary B.

Other pizza places are similar-ish but their sausage and mushroom pizza, as far as I'm concerned, is the best pizza on the planet! Love love love Franks pizza! Yes you have to bring cash, yes the wait can be long sometimes, and yes it's not the fanciest place in town, but when you want the best pizza, it's soooo worth it!!!!

Derek R.

This is the worst excuse for a pizza place the Stromboli was nothing but a regular sandwich bread with sausage in the middle of it the salad was nothing but a cup of lettuce with horribly outdated salad dressing. The cheese garlic bread was nothing but a horrible fluffy dry cheese bread cheese that you had to have a cup of water just to be able to eat it and it didn't even come with any dipping sauce. I will never come back here ever. The pizza wasn't fully cooked in the middle either.


A Quad City staple! Phenomenal pizza, excellent fried chicken, and delicious spaghetti! You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu! Family friendly atmosphere! We love everything about Frank’s Pizza!

Colleen Cronkleton

The ZA is delicious. Our waitress did a great job taking care of 9 of us on a very busy Friday night.

Raymond Lutz

Best pizza in the QC area and definitely have to try their other items also. The Stromboli’s is my favorite sandwich from Frank’s.

Dennis T.

I have to drive 70 miles to get to Franks but it's well worth the trip. The pizza is the best ever and the rest of their food is great. It's a quaint establishment and a nice neighborhood feel

Tim Malmstrom

Quad City staple

Kris A

We go every time we are in town or if we know we will be passing through we call and have them 1/2 bake 3 pizzas, cut them in half and freeze them for us. They don't last very long!

Brian Muller

Great pizza and chicken; been a staple in the area for 60+ years.

Haley B.

My boyfriend told me that if I have any loyalty to Harris Pizza whatsoever, I should give Frank's Pizza no more than two stars despite the fact that our experience there last Friday was nothing short of delicious. Hope he doesn't break up with me. The interior is authentically from the 60's and it was PACKED. Luckily, we were able to find seats at the bar, where we received efficient service from the harried, but nice, bartender. We ordered the Italian Delight from the House Specialties menu and it and it was absolutely mouthwatering. The leftovers didn't disappoint, either. I was an instant fan. We don't talk about it as much as we should, but there is a sharp divide in the QC between people who love Harris Pizza and people who love Frank's Pizza. I thought I knew where I fell on this spectrum but after eating at Frank's last week, I'm not sure anymore. Can't we just agree that we're blessed to live in the land of Quad City-style pizza? I love to live deliciously.

Landrum D.

Not too bad for a local pizza place. I was pleasantly surprised with their sausage pizza and the service was excellent. Family/kid friendly so I would recommend for just about anyone who is hungry and wants a pretty decent pizza.

Jennifer G.

The pizza is delicious I have no problem with that. The problem is they do not answer their phone, they opened at 11 and I attempted multiple times. There we're times that seemed like someone was hanging up on me! So I hung up and called Clint's they answered on the first ring and was able to take our large pizza order.

R M.

Frank's is our go to spot for all family occasions! Best Pizza and Chicken in the Quad Cities!! Decor is a little outdated. However, It has a certain Nostalgia. Every time I walk in I am reminded of the many family get togethers and Great memories shared at Frank's over the years. It is a cash only establishment. Knowing this makes it easy. Come prepared or use the ATM available in the restaurant! Highly recommended regardless of those few minor negative details. It is definitely worth it!!

Jacob V.

Best pizza around, with a vibe that hasn't changed since the day it opened. Try not to be in too big a hurry, especially when they're busy- good pizza takes a few minutes. Try the sausage and mushroom. Oh, and don't forget-it's cash-only!

Janice Searcy

Been going to Franks for 40 years. One of the best pizza joints in QCs. The variety of other great foods is enough to please any family. We stop every chance we get back to visit relatives and friends!

John Mose

Frank’s is the King of Quad City-style pizza. It’s my favorite, and an amazing (and the original) version of a unique style of pizza. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It would be my last meal request.

Logan Cook

Great food and amazing atmosphere! Definitely worth a visit. 10/10

Tim S.

Old joint w/Formica topped tables & mismatched chairs. great pizza & breasted chicken. Stay way from the spaghetti & meatballs. Cash only and bottled beer only. Been here a few times w/business associates,it's a local pizza joint. Very consistent food as I remember from the past.

Melanie G.

Not as good as when Frank and Charlie were alive but the boys do ok. best pizza around, especially if you ask for it to go around an extra time!

Matt S.

I love this place! It feels like a time capsule from the 1960s! If your into funky old places that aren't intentionally trying to be funky old places they just are funky old places....this is your spot! Besides the nostalgia the pizza is ok. Quad cities style similar to Harris. Franks is supposedly the original but I don't know the she history. I think the pizza is ok but nothing to rave about but it's a great stop if your into quad cities restaurant history

Merlin N.

Best of the Quad Cities, been eating there my entire life and have never not enjoyed a meal there.

Kate J.

The toppings on the pizza were good and were similar to Harris. The crust was flimsy and seemed way undercooked. I was also disappointed that it is 2017 and they still don't take credit or debit cards.