Pizza Hut

1501 Wabash Ave Ste A, Springfield
(217) 546-4444

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Shelby Tarpley

I do not recommend this Pizza Hut at all. I placed an order at 915pm December 16,2020. I order 6 wings bbq and 6 wings Buffalo and a two liter. I called the store directly after placing my order. A lady answer the phone very rude kind of screaming in the phone. I let her know I had just placed an order online for wings and I would like them well done and a little extra wet. She starts yelling “ma’am we close in 45 minutes so I’m not sure what wet means!” I said “I would like


This like the the 3rd or 4th time I've ordered from this particular location since I moved and delivery takes forever and the food is warm at best.

Vincent Minnillo

This like the the 3rd or 4th time I've ordered from this particular location since I moved and delivery takes forever and the food is warm at best.

Jessica N

I wish I could show you pictures for extra proof! They literally stole money from me. I tried to order a pizza online that came to 22.78, it wouldn’t let me. So I called in the exact same order. My card history showed a charge of 30.99 when I called the manager she said it was 25 something. I told her just cancel it and return my money. They returned 25$ and said that’s all they charged. The manager was incredibly rude. Waiting for corporate to handle this. DO NOT EAT HERE if you do be careful, if given the opportunity they will obviously steal ur money.

Kayleigh Griffith

2 hours later and we are still waiting on our pizza. I question why I continue to order here when our pizza ALWAYS takes atleast an hour. When it does eventually get here it most times the pizza is strewn about the box like the driver let it slide off the seat. I tried to give them opportunities to make things right and it’s just disappointment after disappointment. This will be the LAST TIME we order Pizza Hut.

Emilio Suarez

Ordered at 530 pm couldn't find our order it is now 739 and they told me that I would get a refund in 3 to 7 buisness days this place is a joke

Nancy K. Stephens Daugherty

Our experience last evening, July 16, 2020, was the worst ever food experience. We called the Wabash location, and they were not answering their phone. Finally, a woman in Memphis, Tennessee, answered and took our order, telling us it would be 35 minutes. That alone should have told us to cancel the order, but we didn't. In 30 minutes, my husband drove to pick it up. Half an hour later, he called me and said a woman was blocking the pick up window and our pizza wasn't up

Velvet Parker

I am personally upset emotional that pizza huts dont deliver in my disable moms area because of the apts behind her have done criminal activity...when 6th street was open they delivered here with no problem!For everyone that knows bradley ct they know its ALL disable people that that live in this area...i think its pretty sad that they wont deliver here for most of these people cant walk nor drive....talked to the manager on wabash she automatically got on the phone with a attitude talking real fast....could barely get a word in!If your Corporation dont see no problem with this...then they are the problem with half humanity....what if it was your grandma or your mom that pizza hut was her favorite place and couldnt get around‼ keep in mind its not THESE APTS ITS THE ONES BEHIND HER‼

SnazzY Pants

WORST pizza experience so far. I ordered a pizza box and it didn’t come until 1 hour and 30 minutes later. And the pizza was COLD

Jarid Brown

Horrible service. Delivery more than 1 hour late then driver left pizzas on porch without ringing door bell.

Jarid Brown

Delivery more than 1 hpur long than indicated on app. pizza's cold and dried out. Driver didnt even ring door bell, tried leaving pizza's on porch and leaving.

Amanda Bledsoe

I ordered online for carry out I ordered the big family box. It’s two pizzas, breadsticks, chicken Alfredo, and ordered boneless wings on the side. We get home I make a plate and my mother makes a plate. My husband gets off work then made his plate. After looking at it he sees a huge bug half stuffed under a pepperoni. He asks me if I can take a picture for him while he calls Pizza Hut. THE UNPROFESSIONAL “GENERAL MANAGER” SHE TELLS HIM THEY’VE “BEEN OUT OF CHICKEN ALFREDO”.

Carrie Haley

Ordered our pizza at 5:45. Called an hour later to check on the order, and was told that it had been voided. They assured me that someone had tried to contact me, but no contact was made. They were obviously busy, which is fine. Just disappointed that I waited an hour for food that was never going to come.

LaTosha Walker

Our pizzas were poorly made and tasted as worse as it looked. We were visiting from out of town and we most definitely will not return.

Kaila Ann

Order from here regularly they always forget the sauces I pay for I ordered and 2 marinara and only got one that’s half empty just ganna do dominos from now on

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