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711 1st Ave, Silvis
(309) 755-0625


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Reviews for Frank's Pizza

Frank's Club Napoli Pizzeria, in Silvis, IL (part of Rock Island area) is purported to have created "Quad Cities Style" pizza. Never heard of it? Me neither, until a couple years ago, and I lived there for two years back in the day! What's different about Quad Cities Style Pizza? The crust uses malt as an ingredient, it's relatively flat but the edges are puffy and crispy. Tomato sauce has a little bit of kick from cayenne and red chili flakes. Toppings full review
Sometimes you fantasize about how great something was when you were young, but when you revisit it years later it is a huge disappointment. That did not happen when I ate at Frank's Pizza for the first time in over 25 years during my visit to the Quad Cities. We ordered the sausage, mushroom, and bell pepper house special pizza. There was no skimping on the toppings. Every bite was a hot delightful flavor explosion. Our server was friendly and efficient. Quad Cities full review
When I was a kid our family would eat there when mom was in the hospital..when she wasn't dad wud bring home a 1/2 sausage 1/2 cheese..they both died and I was raised in Missouri..When i returned to the Quads as an adult my house was sold my school is boarded up my friends have moved away and my brothers are both grown so NOTHING is the same....EXCEPT FRANKS... I can count on a real live memory there..only thing missing is the little hams beer light....It was #1 with the full review

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